RMN C57 He Would Be Sad

Yun Bei Fen and Mei Chao Bing didn’t need long to circle the house once. Soon enough, they stood in front of their room again and Yun Bei Fen turned to look at Mei Chao Bing, waiting for him to decide if it was already time to go and see his Master.

Mei Chao Bing put his arm around Yun Bei Fen’s waist and leaned in, giving him a kiss on the forehead. “Let’s go see your Master then. I can only hope we’ll be together for the mission. If you’re not with me …”

Yun Bei Fen grabbed onto his senior martial brother’s robe, almost squishing the spiritual beast between them. “You don’t have to worry about that, Mei Chao Bing! Master already promised me that we would be in one group before we set off.”

Mei Chao Bing raised his brows. Elder Baili had actually done that? He couldn’t believe it at first but then he thought of just how attached Yun Bei Fen was to him. Well, no wonder that Yun Bei Fen wanted to be with him and considering that the Elder normally gave in if Yun Bei Fen wanted something, he probably shouldn’t have been surprised. No, Yun Bei Fen obviously hadn’t played fair and had blinked those cute eyes at his Master, forcing him to finally allow it.

Mei Chao Bing laughed. “I guess there isn’t much to ask then.” He patted Yun Bei Fen’s head and then reached out and also patted Xiao Hui who didn’t seem to like his current treatment. He grabbed the spiritual beast and put it down on the ground. “There’s no reason to always carry him on your arms, you know? Just let him play by himself a while.”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes and looked at the bunny, that was hobbling away again. “He wouldn’t want to run away again later, would he?”

Mei Chao Bing shook his head and then took out the chest that still contained Da Hei. He let his own spiritual beast out and motioned for it to go. Then, he turned back to Yun Bei Fen and gripped his hand, pulling him to a stone table that was standing in the middle of the courtyard behind them. He sat down with him on his lap and brushed Yun Bei Fen’s hair back. “There’s one thing I wondered about.”

Yun Bei Fen grabbed onto Mei Chao Bing shoulders and smiled brightly. “What is it? If I can help you find out, then I’ll gladly do so.”

Mei Chao Bing chuckled. “You can certainly do so. In fact, I’m positive that you’re the only person that can shed light on this.”

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes lit up. He was the only person that could help his senior martial brother figure this out?! This was too great! He couldn’t help but worry the next moment though. His senior martial brother was sure that he could help him. But what if he actually couldn’t? His senior martial brother wouldn’t be overestimating his abilities, would he?

Mei Chao Bing leaned forward and buried his head in the crook of Yun Bei Fen’s neck, making sure that his little bunny wouldn’t see his expression. Ah, he really couldn’t help but laugh at all the different emotions showing on Yun Bei Fen’s face. His little bunny … He really didn’t know how to hide anything, did he?

Being hugged by his senior martial brother immediately calmed Yun Bei Fen down. He happily clung to him and wrapped his arms around his broad back, content to sit with him like this.

Finally, Mei Chao Bing managed to school his expression and looked up again, peering into Yun Bei Fen’s eyes. “Back in the sect, we didn’t have much to do with each other. In fact, I feel like you’d often run away when you saw me. How come you actually fell in love with me?” This was something he couldn’t figure out. Naturally, he was happy but he just couldn’t understand. It was something he had wondered about very often in the time when Yun Bei Fen had been in his secluded cultivation. Just what had he done for this little bunny to be so infatuated with him?

And now that he thought about it, this infatuation should’ve started very early. Otherwise, why would what Yun Bei Fen learned depend on what his little bunny saw him do? That could only be the case if Yun Bei Fen had had feelings for him early on. But that couldn’t be, could it? If he remembered correctly, then Yun Bei Fen had joined the Teng Yong Sect back when he was still a child.

Then he … He wouldn’t be his first love, would he? Ah, no, this was wrong. He definitely was his first love. But this wouldn’t be the type of love that had already been growing since his days as a child, was it?

Yun Bei Fen definitely hadn’t thought that the thing he could help his senior martial brother with was that kind of question. Just thinking about it, his face and ears flushed red and he hurriedly lowered his head, evading Mei Chao Bing’s gaze.

Mei Chao Bing smiled. “What? You don’t want to say? That’s a pity. I really would’ve liked to know.”

Yun Bei Fen looked up and couldn’t help but waver when he saw Mei Chao Bing’s expression. Ah, his senior martial brother really seemed very disappointed. Maybe he should talk to him about this after all? But he didn’t really feel at ease doing so. Maybe his senior martial brother wouldn’t like what he had to say? What should he do then?

Mei Chao Bing sighed when he saw Yun Bei Fen’s expression. “It’s alright. If you don’t want to say it, then you don’t have to. I definitely won’t force you.”

When he heard that Mei Chao Bing wanted to give up, Yun Bei Fen panicked. He grabbed tighter onto his robe and shook his head. “No, no! There’s no need for that. I’ll tell you.” He still lowered his face and pursed his lips though. Who could say if he was really willing or unwilling?

Anyway, Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but smile. He leaned forward and once again kissed the corner of Yun Bei Fen’s mouth. “You’re especially cute if you look like that. If you give me a kiss, I might really forget about the question.”

Yun Bei Fen looked up and blinked his eyes. Kissing his senior martial brother did indeed sound tempting but hadn’t his senior martial brother also patiently answered his questions before? Now that his senior martial brother wanted to know something about him, he shouldn’t keep it to himself. If he did, Mei Chao Bing would be sad. And if Mei Chao Bing was sad, then he would also be sad. And he didn’t like to be sad.

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