RMN C195 Get Them Back

After listening to what the two disciples had to say, the Elders sent them back to rest and started to discuss among themselves.

“We should probably inform the Sect Master of this.”

Elder Baili nodded. “I’m afraid you’re right. This … I’m afraid that this might be even bigger than we had assumed originally. We have to be very careful. Otherwise, we’ll only make things easier for them.”

The two of them fell silent for a moment before Elder Xing pulled out a scroll of paper and started to write a message, detailing everything that they had found out. Folding it up, he hesitated for a moment and then turned to Elder Baili. “The demonic practitioners seem to know exactly what is going on here. They were waiting for somebody to come and rescue Kui Min. Maybe it would be better to have somebody deliver the letter instead of just sending it off on its own.”

Elder Baili nodded. “Yes, that would definitely be safer. The question is who to send.”

“Do you think it would be alright to have Zhi Guan do it?”

Elder Baili looked at the letter and then turned to the door, wondering for a moment. “His level is high enough. He shouldn’t have any problem with doing it. I’m more worried about the disciples that haven’t returned yet though. We can’t forget that one of the groups that were sent out is Mei Chao Bing’s. The other sects might not recognize him necessarily but if they happen to hear who he is, that could become troublesome.”

“They still haven’t returned yet so I guess they will be traveling together with Song Mu’s group the whole way. Both he and Mei Chao Bing are smart, they should have accounted for that possibility.”

Elder Baili couldn’t argue that point but he was still worried. “I would think that it would be best to call them back as soon as possible though. You can never know what happens after all. Sending the younger disciples isn’t a good idea considering that their levels are lower. If anything, then there would only be Xi Ju Hai that is of a high enough level but she is busy with her own group. I was thinking that maybe we could send Zhi Guan over to call them back but then he can’t go and bring the letter to the sect. Not without a long delay at least.”

Elder Xing pondered for a moment but then nodded. “You’re right. How about this then? You send Zhi Guan over to get them and I will deliver the news to the sect myself. In any case, a lot has happened. It might be better to tell the Sect Master about this myself. That way, there will be no information missing and we can also discuss it in more detail to see how we should deal with this from now on. I also want to inform him about the worries regarding Yang Wu Huang. That is something that has to be addressed as soon as possible.”

Elder Baili nodded. “Yes, that might be for the best. Let’s do it that way then. When do you want to leave? And what do you think? Should we inform the disciples of this?”

Elder Xing slightly furrowed his brows. Normally, it shouldn’t be important which Elder was in charge of everything here. The disciples also shouldn’t be worried. But there was still Yang Wu Huang in the camp.

They had already been doubting his intentions for quite some time and looking at everything that had happened, these doubts were growing stronger. They had gotten especially bad after he returned the last time with two of the people that had been sent with Mei Chao Bing and Song Mu.

Not to mention that it was Yang Wu Huang’s group that had previously been attacked. This really did make things a little questionable. Why had they of all groups been attacked? Why was it Yang Wu Huang and his two friends who just so happened to get away and meet up with Mei Chao Bing? It all seemed too coincidental. And most likely, this wouldn’t be the last coincidence.

Normally, this wouldn’t be too much of a problem if they kept a close eye on them. But if the one being left alone to supervise him was Baili Chao, who knew what would happen? After all, there was a conflict between Yang Wu Huang and Mei Chao Bing which, in the end, extended to Yun Bei Fen and his Master. Yang Wu Huang was the type of person that would throw around the word ‘favoritism’ if it benefited him. And since not everyone was on Mei Chao Bing’s side, that would make matters worse. It was something they couldn’t ignore.

But in any case, they also couldn’t not inform Sect Master Zhang. And it was true that it would likely be better to get Mei Chao Bing and the others back here to the camp. Who knew what would happen outside? Also, with Zhi Guan as a nascent soul stage cultivator accompanying their group back, they wouldn’t have to worry that they would be attacked and hurt. At the very least, that would be much less likely.

Thinking things through like this, the two of them finally agreed to go through with things like this but not to tell the disciples for now. In any case, both Zhi Guan and Elder Xing were of a high level so it wouldn’t be a problem to get to their destinations in a short time. It could be that the disciples wouldn’t even notice that Elder Xing was gone. If they did though … Well, the Elders didn’t need to inform the disciples of what they did, right?

With this, Elder Xing finally left while Elder Baili made his way over to the room that he had given to Zhi Guan. As a result, when he stepped into the courtyard, he found his disciple training his sword arts once again. He looked at him and sighed, feeling that he probably should’ve expected this.

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