OMF V7C286 The Work of Fate

Sitting down inside, Jing Yi really would have liked to ask Guanyu and Xiao Li just what exactly had happened that led to all of this. But he was clear on the fact that this wasn’t the most important issue at hand. Whatever the issue with the two of them was, it would still be able to be solved later on. On the other hand, it was a different matter with Ma Zhi Wu altogether. Thus, he turned to Zheng Yin, once again giving him an apologetic smile. “I know that this is very sudden. Actually, I’m not a disciple of the Hei Dian Sect. I’m from the Yun Zou Sect.”

Zheng Yin raised his brows but didn’t interrupt him and just let him continue. Anyway, he had almost expected something like this after the short exchange between Jing Yi and Xiao Li just now.

“I … and my lover have some ties to the Hei Dian Sect because of a mission we had a few years ago that made us look for a person who later turned out to be the sister of Grandmaster Shen. Right now, one of my senior martial brothers is gravely injured. Unfortunately, nobody in the Yun Zou Sect is able to help him. Since there is nobody else that I know, I could only be shameless and ask Grandmaster Shen and his wife for help. They told me that you might be able to help me. I just don’t know if you would be willing?”

Zheng Yin lightly furrowed his brows. He didn’t outright reject him but he didn’t seem to be too interested in helping either.

Jing Yi couldn’t help but panic a little. He didn’t know if whatever Qiu Ling had planned was any more fruitful than this but Qiu Ling hadn’t seemed as if that was very likely. Thus, it would be for the best if he managed to convince Zheng Yin.

Zheng Yin lowered his gaze, seeming to ponder something.

Jing Yi waited but he couldn’t help but feel more worried the longer the silence stretched on. Thinking of what had happened the last time with Hong Ai and Shen An De, he made another attempt. “I know this is asking for a lot. I don’t expect you to just help because I ask either. If there is something you’d like me to do in return, then please say so. If it is something that I can achieve, then I will do it for you. If I can’t …” He furrowed his brows. He didn’t want to give up on Nian Hong Fang’s lover. While he didn’t know him, he just couldn’t take the thought of senior martial brother Nian having to suffer through losing him. “If I can’t, then I’ll still try to find a way to make it work.”

Zheng Yin looked at him but shook his head. “That’s not it.”

Jing Yi looked at him in confusion. There was nothing he wanted in return? “Then … is it because the Yun Zou Sect is a righteous sect?”

Zheng Yin hesitated but finally nodded. “My relationship with them is rather strained.”

Jing Yi nodded at that. “I can imagine. The righteous and demonic sects have never gotten along well.”

Zheng Yin gave a faint smile but kept quiet.

Jing Yi sighed. He had feared as much. This was precisely why the Grandmaster hadn’t just commanded Zheng Yin to do this. “Is there any way for me to convince you?”

Zheng Yin looked down, his brows still furrowed slightly. “You really want to save him.”

“Well …” Jing Yi first wanted to mention again that he was his senior martial brother but finally decided against it. His own relationship with Ma Zhi Wu could be called shallow at best. How would that convince Zheng Yin? But maybe he could relate if he told him how important he was to others? Maybe then he could find it in his heart to get involved?

He looked up, resolving not to hide anything. “To be honest, I don’t know him very well. But I have gotten to know his fiance. He is the disciple of the Yun Zou Sect’s Grandelder, studying to become an alchemist, but even his Master can’t help his lover. I can only imagine how hard it has to be for him.”

Zheng Yin’s expression slightly wavered as if he wasn’t quite sure in his decision anymore.

Jing Yi did not wait for him to think it through and continued. “I feel like I can empathize with him because I would feel just as devastated if something would happen to my lover. The worst thing is that they haven’t seen each other for a long time. They only saw each other again when he was brought back to the sect gravely wounded. They shouldn’t have just a few hours together. They should be able to spend the rest of their life together.

“Other than that …” He lowered his head, his brows drawing together. “I feel like I owe him. You have to know that he was captured by the Chun Feng Sect because they assumed he had some demon blood. The sect only found out after a long time when two friends of mine went to investigate a clue and failed to return. They were also imprisoned.

“Now, when people came to save them, the Chun Feng Sect decided to kill them and that senior martial brother of ours saved them. Otherwise, he might not be in this condition. They are my friends and he saved their lives. How can I just watch as he dies because of that? I have to do anything I can to make sure he will survive this.”

Zheng Yin nodded. “It’s alright. Don’t say anymore.”

Jing Yi looked up at him. Seeing that his expression had changed, hope ignited in his heart. Could it be that he had managed to convince him? “You … you are willing to give it a try?”

Zheng Yin nodded. “Yes. I guess … it’s the work of fate that led the two of us to meet. I would really like to see that senior of yours.”

Jing Yi wasn’t quite sure why Zheng Yin would say something like this but it seemed that he was serious so he nodded and got up. “Then we shouldn’t lose any time. I really don’t know how long he has left.”

Zheng Yin gave a hum and then followed him out of the house after saying his farewell to Xiao Li and Guanyu.

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