Oh, My! What a Coincidence! C5: Not a Big Deal

Li Yin went straight back to his own palace and sat down in his study. He had made sure that the door was closed before he unwrapped those books again. Unwittingly, he once again picked up the one he had looked at before, his fingers turning the pages until he found the same scene again.

‘Li Yin glanced at him, his expression turning thoughtful. “What have you found out?”

The man laughed and leaned forward, his arms embracing his neck. “I thought you wanted to let your men find out everything? What happened to that?”

Li Yin raised his brows, followed by his hands in a gesture of defeat. “You were right. I was wrong.”

“As usual. You should know better by now.” He said it as a matter of fact, his voice not changing in the slightest.

Li Yin smiled in response, reaching up and taking his hand. “I should. After all these years, I should. So what did you find out?”

The man let go and walked over to the other side of the table again, sitting down with a sigh. “They’ve both been seeing him.”

Li Yin raised his brows even further. “The demon king? Both the idle goddess and that servant girl?”

The man nodded. “Mn. He approached them a while after they were sent to the mortal realm. He started off with the servant girl and when she was happy with him, that idle goddess couldn’t help but become jealous. It’s idiotic, isn’t it?”

Li Yin looked at him, his expression thoughtful. Yes, to him, this sure had to look idiotic. He was past that kind of emotion …

The man tilted his head. “What?”

“Nothing, I just …” Li Yin shook his head and turned away, facing the window.’

Having his own thoughts and actions spelled out like that, Li Yin furrowed his brows. Well, it wasn’t wrong. This had always been a problem since he and Leng Lu met again.

He skipped a few paragraphs, not caring too much about the talk about the demon king. What he cared for was only that person. It had been like that for a long time. Much longer than he wanted to admit to himself. And now, seeing not only what had been going through his own head but also to read about Leng Lu’s thoughts … Maybe he suddenly understood him better. Maybe he was finally able to see the same person he had originally fallen in love with.

‘The man took in the way Li Yin’s lips had turned into a straight line, making him look just as serious as he always did while he worked. “Did I say something wrong?”

“Do you think I’m an idiot as well?”

“Mn. You’re an even bigger idiot. You are trying to achieve the impossible.”

“And I don’t have luck with that?”

The man got up and walked over, reaching out and lightly touching Li Yin’s cheeks. “You can mend what was broken but that doesn’t turn it into something new. It’ll just be … a slightly worse variation of what it had been before. And there will always be the risk of it becoming broken again. After mending it, it’ll still be more fragile than before, after all. Isn’t it idiotic to expect anything else?”

“But you’ve already had your revenge.”

“I did.”

“Doesn’t that help?”‘

Li Yin sighed. How useless to ask him that. A fallen god was a fallen god. Fulfilling whatever had made them fall didn’t change anything about that. And for them, even meeting again and having Ru Zhen had not changed anything. It was hard to believe that there would ever be something that could change how things were. And maybe that wasn’t what Leng Lu wanted either.

It had been several thousand years since he fell. Things would have changed already if there was a way for them to do. Then again …

Li Yin finally shook his head, pushing the thought aside. Even if it could be changed, that would still require Leng Lu to want to work for that. And he honestly wasn’t sure if his lover was interested in that at all. The pain from back then might be much too real for him even now.

Instead of dwelling on an issue he couldn’t solve anyway, Li Yin skimmed the other books to find out if there were any other scenes with Leng Lu. In the end, he furrowed his brows. There weren’t too many but just these few would be troublesome if anybody saw them. After all, Leng Lu was a fallen god and the stance the immortal races had on them was very much a hard line that couldn’t be crossed.

Unfortunately, he had no idea where this package had come from and if there were more of these books being circulated. So what was he supposed to do? He couldn’t inquire too much or he would just draw more attention to them. In that case …

Li Yin wrapped the books back up, left his palace, and made his way over to the place by the river not far from the capital city where he often met up with Leng Lu. After waiting for a while without seeing head or tail of the person in question, he finally called out. “Leng Lu.”

This time around, a gate opened from the High Heavens and his lover stepped out, giving him a poignant look. “What is the matter? Is it some special date I forgot about?”

Li Yin took out the book he had read before, opened the page, and showed it Leng Lu.

His lover looked the text over and then laughed. “You sure are creative.” He leafed through the book, the corners of his lips still hooked up in a smile. “How long did it take you to write this?”

Li Yin furrowed his brows. “Do you honestly believe I would write something like this? If this gets out —”

Leng Lu just shot him another look. “What are you getting so anxious for? They have no reason to care. And if they do, I can just take you and Ru Zhen to the High Heavens. It’s not a big deal.”

Li Yin was left speechless at that. Not a big deal? How could he be so casual about this?!

Leng Lu’s lips curved up further while he leafed through the book and he finally reached out and took the package with the others from Li Yin. “Lend that to me for a while. I want to show the little one.”

Before Li Yin could protest, he had already stepped back through the gate and closed it behind him. The God of Justice furrowed his brows in response. He really wanted to curse this guy!

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