RMN C71 Completely Wrong

The other disciples stared at the scene in front of them. This … What was happening here? They couldn’t relate what they were seeing with the story they had heard at all.

They might still be able to explain away why Yun Bei Fen had been clinging to Mei Chao Bing previously but they couldn’t make up any reason why Mei Chao Bing should try to desperately make the boy stop crying if he had really forced himself on him. After all, the kind of scum that was able to do something like that wouldn’t care much about the other’s feelings. So if he did … Did this mean that everything before had really been nothing more but a vicious rumor?

Had Mei Chao Bing not done anything at all and just brought him here to the border region on behalf of Yun Bei Fen’s Master? Was that possible? But then why had they taken so long? The disciples pondered that question but couldn’t come up with any reason. Anyway, they were pretty sure now that Mei Chao Bing wasn’t the bad person he had been made out to look like. Which left the question: What about Yang Wu Huang?

Considering what Yun Bei Fen had said just now, he should have known that there was more to the story. But he hadn’t said anything and even brought up the rumor in front of everyone else when Yun Bei Fen and Mei Chao Bing appeared. That really made one wonder.

Yang Wu Huang froze. He was still shocked by Yun Bei Fen’s outburst just now and couldn’t help but shake when he had to watch how Yun Bei Fen dived into Mei Chao Bing’s embrace and let him hug him like this.

He had already had his suspicions when the two of them arrived in the border region and then went off to search for Elder Baili together but he hadn’t thought that they had actually progressed to such a stage.

Why? Why did Yun Bei Fen want to be with this traitor? Why wouldn’t he consider him even though he was this excellent?! This wasn’t fair! What was so good about Mei Chao Bing? Now that his Master had betrayed the sect, his previous achievements accounted for nothing. He wasn’t the peerless genius anymore that he had been in the beginning. He was nothing! So why was Yun Bei Fen still clinging to him? He shouldn’t even be considering him! He should be his lover, not Mei Chao Bing’s!

No, he wouldn’t accept this. Whatever it took, he wouldn’t allow these two to be together. He would make them break up. If not today, then tomorrow or next week. He would make sure that Mei Chao Bing was left with nothing and that Yun Bei Fen would be his in the end. He’d really like to see Mei Chao Bing’s expression when even this person had forsaken him! Maybe then, he would show the others his true face.

Yang Wu Huang took a deep breath and forced himself to show a gentle expression. “Junior martial brother Yun, I’m sorry if I said something wrong. It is merely what I heard. I can’t influence what other people say. I didn’t want to slander Mei Chao Bing either. I was merely worried about you! So I wanted to make sure that nothing happened to you and that those rumors weren’t true. But … it seemed to me that you had been threatened and didn’t dare to say the truth. So I was unsure how to proceed and couldn’t help but continue asking. I’m very sorry if that made you unhappy. That was never my intention.”

Yun Bei Fen sniffed but didn’t turn around. He really didn’t want to see this shameless person. How could he say such things about Mei Chao Bing? He should have known that Mei Chao Bing would never do something like that!

Seeing that Yun Bei Fen didn’t even react, Yang Wu Huang gritted his teeth. He couldn’t let things go on like this! Never mind his plan, he also had to make up with Yun Bei Fen or the others might be talking about him next! How could he let that happen? No, he had to make sure that everybody understood that he wasn’t the bad guy here.

His expression turned even gentler and he took a step closer to Yun Bei Fen. “Junior martial brother Yun, don’t be angry with me. I really didn’t mean anything by it. I was just worried! If there’s anything I can do to make you feel better, then you just have to say the word. I can even go and tell people that that rumor wasn’t true.”

Yun Bei Fen furrowed his brows and glared over his shoulder, making the surrounding disciples feel as if their hearts had been struck by arrows.

Ah, somehow this glare didn’t seem dangerous at all. This really was … the look of a little bunny that had been wounded and was trying to complain without knowing how.

Yang Wu Huang grew hopeful when Yun Bei Fen finally paid him attention. Ah, he had known that Yun Bei Fen wouldn’t ignore him forever! It was just a question of finding the right words to win him over!

Just when he wanted to rejoice, Yun Bei Fen gave a huff. “What are you even saying? You should have told them from the beginning! What use is there in doing so now that everything has been cleared up? Don’t bother saying anything!” He turned back around and clung to Mei Chao Bing again, closing his eyes as if he really couldn’t bear to see the person behind them.

Mei Chao Bing raised his hand and gently brushed through his hair. “Aiya, there’s no need to worry anymore. I’m alright, am I not? Let’s just forget about it. This isn’t the first time they’ve talked about me.”

Yun Bei Fen looked up, pursing his lips in displeasure. “They were wrong before as well!”

Mei Chao Bing nodded patiently and cupped Yun Bei Fen’s cheeks. “Yes, they were very wrong. You’re the only person with foresight in the whole Teng Yong Sect. Just wait until we are taking part in the mission. I’m sure your wisdom will influence them a lot. Then they’ll be much smarter in the future.” He smiled and nudged Yun Bei Fen’s nose.

His little bunny glanced at the tip of his own nose and nodded earnestly as if he really believed him.

Behind them, Yang Wu Huang furrowed his brows further. What kind of nonsense was this? “Junior martial brother —”

The one who looked over this time was Mei Chao Bing and he was much better at glaring at somebody than Yun Bei Fen. “Yang Wu Huang! Do you still not have enough? Haven’t you seen that you’ve made him cry? You better shut up now!” He didn’t wait for Yang Wu Huang to say anything and just picked up the little bunny in front of him, carrying him to the other side of the square before he leaned down and very gently kissed his temple. “Let’s forget about that person. I’m sure the Elder taking care of the mission today should be coming soon. Let’s just wait for him. Don’t you also want to try out your new skills?”

Yun Bei Fen nodded cutely. “Of course! Senior martial brother Mei took such pains to teach me, I definitely can’t let you down!” He smiled brightly again, his whole face radiating with happiness at the thought of impressing his senior martial brother Mei.

The disciples around them very uneasily watched this display of affection. It seemed, they had judged the situation completely wrong. Nobody had forced anybody here. Obviously, these two were on very, very good terms.

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