LWS Extra 2: C6 What Is It?

More than ten hours later, the plane finally touched down. Nie Chang heaved a sigh of relief and rubbed his eyes, wondering if he would really be able to live through the rest of the day.

After sleeping for a few hours on the flight, Su Yan had been very energetic, either talking nonstop or asking him to read him a story — one of his favorite pastime activities since the system had made him ‘read’ those novels back then. Apparently, he felt that his boyfriend had a good voice?

Anyway, as a qualified boyfriend, Nie Chang hadn’t found it in himself to refuse him even on the plane. So despite the fact that he was also dead-tired because his little darling had kept him awake last night, he continued to do as his darling said to make sure that he would feel comfortable on the flight and not start the trip in a bad mood. As a result … Nie Chang could hardly keep his eyes open.

He waited for most of the other passengers to get up before he slowly followed them, wondering just how long it could take to get their luggage and then make their way over to the hotel.

Su Yan excitedly hugged his arm. Apparently, his little darling had finally forgotten about his heartache from having to let Xiao Bai wait at home and was now stoked to see all the new sights the city had in store for them.

Nie Chang tiredly dragged his body along, walking to the luggage claim while Su Yan chattered next to him. By now, he actually had trouble listening to what he was saying. Ah, where were his parents-in-law? He really needed somebody to take over!

He glanced over his shoulder and found the two of them walking right behind them. Madam Su had grabbed Mister Su’s arm just like her son just that she wasn’t tugging all the time. Ah, was this the beauty of being an old couple already? You didn’t have as much energy? He shot Madam Su a gaze pleading for help and got a pair of raised brows in return.

By then, they already reached the conveyor belt. Madam Su glanced at her husband and then took her hand down, inching closer to her son and soon-to-be son-in-law. She managed to wriggle her way in-between them and linked her arms with both of them, separating them to give Nie Chang some relief. The poor thing had already been completely sucked dry of energy by her darling son. She needed to give him some time to rest or they might need to have a wedding without a groom.

“Xiao Yan, darling, have you seen our luggage yet? You do remember how it looks like, don’t you?”

Su Yan blinked and … leaned forward to look at his boyfriend. “Which suitcase did we take? Did you put anything special on it so we’ll recognize it?”

Madam Su’s lips twitched. Hadn’t she asked her son to give Nie Chang a break? Well, that one was her fault. She shouldn’t have expected Su Yan to know this.

Nie Chang also smiled wryly. “One’s blue and the other is green. And yours has a lemon on it.”

Su Yan blinked his eyes. “A lemon? Why that?”

Nie Chang blinked back. “You said it was cute and begged me to buy it?”

“Really?” Su Yan furrowed his brows as hard as he could and thought but he couldn’t remember anything like that.

“Ah!” Madam Su pulled at her son’s arms and nodded to the conveyor belt. “I think it’s that one!”

Su Yan looked over and indeed: A light green suitcase with a tag that looked like a lemon was being transported toward them.

Nie Chang pulled his arm out of Madam Su’s grip with a sigh and heaved it down when it reached them.

His darling immediately rushed over and squatted down, looking at the lemon. Finally, he looked up with his brows furrowed. “That’s not a lemon! That’s obviously a fish!”

Nie Chang looked at the tag, unable to see how it looked even remotely like a fish.

Madam Su also leaned down. “Xiao Yan, I think Nie Chang might be right, this does look like a lemon.”

Su Yan looked up at his mother, unable to understand what she was talking about. “But it even has fins!”

Mister Su also leaned over his son’s shoulder to take a look. “Aren’t those leaves?”

The look he got from his son in return … Mister Su straightened up and mechanically turned to the conveyor belt, searching for the suitcases of him and his wife. Ah, why had he gotten involved? If his wife was on one side and his son on the other, he was bound to lose!

Nie Chang tightened his lips. “I think father-in-law might be right. They do look like leaves to me.”

Su Yan harrumphed. “You’re just trying to leave my father with a good impression!”

Nie Chang faced the other side, mumbling under his breath that he was probably fifteen years too late for that. Well, he couldn’t let his darling hear that.

Nie Chang didn’t have to worry anyway. Su Yan had already gone to re-examine the tag. After a while, he came up with another observation. “It can’t be a lemon anyway. Look, it even has eyes! Have you ever seen a lemon with eyes?”

Nie Chang and Madam Su looked at each other and then simultaneously shook their heads.

Su Yan raised his chin. “See! So it’s definitely a fish. I said so from the beginning. You should have listened to me. What were thinking, pretending that it’s a lemon?” He shook his head as if he couldn’t believe this. What was wrong with his family today? Could it be they were suffering from jet lag?

Just then, Mister Su hurried back with two suitcases in his hand. “We can go!”

Nie Chang looked at the conveyor belt and cursed. “Damn!” Why was his suitcase already past them?! He furrowed his brows and then sprinted to the other side, barely managing to still catch it. When he came back, his darling looked at him with a pitying gaze. “That … What is it, darling?”

Su Yan reached up and patted his cheek. “I love you even if you’re not as smart as usual after flying for so long.”

With that, he very lovingly left his suitcase behind for his boyfriend to carry it.

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