OMF V7C138 A Trap of Their Own Making

Sect Master Xian and his head disciple didn’t react immediately. This information was quite important. Even if Xian Xun fought against Yuchi Bing Xia, it wasn’t completely certain how things would turn out in the end. He might win but it wouldn’t be a fight in which he wouldn’t suffer losses. If he had to fight against Grandmaster Zhangsun … the likelihood of winning was so low, that he didn’t even need to think about trying. If he had to confront someone that was stronger than both of them together, he might not even have the chance to attack the person before he was defeated.

Even though he didn’t like it, he had to admit that there was no way to get to these demons if these three people were around them. So even if they managed to somehow get into that array, if Sect Master Yuchi and the Grandmaster and maybe even that hidden expert got serious in protecting them, they would still lose.

Liu Cheng looked at his Master with worry. “It couldn’t be that we have to let them get away?”

Xian Xun shook his head. “Don’t worry about that. Have we ever given up? They might be in that realm, hiding behind that array right now but they’ll have to come out sooner or later. Until then …”

Liu Cheng nodded. “Master is right. I was too impatient. Then …” He looked at Ma Zhi Wu and got up. “I guess we should bring you back.”

Ma Zhi Wu lowered his gaze but still got up. Well, he hadn’t expected to be set free by them. So it was obvious that he’d be put back into that cell. But at least, he was one step further. He had managed to tell Nian Hong Fang what was going on.

He barely refrained from touching his chest where the letter was secured so as to not remind them that he still had it. He could imagine that these two might actually take it away if he did.

While Ma Zhi Wu was brought back to the cell where he had spent the past five years, Xiao Dong and Shao Hai were sneaking through the dungeon. So far, they had managed to evade all the guards but, unfortunately, the had also lost the man they had originally been following.

Shao Hai couldn’t help but curse. “What’s the point looking any further if we can’t even find him? If he leaves through another exit, we won’t be able to follow him any longer. Then what about senior martial brother Nian’s lover?”

Xiao Dong glanced over his shoulder and furrowed his brows. “Shut up. Do you want them to notice us? Anyway, what if senior martial brother Nian’s lover is here? This is a dungeon if you haven’t noticed. He might be imprisoned here. If we give up, we might miss out on an opportunity to get him out of here.”

Shao Hai pursed his lips but still had to quietly admit to himself that Xiao Dong wasn’t wrong. Nian Hong Fang hadn’t been able to tell them much but if his lover really hadn’t been able to return all this time and only sent one letter after five years, then it was totally possible that he had somehow been imprisoned.

Even if they weren’t able to get him out of here just with their own strength, it would still be for the best if they were able to find out where exactly he was. Then, they could return to the Yun Zou Sect and tell senior martial brother Nian and the Elders. Afterward, they could go and fetch Ma Zhi Wu. That seemed to be the best course of action.

Meanwhile, Xiao Dong pondered another problem once again: Why would one of their disciples end up in the dungeon of the Chun Feng Sect? Weren’t they allies? This scenario was as if the gods would take him hostage even though he was the nephew of one of His Majesty’s advisers. That would definitely go against their alliance! If the dragons found out about it, they might sever the relationship.

Xiao Dong paused and shook his head. Never mind that. They definitely wouldn’t. After all, his king still had to rely on the gods to give the Son of Heaven to him. Before that happened, he probably wouldn’t care about him at all. That was the sad truth.

Xiao Dong sighed and then motioned for Shao Hai to go slower. He could hear a pair of guards walking along the corridor in front of them. They had to be careful or things may turn out badly.

The two of them pressed themselves against the wall and waited with bated breath until the steps faded in the distance.

They exchanged a glance and then stepped out again, silently going further. It truly was a pity that they weren’t able to go faster. But they didn’t have such an option. After all, they would need to pretend to be disciples of the Chun Feng Sect for that and that was impossible.

Not only did they lack the green robes these guys wore, but Xiao Dong’s appearance was also a dead giveaway that he was, in fact, not part of the sect. And his magic wasn’t reliable enough to fool everybody. He might be able to get away with it in front of some of the disciples but considering that they were demons hunters that specialized in things that differed from humans, the more advanced ones might be able to tell that something was off about him. If that happened, they’d be sitting in a trap of their own making. Thus they could only continue cautiously.

They stepped around the corner only for Xiao Dong to pull Shao Hai back into the previous corridor again.

“What?” Shao Hai whispered but Xiao Dong still shot him an angry look.

This idiot! Couldn’t he imagine that there were guards nearby? Did he think these guys were deaf? He grabbed Shao Hai by the shoulder and then pulled him further back the corridor and into an indentation in the wall.

As soon as they stepped in, the ground below their feet lit up, and the light was reflected by a row of gemstones in the ceiling, alarming the guards that Xiao Dong had just wanted to escape from.

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