OMF V3C47 They Had Gotten Poisoned?!

Jing Yi had stopped eating and was looking at Qiu Ling with concern. Never mind the blank look he had given his food the whole time, right now, his expression looked really off. Was there something wrong with the bamboo shoots?

He looked at his own bowl and picked up one himself, examining it more closely. It seemed … just like a normal them bamboo shoot? But maybe Qiu Ling was able to see more than him. Could it be that … the demonic practitioners had poisoned it?!

He also stared at the bamboo shoot in a daze, not quite knowing what he should think. If this was really true, then what should they do? He didn’t know about Qiu Ling but he had no idea how to deal with this kind of thing.

Just how fast would they need to get help? They had already eaten the same thing yesterday evening. By now, many hours had passed so the poison could’ve already started to work! In fact, they might not have long to live!

When Qiu Ling had finally come up with an idea and finished congratulating himself, he looked up only to find his beloved staring at a bamboo sprout with a dazed expression. He couldn’t help but wonder if something was wrong with it. He looked at his own bowl and then noticed that he himself also held a piece of bamboo sprout.

He happily raised it in the air and then smiled brightly. “Look at this! Our taste is actually that similar. We’ve picked up the very same thing!”

Jing Yi looked up, his expression still worried. “Ah?” What had they picked up?

Qiu Ling motioned at the bamboo sprout he held and then pointed at Jing Yi’s. “We both picked up a bamboo sprout. That has to be a sign of our deep love. It’s because our souls are connected to each other so we’d involuntarily think of the same things at the same time. Isn’t that marvelous?” Qiu Ling’s eyes sparkled just thinking about it. As expected, they were just made for each other! It truly was Heaven’s will that had made them meet back in the Nine Heavens that fateful day.

Jing Yi’s brows twitched. So to speak … Qiu Ling had stared at that thing because he had imagined this kind of scene and maybe even anticipated for him to pick up one as well to take a closer look?

The longer he thought about it, the more stormy his own expression got. “Do you think this is funny?! I thought something was wrong with them! I thought somebody was trying to poison us!”

Qiu Ling blinked his eyes in confusion. Why was his beloved suddenly angry at him? Hadn’t he just noticed such a splendid coincidence? Wasn’t that good? It was clearly a show of the development of feelings between them. Well, his own feelings had always been there but his beloved’s reincarnation was still being a bit difficult about it so this still had to be a sign.

Anyway, with his beloved in a bad mood, Qiu Ling naturally wouldn’t be in the mind to admire this coincidence any longer. No, now was the moment to go and find out what was wrong so he could comfort him! Mn, a hug might be in order … But since his beloved was angry, he had to move slowly.

He put down the bamboo sprout and then his chopsticks and hurried over to his beloved’s side, grabbing his arm with a worried expression. “My love!”

Jing Yi’s brows twitched again and he pulled his arm away. He didn’t have a problem with giving in normally but some things were just going too far. Qiu Ling also knew that he wasn’t very knowledgeable about this kind of thing. How could he lead him on like this?!

Jing Yi really wanted to scold him but after being confronted by Qiu Ling’s pitiful gaze, the words got stuck in his throat. He averted his face and fumed by himself. He really had to put a stop to this kind of thing! Hadn’t they agreed to just slowly get to know each other? Why was he still trying to pull this kind of stunt all the time?!

The longer he didn’t look at Qiu Ling but felt his gaze in return, the harder it got to keep up his attitude. And he couldn’t help but feel … that maybe this wasn’t just Qiu Ling’s fault?

After all, he also might have over-thought this. Qiu Ling hadn’t said anything about any poison. He had probably just been wondering what to say and been so preoccupied with these thoughts that he had spaced out while holding that bamboo shoot. And then he himself had assumed the wrong thing. That wasn’t Qiu Ling’s fault.

Jing Yi sighed and put the bamboo shoot down, turning to Qiu Ling. “Alright, I overreacted just now. I didn’t mean anything bad by it. I shouldn’t have … scolded you like that.”

Qiu Ling actually didn’t care about being scolded. In fact, he felt that it was quite a novel experience. Jing He never would have treated him like this. No, his beloved was always very nice to him. Whatever he said, he would give him a smile and have a few gentle words for him.

Well, sometimes, they only sounded gentle but the politeness was actually just used to mask Jing He’s true thoughts. Especially in the beginning. He also knew that but it was still better to believe that it had always been gentle words. Yes, he would definitely live better if he continued to believe in that. Anyway, by now, all the words Jing He said to him were indeed very gentle and loving.

Mn, just thinking of it, he felt warm all over …

With that thought, Qiu Ling pulled Jing Yi into his arms and closed his eyes, leaning his head against Jing Yi’s. “You can scold me all you want. I just don’t want you to be angry at me. I love you way too much to be able to stand that.”

Jing Yi who suddenly got another confession and even one that seemed to be much more serious this time didn’t know what to do anymore. How did this guy always manage to turn things back around to that?

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