SML C76 Gone Overboard

Mo Fang’s heart thumped heavily. Originally, he had only wanted to make use of the opportunity of having an excuse to kiss Li Ming but he hadn’t thought that much would come out of it. Now, though, he had to reevaluate that thought.

Even if Li Ming seemed to have been surprised at the beginning, he now felt very much into it and was definitely kissing him back. In fact, sometime into this kiss, Li Ming had actually reached out and hugged him.

Mo Fang tightened his grasp on his shoulder, pressing up against them even more closely. This was his chance! If he was able to show Li Ming just how enjoyable it was to make out with him, then that would definitely be one more point in his favor.

Unfortunately for him, his movement finally pulled Li Ming out of his reverie. Feeling that slender body press up against his, Li Ming finally opened his eyes. Seeing Mo Fang’s face, his guilty conscience reared its ugly head.

What was he doing? He hurriedly let go of Mo Fang and stepped back, even raising his hands as if he wanted to signal him that he did not intend to do anything else. “I … I …” I’m sorry. He wanted to say this but the words seemed empty. He could only stare at Mo Fang in horror, unable to believe that he had actually done this.

Why? Why would he do this? Hadn’t he learned from the last time?

Mo Fang looked at him, actually feeling a little hurt. Li Ming was looking at him as if he had a contagious disease, something that he would actively recoil from. This time, he really didn’t need to act when he lowered his head, seeming a little vulnerable.

“I …” Mo Fang glanced to the side and then noticed that his ex had somehow vanished. Apparently, seeing the two of them kiss like that had really made him reconsider. “I guess it’s time to go to our shifts now.” He didn’t say anything else and just turned around and ran away.

He couldn’t understand. Things had been going really well, hadn’t they? Why would Li Ming suddenly push him away like that? What had he done wrong?

Mo Fang wasn’t in a good mood when he arrived at the service counters. He took over his seat from the girl that had been working before him and then tried to put a smile on his face for the customers but it seemed a little ugly for once.

He really felt helpless. Li Ming was definitely a special kind of guy. It was unfortunate that he didn’t have much experience with that type. Maybe what he was doing was completely wrong and he even made things worse. But then … Why had Li Ming first reacted well and only then changed his mind? He just couldn’t understand!

When Mo Fang was fretting at his place of work, Li Ming hadn’t even made his way over to the gate yet. He still stood at the entrance to the changing room, feeling completely lost as well.

He knew that he probably should leave for his shift already but he just couldn’t bring himself to move. His thoughts just circled back to what had happened over and over again. The way Mo Fang’s lips had felt below his, the way his body pressed up against his chest, the slender fingers on his shoulder, finally, that hurt gaze at the end before he ran off. In fact, he wouldn’t have any trouble imagining Mo Fang crying at that moment.

He had really … overstepped his bounds.

Li Ming rubbed his face, sighing to himself. He really did everything wrong that could be done wrong. Mo Fang had obviously just kissed him to get his ex off his back. Maybe even worse, he might’ve hoped that Lan Heng would become jealous when he saw them like this. But in no way had it been because he had any feelings for him.

And he … he had just taken advantage of it. He should have just given Mo Fang a short peck and maybe hug so it would look like they were really a couple and then step back. That would have been the right thing to do.

But he, like an idiot, had actually shut down completely and just kissed him back. He hadn’t even noticed when Lan Heng had vanished and just continued. He had totally taken advantage of him.

Li Ming was wondering what he should do when his phone gave off a sound. Startled out of his thoughts, he took it out, only to find a message from a coworker: [Li Ming, aren’t you coming in today?]

Li Ming cursed, switched his phone to silent and then rushed over to the gate, giving the guy an embarrassed smile. “I’m sorry. Something happened so I was running late. I’ll make it up to you.”

The other man looked at Li Ming’s face and seeing that he didn’t look too well, he didn’t feel like complaining anymore. He clasped his shoulder and patted it for a moment, giving him an encouraging smile. “If you can’t get through, ask one of the others to help out.”

“Thanks. I’ll handle it.” He patted the guy’s arm and then took up his spot, starting to check the passengers coming through. He wasn’t really there with his thoughts though. No, he was just working on autopilot. In fact, his thoughts were still at what had happened before.

What should he do? What had happened … had been almost as bad as with Su Yan. The difference was that Mo Fang had initiated this time but obviously, that didn’t change that he had gone overboard later on.

Whatever confidence he had gotten back after talking with Mo Fang last night crumbled immediately. He really had no self-control at all and the one who had to pay for that was always somebody else. And it just so happened that he tended to take advantage of people in vulnerable positions. He really … was an asshole.

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