IRL C24 The Kind of Vibe to Show Your Husband

The four of them soon finished eating and Yu Lan bid them farewell to go to work. As for the other three, they did the dishes so they wouldn’t come back home to work and then left the house, going over to the mall.

Shangguan Yu couldn’t help but turn to look at his sister halfway there. “Actually, what about your work?”

Shangguan Xin just waved. “Don’t worry about it. I’m only scheduled for the evening so I don’t need to go yet. We have all day to choose an outfit for you. Anyway, have you thought about what to wear since yesterday?”

Shangguan Yu gave a strained smile. “No. To be honest, I still don’t know. Do you have any ideas?” He looked from his sister to his mother and back again, hoping that they would be able to come up with something on short notice. Anyway, he really didn’t want to go online in the evening and tell Ao Jing that they couldn’t meet up yet because he hadn’t been able to find something to wear. That … just didn’t seem right. In the worst case, he would just take his normal clothes and hope that Ao Jing didn’t notice.

Thinking of that, Shangguan Yu’s lips twitched. Actually, what was he worried about? How could Ao Jing even notice? They had never met before! He wouldn’t know what his usual style of clothing was or wasn’t. As long as he looked neat and tidy, everything would be alright. Going shopping just for the date was probably excessive. Although … after seeing that photo of Ao Jing, he felt that he might need to put in some more effort. Ah, sheesh, having a good-looking husband really wasn’t easy!

While Shangguan Yu was lost in thought, his sister was pondering his question. “Well … I guess it does depend on what kind of vibe you’re going for.”

Shangguan Yu raised his brows. “What do you mean?” Did he have to go for some kind of ‘vibe’ for his first date with his online husband? He would have thought he already had some kind of vibe in Ao Jing’s mind just from their interactions alone.

Shangguan Xin sighed. “Well, what kind of impression do you want to leave him with? Do you want to seem more mature or rather cute and adorable, or do you think it would be better to seem casual since you already know the guy? That kind of vibe.”

Shangguan Yu nodded slowly. He could see where she was coming from. While they had already interacted, things might be different in real life. He might be able to change Ao Jing’s impression of him somewhat depending on what he wore or at least highlight some good points. He probably should’ve thought of that sooner.

Well, regardless of what he wore, he wouldn’t be able to compare to that in-game character in terms of looks or aura so it probably wasn’t that important. “I guess casual would be alright?” At the very least, he could show Ao Jing that the him in-game and the him in real life were completely different in that regard.

Anyway, they would hopefully be seeing each other a lot in the future. He definitely didn’t want to go to the pains to always dress up just for that because Ao Jing was hung up on some ridiculous standard from either the game or their first date. No, it would be much better if Ao Jing’s expectations weren’t too high.

On the other side, his mother already shook her head. “How could that be? It’s your first date. That’s a special occasion. For special occasions, you’re always supposed to dress up.”

Shangguan Xin also nodded at that. “Yeah, that’s definitely true. But I still think that seeming casual and dressing up doesn’t necessarily negate each other. Anyway, there’s definitely a better casual then what Xiao Yu is normally wearing.”

Shangguan Yu’s brows twitched in return. “Sis, what is that supposed to mean? I’m not dressed badly.”

His sister huffed. “You’re not well-dressed either. What kind of man are you going to impress with that?” She clicked her tongue and shook her head, accelerating her steps. “No, no, we definitely need to make sure that you have the perfect outfit for tomorrow.”

Before Shangguan Yu could say anything, his mother was already nodding along and agreeing with every word his sister had said. “That’s true. It’s time I finally got another son-in-law. If we leave it to you, it probably won’t work out. So just leave the planning to us. You just have to speak with him tomorrow.”

Shangguan Yu really didn’t know what to say to that anymore and could only silently follow along. Right now, he was really wondering if it had been such a good idea to ask for his mother’s help with this. Maybe it would have been better if we just took care of this alone. Anyway, Ao Jing probably wouldn’t be too interested in his clothes, right? Right?

At that moment, the three of them already reached the mall. The mother and daughter grabbed Shangguan Yu by the arm and pulled him inside, not giving him any chance to complain.

Shangguan Yu’s lips twitched. “The two of you are behaving as if I was being forced to do something. I was the one who suggested going on this date, alright? I was also the one who asked for help. There is really no need to be like this. I won’t just run away.”

His mother shook her head when he said so. “That’s what you’re saying now. Who knows if you won’t get cold feet when we’re inside? It’s better we are taking precautions.” She patted his arm and then glanced at her daughter who nodded along. “See? Your sister thinks the same.”

“Sister always thinks the same as you. Anyway, you are worrying too much.” Even though he said so, that didn’t change anything.

The two women dragged him into one of the clothing stores and then around the aisles, looking around everywhere. It seemed … he had a long day ahead of him.

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