OMF V7C67 It’s My Turn Now

Elder Gongxi channeled more of his spiritual energy, making the flames leap back into life. Qiu Ling smirked and his fingers twitched lightly. A gust of wind rushed into the direction of the Elder, making the light flicker.

Since they were going to play, they should play for a while.

Elder Gongxi smiled when he saw this. It seemed he had already discovered the extent of Qiu Ling’s abilities. Although this storm looked impressive, it was nothing more than that: A flashy move meant to intimidate his opponents and have them become overly cautious, urging them to take on a defensive position that would make it unlikely for them to gain an advantage in the fight. After all, being on the offensive would always be preferable. Acting instead of reacting was the way to go in every battle.

Elder Gongxi raised his hand higher and the flames around his fingers grew until they formed several balls that floated up into the air. The Elder didn’t stop channeling his energy and the small spheres were soon joined by another row of ten flickering flames. The fires turned in the air as if they weren’t disturbed by the fierce winds at all and started to swirl on the spot, morphing into what looked like a blazing tornado.

Elder Gongxi smiled at Qiu Ling. “Kid, if you want to stand a chance against me, you should attack now. Otherwise, I’m afraid it will be too late.”

Qiu Ling looked at the small tornado and almost burst out laughing. So that was what humans considered to be a strong attack? He wasn’t even a full-blooded demon but he would be able to work out something far more dangerous with just a snap of his fingers. What’s with that pretentious preparation? Couldn’t this guy do more? Or maybe he thought he was easy prey and was thus still going easy on him? Then he’d have to show him that he wasn’t that easy to mess with!

Qiu Ling pushed off the ground and rose into the air, his black hair fluttering in the storm, lending him a wild and unruly air. “You want me to attack now? Fine with me!” He raised his hands and the clouds above them rumbled again. Lightning struck not far from Elder Gongxi’s feet. The rain formed a wave and crashed into the Elder’s blazing tornado, burying it below.

Qiu Ling dispersed the wave, not bothering to attack Elder Gongxi any further. Ah, just looking at that guy’s face was already very good. That disbelieving stare, that utter astonishment that somebody would be able to counter his stupid move with just a wave of their fingers, that was so worth it. Although Qiu Ling was already enjoying the show, he couldn’t help but add insult to injury. “Well, I’ve made my attack. What about yours?”

Elder Gongxi stared blankly at the ground where his flames had vanished. How? Just how had that happened? He raised his gaze back to Qiu Ling and saw the smile on his lips that he wasn’t trying to hide it all. Obviously, this guy was mocking him.

He furrowed his brows and once again waved his hands, conjuring up several flames. Before he had time to throw them, another gush of water rushed at him and this time, it didn’t just take out the flames. The water crashed into his body and pushed him two steps back, soaking his robe and hair.

The corner of Qiu Ling’s mouth raised even higher. He lifted a hand and wind danced around his fingertips. “Was that all, old man? It’s really disappointing, you know? I was actually looking forward to having a good fight. Who could have known you are this weak?” He didn’t wait for the Elder to get his bearing back and waved his hand, making the wind shoot out and smash into the ground right next to Elder Gongxi’s feet, making the earth spray into the air and stain his crimson robe.

Elder Gongxi looked at his robe and then back at Qiu Ling. He had trouble forming even one coherent thought. He hadn’t expected this. Even after he had told himself that this guy had to be stronger than he had originally thought, he still hadn’t expected it to be to this ridiculous degree. What to do now? Would he have to go all out?

He furrowed his brows but it seemed there was nothing else he could do. Having to use his strongest attacks against a mere disciple might make him lose face somewhat but that was still better than losing the fight and any dignity he had alongside it.

This time, he raised his arms and his hands drew complicated runes into the air. The ground around him erupted in flames that shot toward the spot where Qiu Ling was hovering in the air. The flames rose, trying to engulf his whole body. This time, they raged more desperately. If a normal person got caught up in this, it might indeed be their end. For Qiu Ling though …

He snorted and glanced at the sky above them. Most likely, this guy should have realized that he was much stronger than him. The other Elders should be in the same situation. As for the disciples … He didn’t care if they knew how strong he was exactly. They should at least be able to see that he could deal with any of them that tried to make trouble for his beloved. So now, the only thing that was left was taking care of this guy once and for all.

“Well, since you’ve made your attack, it should be my turn now.”

He didn’t bother holding back this time. The winds rose, gathering the rain and forming a tornado of their own around them, making it impossible for the disciples of the Yang Huo Sect or any of the other Elders to interfere. Right now, it was only this person and him. Nobody would hold him back!

His eyes narrowed and he stared at the Elder as if he was a dead person already. The tornado whirled around them, the wind cutting into the Elder’s robe and skin. Faint traces of blood joined the raindrops, sinking into the ground without a trace.

Qiu Ling’s lips curled up further. He merely watched on as the wind and rain battered the Elder’s body, observing as Elder Gongxi tried to protect himself with his spiritual energy but failed miserably. That was what anyone got for messing with his beloved. He wouldn’t spare anyone who tried that kind of thing!

Not far from the Yun Zou Sect, seated on a boat made of white wood that gave it the appearance of a big feather, Jinde raised his head and cursed. “Not good. Alliance Head Hua, is there any chance we could hurry up a bit?”

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