SML V2C68 More Than Evident

The two of them changed and then left the room together, once again holding hands. When the door closed behind them, Mo Fang pulled at Li Ming’s hand, once again wrapping his arms around his neck when he turned around to see what was going on. “I think that we are a little early. It shouldn’t matter if we take a moment longer to say goodbye.”

Li Ming had also just taken a look at the time before they left so he knew that Mo Fang was right. He gently hugged his waist, a smile in his eyes. “Is this something that will happen every day from now on? Us coming here together and then having trouble to part so we can actually go to work?”

Mo Fang gave a hum, leaning in further. “Well, I can’t say how it will be for you but I definitely hate to part with you whenever it happens. Whether that be before work or after work on even on our free days … it is really such a pity. If I could, I would definitely spend every minute of the day with you.”

Li Ming couldn’t help but smile brightly, a little affected by the pitiful tone that Mo Fang used. In any case, who wouldn’t want to be missed? “I usually pass by the service counters a few times a day. So it’s not like we won’t see each other at all.”

“Just passing by, ah! How could that compare to actually spending time with you? If you worked at the service counters as well, I could at least shoot you a few flirty glances a couple of times a minute. Now though, I’ll be lucky if I see you once an hour. That makes me really sad.”

“You don’t look that sad.” To be honest, Mo Fang just looked as if he was flirting with him. Which … to a large degree, was probably true. Not that he minded. It was quite adorable to watch and he didn’t mind indulging him a little.

Mo Fang slapped Li Ming’s chest in mock anger, pursing his lips at him. “You’re not taking me seriously at all!”

“No, no, I’m definitely taking you seriously. You’re what I take serious the most in my life.” He pecked his lips, a fuzzy feeling in his chest. Ah, this really was nice. To be honest, he could understand Mo Fang’s feelings somewhat. Naturally, he also didn’t want to be apart. But this was just how things were. You couldn’t always do what you wanted to. Sometimes, you just had to be a responsible adult. “We can leave together in the evening. And then tomorrow, we’ll come here together again. So we’ll have many chances to spend a lot of time with each other. In any case, didn’t we already have a few hours together today? It could be so much worse.”

Mo Fang still didn’t seem happy with that though. “Even if it could be worse, it could also be better.”

Before Li Ming could find something to say to that, the door on the other side of the corridor opened, and Zhi Bao Yu stepped out. She immediately raised her brows when she saw Mo Fang and Li Ming like this, obviously thinking about quite a few things at once.

Mo Fang glanced over, a short smile flashing over his expression before he turned back to Li Ming, and continued to complain beautifully. In any case, now, everybody would know what was going on.

Zhi Bao Yu really wanted to ask but seeing the two of them being so intimate, she finally just walked away, rushing back to the service counters as soon as she was around the corner. Finally reaching them, she immediately waved for the others to come and listen to what she had found out. Since right now was the time to change shifts, there were not only the people from the previous shift that she had been working with but also the ones that had already gotten ready for the shift that was starting now. Thus, there were quite a few of them.

“You will not believe what I just saw!”

Everyone was all ears as soon as she said that. “Don’t be mean, Sis Zhi! If you saw something interesting, you’d better say it outright.”

“Yes, yes! What exactly did you see? Say it clearly, ah!”

Zhi Bao Yu smiled brightly when she saw everyone’s attention on her and naturally wouldn’t keep them out of the loop. Well, of course, she wouldn’t after an appropriate amount of time to ramp the tension up. “It’s about Boss Mo’s son.”

The others exchanged glances. “Mo Fang again?!”

“What did he do this time?”

Zhi Bao Yu smiled happily, straightening up. “Well, when I came out after changing just now, I found him outside of the men’s changing room. What he did? Naturally, it was smooching another guy!”

Not far from the service counter, Boss Mo who had just gone to get a coffee stopped in his tracks. His son? Smooching some guy? And what had she said where this was? In front of the changing room? This wouldn’t be … the rumored new boyfriend, would it?

Thinking of that, Boss Mo immediately turned on his heels and rushed in the other direction. In any case, his son might be able to keep it from him at home, but if he actually brought that guy over and was being lovey-doves with him at the railroad station, then he better shouldn’t expect him not to find out! No, today, he would definitely find out just who that guy was!

As a result, Boss Mo finally found Mo Fang who was indeed standing in front of the changing room, but the other person’s back-view somehow seemed quite familiar. With his mouth gaping open, the cup of coffee fell to the ground, making a splash in front of his feet.

The two people were startled and Li Ming turned around, his face turning pale when he saw his boss.

“Boss Mo! It’s … it’s not what it looks like!” No, he had checked the time, they definitely weren’t late yet!

Mo Fang, on the other hand, just pulled his boyfriend closer. “What are you saying? It’s exactly what it looks like!” He wouldn’t let his boyfriend pretend that he didn’t know him.

Boss Mo looked from his son to his employee with a complicated expression, not sure what to say. What it looked like and what was going on … he felt that it was more than evident.

Author’s Note:

This is the end of volume 2! We’ll continue with volume 3 on the same schedule, so a chapter on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each. I hope you liked the story so far and are just as excited as I am for the next one! 😊

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