LWS Extra 2: C5 Too Noisy!

Su Yan made himself comfortable in his seat, letting his boyfriend put a pillow behind his neck before leaning his head on his shoulder and closing his eyes. Ah, this wasn’t too bad. He could probably live through the many hours on the plane like this.

He took a deep breath and tried to drift off into sleep. After all, even though he was comfortable now, there wasn’t anything to do. His notebook had been packed up and Xiao Bai was at home. Ah, Xiao Bai …

A person in the row behind them coughed, startling Su Yan awake. He furrowed his brows and raised his head from Nie Chang’s shoulder, glaring behind him. Couldn’t people be a bit more considerate?!

Nie Chang very conscientiously looked straight ahead, hoping that his darling wouldn’t make a fuss again.

Su Yan pursed his lips but decided that it wasn’t worth it to ruin his own good mood by scolding people. He put his head back down, trying to find his comfortable position again.

Nie Chang suffered through a few minutes of his darling’s searching for the perfect spot that included rubbing his shoulder with his cheek, patting his thigh, and leaning onto him with all his weigh. Nie Chang could only sigh and tell himself that Su Yan would have found the sweet spot again soon.

Indeed. After four minutes, Su Yan was happy with the way he was seated and he closed his eyes again.

Five rows in front of them, a child whined. Su Yan’s eyes flew open and he stared at the back of the seats in front.

Nie Chang closed his eyes and cursed inwardly. Yesterday night, his little darling hadn’t slept well. Every three minutes, he had squirmed in the bed, tugged at the blanket, shook his boyfriend’s arm, or had spoken up to check whether his boyfriend was asleep or not. Su Yan would never admit it but obviously, he had been too excited because of their flight to Vegas so he hadn’t been able to catch even a wink of sleep. Naturally, he would be tired now. So if he was continuously disturbed … Knowing his little darling, Su Yan would certainly start throwing a tantrum soon.

Nie Chang took a deep breath to calm himself down and then reached over, ruffling Su Yan’s hair. “It’s just a child. Try to ignore it.”

Su Yan unhappily pursed his lips. Shouldn’t his boyfriend be on his side? Why was he on the side of the people that were disturbing him? He glanced up and furrowed his brows at him.

Nie Chang had a hard time forcing down the corners of her lips. Ah, his little darling was really too cute when he looked at him so accusingly! Nie Chang’s brows twitched. What was he even thinking? Was his taste strange? Anyway, he had to appease Su Yan before he made trouble.

He cleared his throat and still rubbed Su Yan’s head again. “Anyway, there’s nothing we can do, is there? So let’s try to ignore them.”

“We could go and scold them. Or tell the stewards that they’re disturbing us.”

This time Nie Chang smiled after all. He could imagine how it would turn out if ‘they’ went to go and scold the people disturbing his little darling. As much as he loved him, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to take the embarrassment of going over and telling the parents of a small child that they should take better care of it because his little darling wasn’t able to sleep peacefully if it continued to whine.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Look, that just now was a child. Even if you go over and ask nicely, it won’t understand. Isn’t that right?”

Su Yan pursed his lips further but he seemed to think that Nie Chang was right. “Then what should we do, ah?”

“Mn …” Nie Chang had a hard time coming up with a solution for that. “I guess you can’t just ignore it?”

“How would I ignore it? I want to sleep!”

Nie Chang looked around, trying to come up with an idea. He regretted having put everything other than their documents and phones into the luggage. There was a headset in the bag with Su Yan’s notebook. If he put that onto his ears, his darling would have heard less. He could have even played some relaxing music or something to drown out the last few sounds. Now, that wasn’t possible.

Nie Chang smiled wryly. “How about I put my hands over your ears so you won’t hear anything?”

His darling wasn’t amused. “How do you even want to do that? My ear’s on your shoulder!”

Nie Chang had to admit that that was true. “Uh … I don’t really have anything else with me that we could use.”

A hand poked out from between the seats in front of them and a scarf was thrown at them. “You can use this.”

Nie Chang’s eyes lit up. “Thank you, mother-in-law!”

Mister Su grumbled about how his wife was a traitor, helping the bastard that was trying to steal their son but he was shut up by a fierce glare from Madam Su and could only sulk silently.

Su Yan wasn’t quite convinced either. “How should we use this?”

“We could tie it around your head.”

Nie Chang earned himself the small version of Madam Su’s angry glare and hurried to keep his face blank so there would be room for interpretation.

“That’d look ridiculous!”

Nie Chang continued to look at his darling and tried to imagine how it would look if they really tied the scarf around his head. Uh … it seemed his darling was right for once? He could only shrug his shoulders though. “It’s the only thing we have. And it’s not like anybody would look over.” He tensed when Su Yan’s brows furrowed and his lips parted to scold him. He could only rush to lean over and kiss his forehead. “Anyway, even if they looked over, they’d just see a very handsome person with a scarf on his head.”

Su Yan pondered and finally nodded. That was true, ah. Even if he wore something ridiculous, he would still be the best-looking person on the plane!

Thus the scarf was wrapped around Su Yan’s head after all, finally keeping out the noisy people and giving him enough peace to sleep.

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