OMF V7C285 Part of the Hei Dian Sect

Before Zheng Yin had the chance to ask anything more, another person stepped up to the door, giving Jing Yi a not so friendly look. “That is precisely the person I told you about. I’m afraid we’re in deep trouble now that he has turned up at the door.”

Jing Yi stared at this person in a daze. “Xiao Li?” Even though he had heard Guanyu’s voice just now he still had trouble believing that he would just stumble upon his cousin and her husband like that after the two had disappeared for so long without any trace of where they might have gone. That just didn’t seem possible.

Xiao Li raised his brows. Somehow, this wasn’t quite the reaction had expected. Shouldn’t this person accuse him of being a demon and maybe attack? Or call his fiance for help? Why was he so calm and only seemed surprised to see him here? Well, it seemed he’d first need to get some more information. “What are you doing here?”

Jing Yi wanted to answer but at that moment, Guanyu already came storming outside, huffing loudly. “If you came to take us back home, then you’d better forget about it! My husband is a very important person here. Why would we go back to the capital city in that case? You and your fiance probably can’t understand that at all!”

Jing Yi looked at her, not quite sure if he understood this correctly. What did she mean he was an important person in the Hei Dian Sect? Regardless of how he thought about it, he could finally only come up with one explanation.

He turned to Xiao Li, his gaze complicated. “Cousin-in-law … Don’t tell me that you and Guanyu ran away because you always told her parents that you were from the Yun Zou Sect and were afraid that Qiu Ling and I would realize you weren’t and out you to them? Was that really the case?” He lightly furrowed his brows when he said so. It was the most logical explanation. It would also explain why he couldn’t remember him from the Yun Zou Sect at all: He had just never been there! In fact, Xiao Li might have seen them in the Hei Dian Sect before.

Xiao Li raised his brows, not quite able to believe what was going on. Could it be that the dragon king actually hadn’t told him that he was a demon? Or could it be that the dragon king somehow hadn’t even realized himself? Well, he was indeed only a half-demon. So maybe it hadn’t been so obvious to him? That might explain why he hadn’t done anything previously and just ignored him.

In that case, it really was a nice surprise. He wouldn’t have to worry that anything would happen. And, well, maybe it wasn’t too bad that this Zhong Jing Yi was here without his fiance in tow this time. He might be able to profit from the situation.

Thinking about it like this, Xiao Li finally gave a smile. “You’re right. I’m sorry. Both for lying and for how much Guanyu and I must have worried you and the rest of her family. But I really didn’t see any other way to deal with the situation at that time. I hope you can forgive me for that. You can rest assured that your cousin wasn’t in any danger at any time. I would always make sure that she’s doing well.” In actual fact, he couldn’t care less about her but he didn’t have to tell her cousin that. For the time being, this girl still had some worth.

Jing Yi just nodded, not doubting that for even a moment. While he felt that Xiao Li hadn’t dealt with the situation very well, he could understand panicking a bit in such a situation. After all, never mind what Guanyu herself might think with how prejudiced she was about some things, there was also no telling how her father and mother might have reacted.

If Xiao Li really loved Guanyu so much, then that thought must’ve been hard to bear for him. No wonder he had panicked and done something like this. Running away might have seemed like the only way to keep being with the woman he loved. Could he really fault him for that? “Well, don’t worry about it. I know that not all people of the Hei Dian Sect are bad and probably not all people of the righteous sects are good. Even if uncle can’t understand that, I’m sure that is the truth. So don’t worry about it. I for one won’t say anything.”

Xiao Li nodded seemingly happily while Guanyu just gave Jing Yi a not so friendly smile. Anyway, what did they need his pity for? It was another sect, so what? Anyway, Xiao Li’s situation here was pretty good. She had even finally met his Master. Who knew if Jing Yi actually had a Master in the Yun Zou Sect? She was sure he didn’t!

Seeing that the tension between Xiao Li and Jing Yi had dissolved while Guanyu seemed to be about to throw a tantrum, Zheng Yin just gave a smile and then motioned inside. “Why don’t we go inside? Since you said that there is a request you have, let’s hear it. And you can also use the time to catch up with Xiao Li and his wife.”

Jing Yi gave a relieved smile and then followed him inside. He had worried even though that servant had told him that Zheng Yin was somebody one could get along with easily. But now seeing that he seemed to be friends with Guanyu Xiao Li, he calmed down even further. Since there was some connection between them, he might really be willing to help him. After all, it was always more likely to do something for somebody you knew than for a total stranger.

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