OMF V7C390 Not a Helpless Child Anymore

As soon as the servants finished preparing the rooms for the two Huo brothers, they brought them over to have a rest while the Hua family used the opportunity to start interrogating their younger child about how things had been for him since they last saw him.

Hua Lin Yu smiled happily, clinging to his brother who refused to let go of him and had started to hug him again. “You really don’t need to worry. Everyone in the Jian Yi Sect is very nice to me. Master and my senior martial brothers and sisters have taught me a lot. Actually, I don’t even know why you are so scared that something might happen to me. I’m not of a low level anymore.”

He gave a smile that looked a little complacent but his family only laughed. Anyway, as a member of their family, he could be a bit proud of himself. And it was true that he had managed to achieve a rather high level.

By this point in time, Hua Lin Yu was already on the fifth level. For the Jian Yi Sect, this was a good result, especially considering his age. He was not even twenty years old yet but had long reached the stage where he wouldn’t age any longer and could sustain himself just based on spiritual energy.

Among the human race, he could definitely be considered a strong person. Not as strong as the older generations of the Hua family or the Elders of the Jian Yi Sect but if compared to people of, for example, the Yun Zou Sect, he definitely wouldn’t need to be afraid.

This kind of level at his age was the mark of a genius or somebody especially lucky like Jing Yi who had been able to reach this level just being a few years older than Hua Lin Yu because he had been thrown into the secret realm in the Leyuan region and later on spent some time in both the demon realm and the High Heavens. Otherwise, he really wouldn’t have been able to do it.

But Hua Lin Yu had managed to reach this stage just by relying on his own understanding and the spiritual energy in the Jian Yi Sect. It was obvious that his affinity for cultivation was rather high.

It wasn’t a wonder considering that he was a member of the Hua family. There was a reason why they were one of the big cultivation families. That kind of status was something that could only be developed over many generations that showed exceptional talent and didn’t even need the help of a sect to reach the greatest heights. His talent in cultivation was once again proof of just why the Hua family had this status.

Well, regardless of how high Hua Lin Yu’s level was, the Hua family wasn’t about to stop worrying about their youngest member. Maybe it was also because all their levels were high so that they felt that their Xiao Yu was especially vulnerable. Or maybe it had to do with the strange occurrences in the first few years after his birth. Anyway, they felt that they couldn’t be careful enough about guarding him.

While his parents were mostly worried about the actual real fear of whoever it was that had managed to break into their estate back then, his brother was a different matter altogether. He would be worried about his little brother regardless of what was actually going on.

He rubbed his head fiercely, hugging him even tighter. “You, ah! You have no idea how scary the world can be. You should better stay with us from now on, so we can make sure that nothing happens to you. Other people just aren’t trustworthy enough.”

Hua Lin Yu laughed and nuzzled his brother’s head, feeling that his big brother was way too funny. “What are you even saying? Isn’t Xin Lan a friend of the family? He is definitely trustworthy. And didn’t you bring me to study under Master yourself? She’s also trustworthy. And if she’s trustworthy, then her other disciples are too. So I think other people should be quite trustworthy, right?”

Hua Lin Rong looked at his little brother that was suddenly so good at arguing and couldn’t help but sigh. Ah, it really was a pity that he had missed so many years of his brother’s life. How would he ever make up for that?

Thinking of that, he pulled him tighter into his arms and rested his chin on Hua Lin Yu’s shoulder. “You should still stay with us even if you trust them. Isn’t it better to be with your family?”

Looking at the two of them, Hua Ning Shun shook his head. “Ah Rong, ah, make sure you don’t suffocate your younger brother to death now that we finally have him back.”

Hua Lin Rong raised his head, feeling a little aggrieved. Just what was his father saying there? As if he would ever do something that would hurt his little darling brother!

Hua Ning Shun couldn’t help but laugh at his eldest son but decided not to tease him any longer and instead turned to Hua Lin Yu. “I think there isn’t much reason to worry but it still can’t hurt to be careful either. Just in case.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded at that, not feeling that this was as excessive as what his brother had said. Anyway, it really was good if you were prepared in case something happened. He wouldn’t argue that. Still, he felt that with his own level and Xin Lan being at his side, there really wasn’t much to worry about. But, well, he could give his family some time to get used to that thought. Anyway, he hadn’t seen them in a long time so they might think that he was still the helpless child that they had sent off back then. That really wasn’t their fault.

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