IRL C46 Just a Lightning-Quick Look!

After having gotten out of the dungeon and not even being chased by any of the guards, Shangguan Yu wasn’t quite sure what to do. It would probably be best if they left the Lu Kou Town and went to do some mission somewhere else until Ao Jing finished with his investigation. That way, they wouldn’t get into his way and could even be a bit productive. At the very least, it was better than sitting around in the dungeon even though he was a bit sad that he wouldn’t be able to help Ao Jing.

Unfortunately for him, Zhou Ming had a completely different idea of what to do. “Alright, so where does that Mo family live that he went to investigate?”

Shangguan Yu blinked his eyes in confusion, unable to understand where this question was suddenly coming from. “I wouldn’t know. I didn’t go there. Didn’t I tell you that I was already thrown into the prison when we tried to enter the town? He went to investigate alone after that.”

And before that, he had only been to Merchant Wang’s house when he accepted the quest and then once after finishing it. He had never taken the time to explore the Lu Kou Town and had no idea where exactly the Mo family was situated. In fact, he hadn’t even known that there was a Mo family up until their conversation with Liangqiu Min after all. So, why would he have gone to look for them?

Zhou Ming pursed his lips and then pulled out the map of the region, rubbing his chin while he studied it. “Well … If they are really such a bigshot in this town that someone is afraid enough of them to get into major trouble, then their estate should also be big. I guess there can only be one or two buildings of such a size in a small town like this. Honestly, it’s quite surprising that there even are two big merchant families here. Anyway, let’s go first.” With that, he walked down the road, toward the first building that he suspected to be the mansion of the Mo family.

Shangguan Yu watched his receding back with his mouth hanging open, unable to believe what was happening. This guy … Not only had he broken him out of the prison and then walked out under the gaze of the guards, but now he also wanted to go and just casually stroll into the estate of the Mo family? Wasn’t that going a little too far?!

Zhou Ming only noticed that his friend hadn’t caught up when he didn’t get an answer to his questions three minutes later. He stopped in his tracks and called out to Shangguan Yu again before finally turning back and raising his brows at the empty space behind him. “Weird. Wasn’t he still there a moment ago? Where did he suddenly go?” He looked around and then went the same way back that he had come from to see if Shangguan Yu had somehow gotten intercepted halfway to their destination.

In the end, he found him exactly at the place where they had stood before.

Zhou Ming furrowed his brows. “What’s the matter? Aren’t you feeling well?”

Shangguan Yu smiled wryly. “I’d feel much better if you wouldn’t run around randomly. Even if you had heaven-defying luck, we would still be making trouble if we just barged into the house of the Mo family while Ao Jing is there to investigate. What if they spot us and figure out that we have to do with him? I’m still supposed to be locked up in the dungeon after all. What will these people think when they suddenly see me out and about? No, that’d just make matters worse.”

Zhou Ming pursed his lips but in the end just waved his hand as if it wasn’t a big deal. “Ah Yu, you’re thinking way too much. Honestly, it’s not like we’re going to stroll through the whole place to sightsee. We’re just trying to take a look. We’ll check out the situation and then act accordingly. There’s really nothing for you to worry about. It’ll be quick! Lightning-quick!”

Shangguan Yu really wasn’t sure if he should believe that. “Just going in there might already cause trouble. I still think it would be better if we left here. Anyway, don’t you want to play together for a while? I’m sure we’d be having fun. No need to bother with the investigation. Ao Jing can do that just fine.”

Zhou Ming sighed and grabbed his arm. “You’re really being too cautious. We’re just going to take one short look. Nothing more.” With that, he just pulled him forward, not letting him complain any longer. Anyway, when they got there, he was sure that Shangguan Yu would also like it. After all, what was a game if you didn’t dare to try the things you could never do in real life? That’d be a wasted opportunity!

When they reached their destination, Zhou Ming’s luck turned out to be quite heaven-defying indeed. The house that he had chosen to check out first was precisely the mansion of the Mo family and with what was going on inside, there weren’t even any guards at the door.

Turning to Shangguan Yu, he gave him a triumphant smile. “See that? That’s a sign! We’re supposed to take a look.”

Shangguan Yu sighed but finally just shrugged his shoulders. Anyway, he was indeed a bit curious. “Alright. If you insist, then let’s go and take a look. Anyway, in the worst case, we’ll just both end up in jail together.” Or, well, maybe they would also make trouble for Ao Jing but he probably wouldn’t be able to hold back Zhou Ming either. If he decided on something, then it had always been difficult to make him reconsider. They might as well go and check it out and then leave if things got too difficult.

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