RMN C56 It Was Better If He Was Prepared

Mei Chao Bing finished planning how Yun Bei Fen’s sword should be forged and put away the scroll. There was no use pondering about this any longer. Thanks to the high-profile manner in which they had appeared today, they would be under constant surveillance from the other disciples for the next few days. Most likely, the other Elder that had come to the border region would also have to say a few things about how they had been delayed for so long. There was no way for him to just leave this town without having to answer a few questions.

When Mei Chao Bing thought of that, he couldn’t help but furrowed his brows. Actually, even if he waited a while, it was very likely that things wouldn’t be so easy. One of the people on the other side might be his Master. Everyone would be skeptical about him. Even if Elder Baili trusted him, the other Elder might not do so and might have some disciples observe his movements. And even if not …

He thought back to the fake smile on Yang Wu Huang’s face before and couldn’t help but worry. That person wasn’t any good. Even though he had told Yun Bei Fen that out of selfish motives, it really was what he thought. After years of competing with each other, he knew this person a bit. Yang Wu Huang had a lot of prestige in the Teng Yong Sect. He also wouldn’t mind using this prestige to have other people do his dirty work. If he was able to smear the name of the person he regarded as his longtime rival, he would certainly be happy. And with his backstory, it really was easy to do so. As soon as he disappeared for a while without having a good explanation, Yang Wu Huang would use the chance. And then, even Yun Bei Fen might be implicated considering that they had arrived late together. He didn’t want to risk that.

Mei Chao Bing glanced at Yun Bei Fen’s face and held back a smile. Even though his little bunny was saying that he didn’t care, who knew just what that Yang Wu Huang would come up with? He couldn’t take this lightly! No, it would be for the best if he could find out so that he could prepare Yun Bei Fen. If they talked it through before it could happen, then his little bunny wouldn’t need to be surprised.

Mei Chao Bing reached out and patted Yun Bei Fen’s hair. “We didn’t have time to take a look at the town. I guess it’s a little too late now though so maybe it would be better if we did so tomorrow. I don’t know whether we’ll have to go on the mission starting tomorrow. How about this? You can look around the house first and I’ll go and ask your Master about the mission, alright?”

Yun Bei Fen sadly blinked his eyes. “The house isn’t too big. I also don’t think it’s very interesting. How about I come with you to see Master?”

Mei Chao Bing gave a strained smile. Yes, why had he thought it would be easy to convince Yun Bei Fen to do this? Naturally, his little bunny wouldn’t accept letting him go this easily. Well, there was nothing he could do. “Well, then how about this? We’ll first take a look at the house together so that we’ll know where everything is and then we’ll go and ask your Master. By that time, he also should have calmed down a bit.”

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes widened. “Calm down? Didn’t you say he already forgave you?”

Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but chuckle. He leaned down and kissed the corner of Yun Bei Fen’s mouth. “Silly. Do you really think that’s all? He might not be angry at me but he was worried about you when you didn’t return. Now that he saw that you’re back, he probably needs a while to himself to digest the fact that you’re actually alright. We shouldn’t go and bother him immediately.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded without thinking too much. If senior martial brother said so, then it certainly had to be true. He didn’t stop to wonder just why Mei Chao Bing was suddenly of the opinion that it wouldn’t be good to go and disturb his Master even though he had said just a minute ago that he would go over immediately.

Instead, Yun Bei Fen jumped to his feet and then went to look just where Xiao Hui had vanished to. He had put down the little rabbit while he had waited in front of his Master’s study after the spiritual beast got fidgety in his arms. Afterward … Ah, he had been too excited! How could he have remembered to take him along?

Yun Bei Fen finally spotted the little bunny in the corridor outside of the room. It had actually followed them until here but hadn’t dared to come in with them. Yun Bei Fen crouched down to pick it up but the spiritual beast hobbled away. Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes and turned to Mei Chao Bing, a question written in his eyes.

Mei Chao Bing came over and glance and the bunny. “What happened to its fur?”

Yun Bei Fen got up again and blinked his eyes. “Its fur?” He looked over and noticed that Xiao Hui’s fur was ruffled. “I don’t know. Maybe it was trying to get through some narrow space but didn’t fit?”

Mei Chao Bing looked from his little bunny to the one on the ground and raised his brows. Yun Bei Fen wasn’t trying to say that this thing was fat, was he? Actually, Xiao Hui was a lot like its Master. They both were very small. He really had trouble imagining the kind of hole even Xiao Hui wouldn’t fit through. He didn’t say anything though and just walked up to the spiritual beast, bending down and picking it up. He made the effort to smooth out its fur and walked back to Yun Bei Fen, pushing the animal into his arms. “Just pat it a few times and it should be alright again.” He moved his line of sight away and started to walk down the corridor.

Yun Bei Fen didn’t understand but he did as his senior martial brother had said and finally patted the rabbit’s head, following behind Mei Chao Bing. Ah, it truly was nice being together with his senior martial brother Mei. He really hoped that they would be able to stay together for the mission. But that shouldn’t be a problem, should it? After all, his Master had promised before. Mn, it would definitely work out! Nothing could get in the way of a couple as great as them!

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