RMN C194 A Thousand Questions Left Unanswered

Kui Min started to explain what she had experienced starting from the moment when Yang Wu Huang had led them to that spot in the border region with the big array to the attack of the demonic practitioners and how they had taken her away and finally imprisoned her. She didn’t leave out a single detail. Even though she was a bit worried about what this would mean for Mei Chao Bing, she also told them about how she had seen Elder Feng and what he said.

Elder Baili’s and Elder Xing’s expressions darkened when they heard that. “That disciple … do you know who he was?”

Kui Min shook her head. “I’m not sure. I would guess he was one of Elder Feng’s other disciples. He seemed to know Mei Chao Bing as well.”

The two of them nodded and exchanged a look. Some more of Elder Feng’s disciples had gone missing before he finally betrayed the Teng Yong Sect. Back then, people had wondered if this might be because they were actually part of the demonic faction as well or if they might have found out and been silenced by their own Master. As it turned out now, there had never been a reason to feel sorry for them. They had chosen the other side.

“Well, no matter who he is, it isn’t good that he’s there. This will also cause quite a bit of trouble for Mei Chao Bing.”

Elder Baili nodded. “Yes, if it becomes known that not only his Master but also his so-called senior martial brothers are on the other side, it will be difficult to ensure that people don’t turn against him again.” This was even more concerning after what the Sect Master told him. If Mei Chao Bing felt that he couldn’t stay on their side any longer, then that would be a big problem for them.

Elder Xing furrowed his brows and came to a similar conclusion. “From the bit that Kui Min heard, it is pretty obvious that they had some plans for him. Is there any other indication as to what that might be?” He looked at her but Kui Min could only shake her head.

She had told them everything that had happened. Every single word just like she had remembered it. And since she had gone over what she had heard more than once while in the dungeon, she was sure that she had gotten it right. Unfortunately, she also didn’t know what exactly it meant.

Just then, Zhi Guan couldn’t help but speak up. “There’s one thing I should mention. It was not difficult to get into the headquarters at all. In fact, even finding her wasn’t difficult. I felt that from the moment I set foot in that region, they were actually leading me to rescue her. They wanted her to get out of there.”

The two Elders raised their brows and exchanged another glance, feeling quite a bit more alarmed now that they had heard this. “They didn’t make any trouble?”

Zhi Guan shook his head. “No, not just that. They went out of their way to expose flaws. They only pretended to try to catch as for a while after we broke out. But they never used their full strength. Usually, at their place, they have an advantage. But they let us go. There’s no other explanation for this.”

“This has to be part of their plan.”

Elder Xing nodded at that observation. “Letting them go … Maybe they wanted Kui Min to tell us about this? After all, she knows about this.”

Elder Baili furrowed his brows at that. “Come to think of it, it is quite strange that that disciple would take her to see Elder Feng. It is almost as if they wanted to expose that he was there. Clearly, that must be part of their plan as well.”

“Yes. It seems that none of this was just a coincidence. It was all premeditated.”

Well, there was no doubt about this. Unfortunately, it was hard to figure out why they were doing this. Up until now, their side had only ever been able to guess that maybe Elder Feng was helping the other side. Now though, they finally had the information that it was indeed true. What good would that do the demonic practitioners? Being in the dark while the other side was in the light was always preferable. Why would they intentionally shed light on what was going on on their side?

Elder Baili shook his head. “The longer I think about it, the more I feel that this doesn’t make sense. No matter what their goal is, shouldn’t they try to keep things secret? This way, they are just giving us a handle to figure things out.”

Elder Xing nodded, his expression grim. “Yes, unless they are very sure that there’s no way we would be able to figure it out or win against them.”

“But that would be too arrogant. Even if what Kui Min says is right and they have allied all the sects on their side, the same is true for our side and we have been cooperating for longer. They won’t be able to beat the four allied sects just with a newly formed alliance. If they truly think that that would be possible, they are really not taking us seriously.”

The two of them fell silent, feeling that maybe it really was the case that the demonic practitioners didn’t take them seriously. Well, if that was the truth, it was actually preferable to them. After all, they would be able to make use of it. The problem was … it was still only a guess. Even though they had finally been able to figure out one thing, there were still a thousand other questions.

It was as if while they were slowly figuring things out, the other side had already planned and predicted the next ten moves. It really wasn’t a good feeling. If they could, they would want to take them by surprise, to do something that they couldn’t anticipate. But, unfortunately, that wouldn’t be possible. It just wasn’t that easy.

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