OMF V8C62 We Have Forever

Hua Lin Yu waited for the door to close before he turned to Xin Lan. He didn’t really know what to say though. This whole matter … he understood it now. And he definitely didn’t blame Xin Lan for anything. He knew that he had just done what he needed to do.

On the other hand, he just found out quite a lot about the kind of things that happened in the dragon realm. It made him feel a little unaccustomed. In any case, while there were definitely some secrets in the cultivation sects of the mortal realm and also in cultivation families like the Hua family, it definitely couldn’t compare to this. And also, he had grown up quite sheltered not only by his family but also by his Master and all of his senior martial brothers and sisters. The ugly sides of the cultivation world … he had hardly ever seen them.

Xin Lan smiled when he saw Hua Lin Yu’s hesitant expression. “It’s alright. You don’t have to say anything. This matter … it is something from quite long ago. As soon as there is a way for Jinde and Leng Jin Yu to leave the Yun Zou Sect undetected, it won’t have anything else to do with us. So don’t worry too much.”

Hua Lin Yu hurriedly shook his head. “I’m not worried because it has to do with us. In any case, you said that Jinde saved your life. Naturally, you won’t just abandon him. Since this matter is important to him, it will naturally be important to you as well. I don’t mind that. I can even understand it. So I don’t want you to change anything. It’s just a little much to take in all at once and I’m not sure if I am really equipped to understand all of it. I’ve never had to do with this kind of thing before.”

Xin Lan nodded and then leaned closer, cupping Hua Lin Yu’s cheek with his hand. “It’s alright. You don’t have to understand immediately or find some way to deal with it. You can just take your time. If there’s something else that you want to know, you can always tell me. I will answer all of your questions as far as I can.” Of course, there were some secrets that needed to be kept even in front of his fiance. He owed Jinde as much. “In any case, if everything was to go according to my will, the two of us will have forever to figure out whatever you want to.” He smiled, rubbing Hua Lin Yu’s skin with his thumb.

Hua Lin Yu lowered his head, not quite sure what to say to that. Xin Lan was really sweet. Especially when it came to serious situations such as this. “I’ll keep it in mind.”

Xin Lan gave a hum and bridged the last gap between them, pulling Hua Lin Yu into his arms. “I’m just glad that you don’t blame me for killing him. When I realized that you followed me over, I panicked. In your eyes, I don’t want to be a bad person. But I can’t deny that I sometimes just want to go the easiest way. If that means killing the other person to eradicate a problem, I am willing to do it. If that is a problem for you …” He leaned back a little, peering into Hua Lin Yu’s face as if he wanted to find out just what his fiance was thinking.

Hua Lin Yu pondered for a moment, not wanting to give an answer too fast. “To be honest, I was shocked at that moment. But it’s alright. In the future … I will trust that you know how to make a judgment on these things. In any case, I didn’t know the full situation but you did. That is what I should’ve trusted in.”

“I’ll be glad if you can do that.” Xin Lan tilted his head and kissed the corner of Hua Lin Yu’s mouth before pulling back. “Very well. I guess that was it for our stroll today. Is there anything else you want to do?”

Hua Lin Yu hesitated for a moment but finally shook his head. Going outside again … he really didn’t feel like doing that. On the other hand, there was nothing else he had planned on doing so he wasn’t sure. Right now, knowing that there was some kind of investigation about the person that his fiance had killed, he also felt a little strange. No matter what he tried to do, he probably wouldn’t be able to calm down. Unable to find an answer, he could only voice these thoughts in front of Xin Lan. “I really don’t know. Right now … I guess I just feel a little strange. This kind of situation is new to me.”

Xin Lan nodded. “I can understand. If there’s something I can do to make it better … just tell me.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded but he didn’t even know exactly what he felt. How was he supposed to know what would make it better? Thus, he could only stay quiet, wondering if inspiration would strike sometime soon. If not … well, there were probably other things to do. Maybe he should just go back to cultivating. Even though his level wasn’t low, if he wanted to continue traveling with Xin Lan, it would be best to be of an even higher level so he wouldn’t be a burden to him. But then again, he likely wouldn’t be able to focus enough. Right now, things were just too fresh.

Xin Lan could also see that Hua Lin Yu didn’t really know what to do. Finally, he got up and rubbed his head just like Fei Bai Mu had done before. “I’ll go and get your brother.” Even though he wasn’t sure if Hua Lin Rong could help, at least having another familiar person around might make things a little better. And Hua Lin Rong was usually able to make people not think about whatever negative thing was currently going on. So if he wanted to cheer his fiance up, then he felt that his brother-in-law should have the best chance to do that.

When he left the room, Hua Lin Yu looked at his back, his heart actually jumping for a bit. Xin Lan … The way he cared about him was really quite special. Others might have wanted to take advantage of the situation and just stay alone with him, trying to comfort him themselves. But Xin Lan … he would just leave and get somebody else to do so because he figured that it would be best for him. Really, how could he be unhappy with that?

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