LWS Extra 2: C4 Not Acceptable!

Nie Chang and Su Yan finally sat down in their seats, heaving a sigh of relief. Nie Chang rushed to buckle Su Yan’s seatbelt and gave him a smile. “We made —”

“Why are you so late?” A head popped out from the row in front of them and a pair of eyes narrowed, staring at Nie Chang indignantly as if they wanted to say that all of this was his fault.

Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Excuse him but Su Yan had been the one that almost made them miss the flight. And that should be obvious. He couldn’t say that though. “Father-in-law, what —”

“Who’s your father-in-law!”

“Well …”

“It’s not over yet! Hmph.”

Nie Chang didn’t know what else to say to that. He had believed that Mister Su had gotten over his prejudices against him but that was already old news. The short timespan that Mister Su had been nice to him had only lasted from around the time when he and Su Yan had decided to move in together until the day he proposed to Su Yan. Apparently, he was an acceptable boyfriend but not an acceptable fiance.

It really made him wonder just what he had to do to make Mister Su finally accept him. Would the wedding help or would it make things worse? He couldn’t help but worry that it might be the latter.

Su Yan pursed his lips and huffed at his father. “What are you saying? Ah Chang had to drive all the way here! If you’re so great, then why didn’t you come and pick us up? Huh?”

Mister Su’s eyes widened. This … Why was his darling son talking back at him like this again?! It had to be that guy’s fault! He had known he wasn’t any good when he first saw him. Ah, he shouldn’t have given in back then. If he had managed to make them split up before, then they wouldn’t be on their way to Vegas now. “You —”

“Su Guanting! Will you sit down properly now?!” Madam Su grabbed her husband by the shoulder and pulled him down. “What are you making such a fuss for?! People are already looking!”

“But that’s —”

“You shut up for me or you can go and book a second room for this week!”

Mister Su didn’t dare to say anything else but the people still looked. Well, who could fault them? It certainly wasn’t often that they saw something like this.

Nie Chang shook his head and turned back to his darling, reaching over to take his hand. “Are you happy?”

Su Yan beamed. “Mn!” He leaned closer to Nie Chang, raised his hand and wriggled his finger to signal his boyfriend to lean over as well.

Nie Chang raised his brows and did as he was told, wondering what kind of secret his little darling would have to share with him that he needed him to scoot over this much. Hopefully, he would keep his voice down if it was something his father wasn’t supposed to hear.

Before Nie Chang could caution him, his cheeks were clasped by two paws and his lips were treated to a resounding smack.

Nie Chang’s brows raised further and he looked at his little darling questioningly. “What was that for?” Not that he minded getting a kiss but he couldn’t help but grow a little cautious when a pie suddenly fell from the sky. Did his little darling want something? Or was he hiding the mischief he was planning?

Su Yan still clasped his cheeks and smiled brightly. “That was for being a good boyfriend, ah! Don’t you think you’re one? Then you should give it back!” He pursed his lips and closed his eyes, obviously waiting to get a kiss as well.

Nie Chang looked at his darling’s face with a complicated expression but finally still gave him that kiss. Anyway, if his darling wanted one, then he would naturally get one. “I hope I am a good boyfriend but there’s no reason not to give you a kiss, is there? So … Are you happy now?”

Su Yan nodded, taking the opportunity to pinch his boyfriend’s cheeks. “Very happy! I love you.”

Even if Nie Chang wasn’t completely happy with the treatment of his cheeks, he just couldn’t work up any anger when his little darling was looking at him this cutely. Anyway, Su Yan had always been a little willful and should be allowed to be. He wanted to say something but just then, the safety instructions started.

Nie Chang sighed and just pecked his cheek. “I love you too.”

Then the two of them leaned back in their seats, watching silently. Now, it was only a matter of time until they would take off and then arrive in America. Well, it still was more than half a day until they would reach their destination but that was already very good, wasn’t it? Not even a full day … They could wait for that long.

The safety instructions finally finished and the plane left the ground, rushing toward the sky. Su Yan let go of his boyfriend’s hand and turned to the window, excitedly looking out at the city that was slowly getting smaller below them.

Nie Chang watched him happily from the side. Ah, he really couldn’t wait for them to reach Vegas. Sure, the marriage wouldn’t really change anything but it was something he looked forward to. He would wear his wedding ring every day and brag about it in front of all the people he met! If Su Yan was around, he’d drag him to show off their love and if he wasn’t then he’d pull out a cute photo and feed them lots of dog food. A married man should be allowed to do that much, shouldn’t he?

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