Some Changes to the Website

You might have noticed that I’ve made some changes to the website. This is because I’ve been having some trouble with logging in to upload the new chapters recently. After googling around, it seems that the problem behind this has something to do with the wordpress theme I was using. So I’ve changed to another one and lo and behold I can log in normally again 😶

I’m not quite happy with how it looks though (although I do think the picture in the header instead of in the background is quite neat?) so I’m likely going to change to something I like that doesn’t make trouble when I can pinpoint what exactly went wrong with the old design.

So if you’re checking for chapters and the website looks a bit different every day, it’ll be because of that 😁 Btw, if there’s something you always felt the website was lacking like some useful feature that I never even thought of, then now would be the time to tell me so I can try to implement it while I’m at it 😉

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