OMF V7C389 We Should Celebrate It

Hua Lin Rong immediately rushed to Hua Lin Yu’s side when Xin Lan was through the door, still not even acknowledging the two senior martial brothers from the Jian Yi Sect. “Xiao Yu, isn’t it great to be back at home? You must’ve missed us a lot. Now, we finally get to make up for the time we missed out on before.”

Hua Lin Yu looked up at him, still in a bit of a daze. “Then, when is Xin Lan coming back?”

Hua Lin Rong put a hand on his chest, feeling deeply hurt. He was just welcoming his younger brother back but all he did was talk about another man. This wasn’t right! “Xiao Yu …”

Their father cleared his throat, trying to get the attention of the two of them. “Xiao you, I think you have forgotten to introduce your senior martial brothers to us among all this excitement. Do you want to do so now?”

Hua Lin Yu looked over and finally realized that his two senior martial brothers were still there as well. The two of them seemed just as aggrieved as his older brother, unhappy that not only Xin Lan but even Hua Lin Yu’s family were taking all the attention away from them. Well, at the very least, they could understand when it was Hua Lin Yu’s family.

Hua Lin Yu blinked his eyes and then motioned at the two of them before turning back to his father. “Ah, these two are Huo Cheng and Huo Hai, my senior martial brothers.” Then, he turned back to the two of them, tilting his head. “Do you know already where you will stay?”

Huo Cheng and Huo Hai who had just wanted to greet the Hua family members were startled and looked at their junior martial brother with some doubt. “Little junior … what do you mean?” Wouldn’t they stay at the Hua family’s estate?

“Well, Xin Lan just left so I would have some time with my family. Where are you going to go?” He said it matter-of-factly as if this was a no-brainer.

His two senior martial brothers were startled though. This … Did this mean they only had the same status as that Xin Lan even though they had spent several years with their little junior, even watching over him while he grew up? This … This was unbelievable!

Hua Ning Shun hurriedly coughed. It was somewhat funny to see his younger son behave like this but he also didn’t want to anger the people of the Jian Yi Sect. “Xiao Yu, Xin Lan just left because he is living nearby anyway. It’s only half an hour to go there if you want to see him.

“As for your senior martial brothers, naturally, they can stay with us.” He turned to the two of them and gave them an amicable smile. “Xiao Yu hasn’t been at home for a long time. He probably doesn’t quite know whether we have enough space here to put the two of you up or not. I hope you don’t mind. He didn’t mean anything by it. I’ll have one of our servants prepare rooms for you.”

The two Huo Brothers weren’t too sure if it really was that their little junior didn’t mean anything by it. Anyway, they wouldn’t confront his father about it. Thus, the two of them cupped their fists and bowed. “Thank you very much, Mister Hua. We appreciate this very much.”

Hua Ning Shun just nodded and then waved at one of the servants, having them go and prepare the rooms just as he had said. After that, he turned to his own father, still giving him the same smile. “Now that Xiao Yu is back, I think we have reason to celebrate. How about a small banquet tonight?”

Hua Ming Jun rubbed his chin, looking at that youngest grandson of his and then at the two senior martial brothers that were still standing not far from the door. Actually, a banquet didn’t sound too bad. It was just … since his son had said this while there were still outsiders there, it would be impolite not to invite them. Which was a pity because he’d much rather spend some alone time with his grandson.

Anyway, there was also still that person from the dragon race. “Celebrating my grandson’s return is definitely a must. I’d suggest doing so tomorrow though. Xiao Yu is probably tired and Xin Lan also sounded as if he would be busy today. How about having that banquet tomorrow night? That way, the servants would also have some additional time to prepare.”

Hua Ning Shun nodded, feeling that his father was right. “Very well, then we should do it that way.” He turned back to Xiao Yu, his smile getting brighter. “What do you think, Xiao Yu? Do you like it?”

Hua Lin Yu looked from his father to his grandfather and smiled at them sweetly. “Does that mean Xin Lan will also be there?”

The men around him all felt their brows twitch but his father still answered honestly. “Yes, that means he will also be there.”

Xiao Yu’s smile became brighter as soon as he heard that. “Then I’m very happy!”

His mother and grandmother exchanged a glance, feeling that they should have a talk with their husbands. There definitely were some things they would need to discuss with that Xin Lan after the banquet was over. For now, though, it was still a bit of time until then.

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