Oh, My! What a Coincidence! C6: An Important Task

Leng Lu knew that his lover likely wouldn’t be happy but he didn’t care. He went to one of the palaces in the High Heavens in a good mood, strolled in, and put the package onto the table without asking. “I got something for you.”

Xiang Yu looked up, not too happy to see Leng Lu. This guy was always teasing him. It was maddening! “What are you doing here?”

Leng Lu tilted his head. “Why? Didn’t I just announce that I brought you a present? I got this from the Nine Heavens for you. I am sure that you will love it.”

Xiang Yu eyed the package with some suspicions in mind. This Leng Lu couldn’t be trusted. Who knew what it was?

Leng Lu sighed when the recipient of his gift didn’t seem to cherish it. He reached out and opened the knot of the cloth, making it fall to the side and reveal the books inside.

Xiang Yu looked at them and then raised his gaze at Leng Lu. It was completely blank. He obviously didn’t understand what this was about.

Leng Lu sighed. “It’s ammunition against the person you hate. Just take a look at it!” With that, he turned around and left the palace, returning to his own place.

Xiang Yu continued to silently sit at the table but finally, he couldn’t hold back his curiosity. Even though he was wary of Leng Lu, he still picked up one of the books and started to read.

Contrary to everybody else, Xiang Yu didn’t just skim the books though. After finding out that the one he had picked up wasn’t the first one, he first ordered them and then started from the beginning. For the next few days, there was the sound of happy laughter and ugly sobbing to be heard, making Tian who was still guarding Xing’s body in his own palace furrow his brows in worry.

Only when Xiang Yu had finished even the last book from the package did he pick up one of them and started to look for something. Finally, a satisfied smile emerged on his lips when he found what he was searching for and he read one of his favorite scenes once again:

‘Jinde’s interest was already piqued. He looked at the fallen god’s face and couldn’t but feel … that this one was rather adorable. Never mind the intricate mark between his brows, if you didn’t pay attention to that, then he was totally the type of beauty anybody would like. He had a pair of big black eyes, a small nose, and a pair of pouty lips. There was a hint of maturity in the way his dark brows arched above his eyes and if you looked closely enough at his eyes, then you could see that there was something beneath that innocence.

Jinde watched him and his heart couldn’t help but squeeze. He knew that kind of gaze. He himself had often had had it in the past. This was a deep sadness, something born out of regret, out of helplessness. Whatever this fallen god had gone through, it had hurt him deeply. No wonder … that he had reacted instantly when he asked whether he was Xin Lan’s lover.

Jinde lowered his gaze, not in the mood to tease the child any longer. He did feel that this type of person might be a good match for Xin Lan considering that he was special in all the immortal races but a couple could only work if both partners were open to it. And Xin Lan … He obviously wasn’t open to even considering this fallen god.

As for this person himself … He didn’t look like he thought too much of Xin Lan but that was good. Xin Lan hated how everyone deemed him special just because he was the only one who wasn’t afflicted by Tian’s curse. Having somebody treat him as if he was a normal person would be a nice change of pace for him. Maybe … that could even help him fall in love.’

Even though he absolutely didn’t agree with Jinde’s thoughts on him and that fake dragon who wasn’t a qualified lover at all, he was still happy to know that Jinde liked him so much. He really liked him back as well!

Maybe he should go and talk to him? Xiang Yu raised his head with a thoughtful expression. Yes, he should probably go and do that. He had to ask him for advice. That was incredibly important.

He looked back at the page and smiled to himself at one of the later paragraphs.

‘Xiang Yu peeked out from behind him again and blinked at the person that was now sitting on the bed covered in his husband’s robe while said husband had knelt down in front of a chest and was searching for a robe his lover would like. Xiang Yu couldn’t help but purse his lips at the sight. These two … They were exactly how he imagined a good couple to be. Taking care of each other, cherishing each other … This was how a relationship should be.

He looked up at Xin Lan’s face that barely hid his displeasure. “It’s no wonder he left you. His husband is very nice. Much better than you.”‘

Yes, he definitely had to ask him how to get such a nice husband as well. He definitely couldn’t rely on that fake dragon for an important task like that. It would only end in another disaster if he did.

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