OMF V7C68 Stronger than Him

Hua Min gave his guest a complicated look and shook his head. “We’ll be there in a bit. Please wait a while longer.”

Jinde’s lips twitched and he inched closer to the Alliance Head. “I’m being serious this time.”

Hua Min stared at the person that was now crouching next to him and couldn’t help but wonder. So the twenty times before, he hadn’t been serious?

Jinde’s lips twitched again and he motioned to the front where storm clouds could be seen not too far away. “I was being serious before as well but that was just because I wanted to see my husband again as soon as possible. But right now, the Yun Zou Sect is in trouble so I’d suggest we hurry up if it is humanly possible.”

Hua Min looked into the distance and couldn’t help but furrow his brows. Even though he didn’t trust this person too much when it concerned their return to the Yun Zou Sect he also felt that this looked quite dangerous. What was happening there?

Jinde sighed. “That’s very likely the handiwork of my stepson. He is very much able to flatten the whole sect and everybody who is currently there so we should really hurry up.”

Hua Min still looked at him with a complicated gaze. His stepson? So since he was married to Grandmaster Leng …

Jinde clicked his tongue. “Did you miss the moment where told you that the Yun Zou Sect might cease to exist if we take our sweet time getting there? Why are you still not hurrying up? Do you think I’m making empty threats?”

Hua Min shook his head. “That’s not it.” He closed his eyes and imbued more spiritual energy into the feathered boat, making it speed up. “I can’t help but wonder though. If this person is your stepson …”

Jinde raised his golden brows that were once again obscured behind the veiled hat. “What then? If there is something that Alliance Head Hua would like to know, then please go ahead and ask.”

Hua Min continued to look at this person with a complicated expression. If it was that easy, he wouldn’t have been so cautious with asking in the first place. Anyway, it seemed this was something he shouldn’t get involved with. He gave Jinde another probing glance before he turned back to the front. “Never mind. It’s not that important.”

Jinde hummed and didn’t bother to speak any further on the matter. It was better if nobody knew. There were already too many people that knew about his return and the more people found out, the less safe he and Jin Yu would be. As long as he wasn’t in the realm that Jin Yu had promised him, he couldn’t be careless and give anything away.

The feathered boat rushed toward the Yun Zou Sect, the winds brushing against it as if they wanted to keep it from approaching any further. Jinde sighed. If he was still at his peak, it would be no problem for him to make sure that the boat didn’t have any trouble passing and he would probably also be able to cancel out the storm Qiu Ling had called up upon.

Right now though … He had managed to make up for the energy he had lost while fleeing in the time that he had spent at the Liu He Alliance. The density of the spiritual energy over there was very good but considering the condition he had been in before, it didn’t help too much. He wasn’t in a state that would allow him to do anything against Qiu Ling’s raging. He could only hope that a few words would be enough to calm him down again.

Back in the Yun Zou Sect, Qiu Ling was far from calming down. In fact, seeing this hateful person futilely struggle against the onslaught of the elements, he was smiling in a way that seemed cold enough to make the raindrops falling around him freeze in the air.

Just thinking about how this person had targeted the one he loved, his rage threatened to boil over. If not for him pretending for all these years that his demonic side didn’t exist, he might have used that cursed blood and used fire against this person to whittle away at him. Wouldn’t that be fitting? First breaking that damned pride, then that body, and finally incarcerating even that soul.

Those that threatened his beloved’s life couldn’t be left alone. They had to pay. Whoever dared to try and take this person from him had to die. And he wouldn’t mind making it the most horrible experience he could. He had no compassion. The only one he had left was Jing He. Since someone was trying to take him from him, he would make sure that couldn’t happen. Never. Never again. He would never let anybody take from him what should be his. No one.

The winds picked up and the disciples outside started to scream, withdrawing even further from the fight. As much as they were impressed by this show of strength, they obviously weren’t strong enough to take it. Ah, who would have known that Grandmaster Zhangsun’s disciple was this strong?

Most of the disciples weren’t even able to understand just how strong this person was. The Elders didn’t have trouble recognizing it though. This strength … It was above their own. Obviously, the Yun Zou Sect didn’t have to rely on only one person anymore to hold them up. The Grandmaster’s disciple had become just as strong as him. Or even if he hadn’t reached that height yet, there couldn’t be much missing anymore. At the very least, he was much stronger than a normal Elder. Even they had trouble to resist the coercion from the battlefield right now. Don’t think of helping Elder Gongxi, they first had to make sure that they were able to help themselves.

Yuchi Bing Xia glanced at the Grandmaster sitting next to him with a worried expression. “Is it really alright to let this continue?”

Grandmaster Zhangsun sighed. “I could go and try to stop him but I’m pretty sure that you would rather see that Elder Gongxi die than me.”

Yuchi Bing Xia stared at him but the Grandmaster refused to say anything else. Right now, no one was paying attention to them so he didn’t mind saying it. But he definitely couldn’t say any more or someone might notice. Anyway, the message should have been clear: Yes, this person wasn’t lacking compared to him. No, on the contrary, it was he who was lacking.

This disciple of his … He was much stronger than he as his so-called Master was. There was no way for him to hold Qiu Ling back. And right now, the only people he could think of that might be able to do so weren’t in the sect. Ah, just where were they? Was there no way to call them back? Because otherwise, he was afraid that some kind of accident would happen and make matters even worse for their Yun Zou Sect.

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