OMF V7C20 Half an Hour

Leng Jin Yu imbued his spiritual energy into the transmission stone and contacted Jinde again. The one who answered was Alliance Head Hua though. Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. It seemed his husband wasn’t willing to waste even a bit of spiritual energy. He gave a smile and nodded. “Alliance Head Hua. Thank you for helping us out.”

Hua Min gave a wry smile in return. What choice did he have? Grandmaster Leng’s husband had continued to sit next to him, staring at him as if he was able to make his husband contact them again any sooner. “Well … You probably want to speak to your husband.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and the transmission stone was pushed to the side, making Jinde’s happy face appear.

“My dear! I hope you’re having good news for me.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Indeed. The God of War is still occupied in the Nine Heavens but he is able to draw a model of the array for me and call Bai Mu over so I can set it up with his help. I don’t know how long exactly that will take but I don’t think it should be too long. I’ll try to return as soon as possible. So if you’re able to stall your departure for a while, that would be good. It is still safer if the realm is already closed off when you arrive. That way, you can flee there even if somebody spots you.”

Jinde nodded. “Alright, I can understand that. Then I’ll have to bother Alliance Head Hua with that. But don’t worry too much. We’ve already thought about a countermeasure. So it shouldn’t be too difficult even after we arrive at the sect.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “That’s good then. I’m sorry to have you wait this long. If I could, I really would’ve done all of this myself. I just don’t know … Ah, I’m afraid I should’ve paid more attention when learning how to construct arrays.”

Jinde shook his head. “The arrays of the human realm and those of the immortal realms are on completely different levels. And you can’t be great at everything, can you? I think my husband is already very great if he also knew how to set up excellent arrays, then I would probably feel that I didn’t fit with you.”

Leng Jin Yu smiled. “You’re trying to sweet-talk me again. Well, I don’t mind hearing more of that later when we see each other again. For now, I should go and take care of this matter. The sooner I’ll go there, the sooner I’ll be back and we can see each other again.”

Jinde nodded. “Very well. Then see you soon.”

“See you soon.” Leng Jin Yu gave him another smile and then cut the connection. Even though Jinde wasn’t the one powering it, it really wasn’t good to lose any time here. No, he had to be fast. Everything had to be done until Jinde came over. A few days … It would only be a few minutes in the Nine Heavens. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to do that. But at most, he could take half an hour. By then, one week would have gone by in the mortal realm. If Jinde stalled his departure, he might have only been at the Yun Zou Sect for a short moment so the danger wouldn’t be too big yet. Well, the less time he took the better.

Leng Jin Yu put the transmission stone away and then rushed out of the realm, only taking a short look at Zhangsun Xun Yi who was standing at the side. “I’m sorry. The realm is erected but I’ll need to go and get something else to make sure that nobody will be able to get in there. I’ll try to return as soon as I can but it might take a few days. Jinde will return with a delegation from the Liu He Alliance so try to make sure that they don’t draw any attention.”

Zhangsun Xun Yi nodded. “Very well. I’ll see to it.”

Leng Jin Yu cupped his fists and bowed. “Thank you.”

He didn’t wait any longer and rushed up into the air, making his way over to the Nine Heavens. As an ascended deity, he had no trouble passing the gates. He didn’t lose any time and rushed over to the Temple of Medicine. Even though he hadn’t had an official position yet when lived in the Nine Heavens, he had still made sure that he knew about the general layout of the capital city. So he knew exactly where the temple was located and didn’t need to search around.

He rushed into the building and hurried to one of the heavenly physicians sitting at the desk not far from the entrance. “Excuse me, I’m searching for the God of War. He should currently be waiting somewhere in the temple for a pill to be refined for him.”

The physician raised his brows. Someone looking for the God of War? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. He got up and motioned further into the temple. “Of course, I’ll lead you there. Please follow me.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and followed the man inside. When they came to the study of the God of Medicine, he couldn’t help but raise his brows. In front of the door wasn’t just Qiang Yan waiting. No, Bai Mu was already there. It seemed that while he had been contacting Jinde and hurrying over, the God of War hadn’t been idle and had instead already contacted Bai Mu and told him to come over.

Leng Jin Yu gave a relieved smile and went over, greeting the two of them when the heavenly physician left. “Thank you for your help. I know this is sudden but there isn’t much time. I need to return in half an hour at the very latest. Have you prepared the array?”

Qiang Yan nodded and took out the drawing. “I did. I also went over it with Bai Mu. There shouldn’t be anything wrong. Just draw it exactly like this and use the anchor that you’ve come up with. You did think of something, didn’t you?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and then looked around to check if nobody was there. “I did but it might be a little … difficult. I’m afraid I need your help once again with that.”

Qiang Yan raised his brows. “Oh? Then what did you think of?”

Leng Jin Yu gave a wry smile. “There’s only one thing in this world that only connects Jinde and me and that is my soul.”

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