OMF V7C137 Poisoned His Mind

Xian Xun and Liu Cheng fell quiet for a while, both pondering how to go about this in the best way. Considering the strength they had witnessed him display against Elder Gongxi, they would need to prepare an ambush with their best disciples, maybe even with their Elders.

Their chances would be even better if they were able to get a hold of that so-called fiance of his. Those demons never liked when their mask was pulled down so they sometimes hesitated when faced with such a situation. This small time frame might be enough to catch him. After all, they had special weapons. It would still be better if they had more information.

He looked at Ma Zhi Wu again and leaned over the table. “Alright, so this is all you can tell us about these two. Then what about that array?”

Ma Zhi Wu sighed. They probably wouldn’t like his response to that question either. “That array is off-limits for the disciples and even for the Elders of the sect. The only two people allowed to enter it are Sect Master Yuchi and Grandmaster Zhangsun.”

“Nobody?” Liu Cheng scoffed. “Then how come that Qiu Ling was able to enter? And not just him. His lover, that Xiao Dong you mentioned, as well as your sect’s Yu Jin, went in there as well.”

Ma Zhi Wu raised his brows. He had never heard of anything like this. “That is the information given to me by my Master. Qiu Ling and Yu Jin might have been allowed or even tasked by their Masters. I’m not sure why Xiao Dong should go in there though. That is a question you’ll have to find the answer to yourself.”

Liu Cheng scoffed again. This demon was really making it easy for himself. He had had them deliver the letter after giving out some useless pieces of information and now that he had gotten the response that he wanted, he didn’t bother playing nice anymore but instead tried to get around this deal by always referring to the fact that he had been in the dungeon several years and couldn’t say for sure. Who would believe that?

Obviously, this plan had to have been set in motion a long time ago. Even if he wasn’t sure about the latest developments, he should at least be able to tell them about what had been planned in the beginning and who else was left. Was it really just him and these two people? Or were there even more demons? If yes, just where and who were they?

But he probably shouldn’t expect Ma Zhi Wu to reveal anything about that. After all, he was a demon through and through. Despite all this bullshit about a part of his blood being human and his heart and mind working just like theirs, he still wouldn’t help out the human race and would instead keep silent. And it wasn’t even as if he would have any advantage if he did so. He was just doing this out of spite because he had been discovered.

Xian Xun glanced at his disciple and shook his head. He could understand what he was feeling but this wouldn’t get them any further. He turned back to Ma Zhi Wu and gave him a small smile. “Very well, I could imagine that you truly don’t know why that Xiao Dong would be able to enter. But you should at least know what this array was meant for, shouldn’t you?”

Ma Zhi Wu kept quiet for a moment, considering his options. He hadn’t been able to tell them much and it was obvious that their patience was running out. They wouldn’t let him continue like this much further. It wasn’t like he definitely had to tell them something but if he did … It was to his benefit.

He closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead. He was actually giving out information to somebody who wanted to hurt his fellow martial brothers. Had he truly become this kind of person? That really was a bit like demons were. But he would never do this if he was in another situation. If he was still in the Yun Zou Sect, still free, still with Nian Hong Fang, then he definitely wouldn’t do it. But after five years, just couldn’t hold on it.

He had constantly hoped, constantly tried to stay optimistic so that he would one day find a chance and get out of here, running back to the Yun Zou Sect and reunite with Nian Hong Fang.

But hope could only sustain you that long. And now that there was that little bit of contact, he really had a hard time getting that idea out of his head. He wanted to see him again. He wanted to hear his voice instead of just seeing those characters on a piece of paper. He wanted to pull him into his arms, hug him, and tell him about everything that had happened. He wanted to smell that fragrance of fresh herbs and flowers once again that always enveloped Nian Hong Fang. He wanted to hear him laugh, and the relief in his voice when he realized that all of this was finally over.

Even though he didn’t want to admit it, maybe these kinds of thoughts had truly poisoned his mind. By now, he might be willing to do anything. He really didn’t know where his bottom line was. At the very least, it was not in giving out information.

He sighed and looked at Xian Xun and Liu Cheng, these two people who had brought him to this point, with a wry smile. “That is supposed to be the place where the hidden expert of our Yun Zou Sect lives. Naturally, that kind of grand person can’t be disturbed by just anyone. That is why most people aren’t allowed in there. I guess it also means that attacking somebody that did go in there will be difficult. Supposedly, that expert is stronger than Sect Master Yuchi and Grandmaster Zhangsun combined. If it was me, I definitely couldn’t risk it.”

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