OMF V7C494 A Very Good Idea

Jinde didn’t share his husband’s confusion at all. In any case, to him, Xin Lan had always been like this. He would help him in his times of need, try to answer whatever it was that was worrying him, and would generally always be there for him.

After once again being confronted with this fact, he couldn’t help but want to help him out a bit more in return. He knew that Xin Lan wouldn’t just easily let him do that though. So it seemed that he would have to do a kind of covert operation. How to go about this though …

He slightly narrowed his eyes. He didn’t know yet but he was sure he could come up with something. The most important would probably be to meet that Hua Lin Yu again so he would get an opportunity to intervene. For now, that wasn’t the topic to talk about though. “Thank you. I’ll definitely get back to you when it’s time. For now though … that’s not yet something we’re thinking about.”

Xin Lan nodded, not trying to argue. In any case, Jinde had indeed had to wait quite long before he was able to have his normal life back. It wasn’t strange that he wanted to enjoy it to the fullest with his husband for the time being. Since he could see this, Xin Lan definitely wouldn’t try to rush him into anything else. In fact, he also felt that Jinde should take his time with everything.

Jinde leaned back now that they had solved this for the time being. “So … since you don’t know how to deal with your issue for the time being have you thought about what to do? Do you want to stay here for some time so your fiance can gather his thoughts alone?” He motioned at the palace and Xin Lan couldn’t help but hesitate for a moment.

To be honest, he didn’t really know where else to go. He had that house in the city now but it had just been purchased so it might take some time before it was truly livable. After all, it hadn’t seemed as if anyone had put effort into it in the past few years. While he didn’t care too much about a temporary residence, he did have some standards that he wanted to see fulfilled. Also, if he was so close by, Hua Lin Yu might also feel pressured. It might be better for him to stay away a while longer.

On the other hand, staying here … might not be good either. After all, there was some history between him and Jinde and this would likely make his husband unhappy or at least give him a reason to feel awkward. In the current situation, that really wasn’t something he wanted to happen anymore. If it had been three years ago, he might’ve jumped at the opportunity. Now though … No, he had no interest in that anymore.

Not to mention that he still didn’t quite trust himself. No matter what others said, he had always seen his affection for Jinde as real. If he spent a lot of time in proximity to him again … he wasn’t too sure if this fire that had just been extinguished might not flare up again. Especially since it hadn’t been that long ago that he fell in love with Hua Lin Yu. No, it was better not to risk it.

“Thank you for the offer but I think I shouldn’t do that. I’ll probably just take a look around and then return to his side. Anyway, maybe I’ll find some inspiration as to what I can do with him while traveling.”

Jinde nodded. “Alright. If you do need my help after all, you know how to find me.”

Xin Lan nodded, and then looked from Jinde to Leng Jin Yu and back again. He really didn’t know what else to say so finally, he just got up. “Well, I know now that you are doing well. In that case, I will leave. The two of you are probably busy.”

Jinde slightly raised his brows but didn’t try to keep him. In any case, if Xin Lan wanted to leave, he would do so. “Well, we might be for some time. I don’t think it’ll be that long though.” Saying so, his expression actually turned subtle. In fact, he might just have had an idea. A very good idea. He should discuss it with Leng Jin Yu as soon as Xin Lan had left. Thinking of that, he didn’t try to keep Xin Lan any longer and instead said his goodbye in a hurry.

As soon as Xin Lan was out of the dimension, Leng Jin Yu turned to look at this husband of his and raised his brows. “Alright, what kind of thing did you come up with?”

Jinde smiled brightly and went to wrap his arms around his shoulders. “My dear, have you ever thought about playing the matchmaker for somebody?”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head, an indulgent smile on his lips. “I haven’t but I guess Xin Lan will be able to count himself lucky that you have his back.”

Jinde’s lips curved up further. “Oh, yes. I’m sure he’ll thank me later. Now, let’s start planning that wedding. I don’t think we should wait too long anymore.”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. Somehow, he felt like his second wedding would be hijacked for somebody else’s engagement. Well, as long as Jinde was happy with it … he certainly wouldn’t refuse. He would do anything to make his lover happy.

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