SML V2C35 Are You Breaking Up with Me?

Li Ming uncomfortably cleared his throat. “This … Don’t think too much.” He gingerly reached out, wanting to make Mo Fang get off. This was really too embarrassing.

Unfortunately for him, his boyfriend didn’t think of getting off at all. Instead, he hooked his hands behind Li Ming’s neck, smiling brightly. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t thinking anything. I know you want to wait with things. Just … if you really can’t take it, you just have to say it. I don’t mind it, really. We could just take care of that together and then never mention it again. It’ll be as if it never happened.” He blinked his eyes again and leaned closer, his breath brushing Li Ming’s face.

Li Ming gulped. Even though he liked to take his time, this was the person he had already fallen in love with. Having him be so close and obviously try to seduce him, he also had a hard time resisting.

He knew he shouldn’t but he couldn’t help himself. He closed his eyes and craned his neck, his lips meeting Mo Fang’s. The kiss was just as good as the one they had shared that day in the door of the changing room. No, it was actually better. He didn’t know if it was because they were a couple now or because there wasn’t the thought that Mo Fang was just doing this to make his ex jealous but this kiss felt so sweet, he really loathed to pull back. Still, he knew that he should. Otherwise, he knew where things would end.

Meanwhile, Mo Fang’s hands had slipped down and tugged at his shirt, trying to open the buttons. Li Ming reached down as well and grabbed them before opening his eyes.

“We shouldn’t do this.”

Mo Fang stared at him, uncomprehending.

Li Ming licked his lips and then gently pushed Mo Fang off his lap, getting up himself so he couldn’t sit down again. “I … I’ll be right back.” He turned around and tried not to run off. Instead, he made sure he just walked to the bathroom slowly. He still heaved a sigh of relief after he closed the door.

Leaning against it, he stared up at the ceiling. He probably shouldn’t be surprised. Thinking back to the last week, it had been obvious from the very beginning that Mo Fang was a very physical person. And now that they were in a relationship, that desire to be close would likely be even more prominent.

He rubbed his head and tried to think of something he could do. He was somebody that needed time but Mo Fang was the opposite. He needed to be close to feel appreciated. So … what was the solution there?

He couldn’t expect him to wait until he was ready. If he did, Mo Fang would likely start to doubt this relationship. What would the use be in that? But on the other hand, he couldn’t force himself to do something he was uncomfortable with either. At most, they could find some kind of compromise.

Thinking for a moment longer, Li Ming had already calmed down a lot. He went to wash his face, took a few deep breaths, and then went outside again. When he stepped into the kitchen, he found Mo Fang sitting at the table with his head lowered. He looked completely down. Most likely, he was already blaming himself again.

Li Ming’s heart squeezed painfully when he saw this. He walked over and then knelt down in front of him, taking his hands. “I’m sorry.”

Mo Fang looked at him, his expression hurt. “Are you breaking up with me?” To be honest, he was really worried about this. Li Ming had made more than obvious that he needed time but because he wasn’t willing to wait, he had tried to force things. And now … now, Li Ming was definitely angry and might really be rethinking their relationship.

Just why hadn’t he waited longer? At least a few more days or maybe a week … it could have made all the difference!

Li Ming shook his head and then leaned forward, kissing Mo Fang’s hand. “Don’t worry too much. I just … went to calm down a bit.”

“Well, are you calm again?” Mo Fang cautiously looked at him. Li Ming was such a good catch, he didn’t want to let him get away.

“Mn.” Li Ming nodded and looked up, finally reaching up and brushing through Mo Fang’s hair. “Mo Fang … I can see that the two of us … are a bit different in some regards.”

“I don’t mind!” Mo Fang hurriedly grasped his hands tighter. “Anyway, didn’t you say it was good to be a bit different? This wouldn’t be some kind of core value of yours, would it?”

Li Ming was a little stunned. In fact, this wasn’t too far off … He fell quiet for a moment but then shook his head. “Not quite. It’s just … I’m definitely not ready to sleep with you. I know this probably gave you a different impression just now but I’m saying the truth. It just wouldn’t feel right. So give me some time, yes?”

“Of course.” Mo Fang still looked down though.

“Well, there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.” He kept quiet for a moment, wondering how to say it. When Mo Fang kept quiet as well, he could only be direct though. “I feel like I was a bit unfair to you.”

“Ah?” Mo Fang had no idea where this was going but he felt that he should deny that. “No … No, you weren’t. It’s alright. I know you need some time. You told me before.”

“Mn.” Li Ming nodded. “But that’s it: I told you what I wanted but I never asked what you needed. I think that … was very wrong of me. I apologize for that.”

Mo Fang pursed his lips, not quite sure what to say. He wanted to lean down and give him a kiss but finally just smiled faintly. “It’s alright.” Anyway, in regard to a working relationship, he had never really been asked about that. At most, he would be asked what he wanted to have if he found somebody rich. Li Ming … really was different in this regard.

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