OMF V7C19 Nothing Would Stop Him

In the Nine Heavens, the God of Medicine had already looked through the lists of ingredients and sorted them by grade. Finally, he picked the third-best and organized the materials that Qiang Yan had given him. Considering just from whom this recipe had come from, he didn’t dare to attempt refining the best one. Still, the effect the pill would have should be more than enough for a mortal. Ah, whoever that person was, was truly too lucky!

While he went to refine the pill, Qiang Yan paced up and down in front of the chamber. He knew that refining a pill could take quite a bit of time. In fact, it wouldn’t be strange if several hours or even several days went by. Considering how the time flowed differently in the realms … he couldn’t help but grimace.

He hadn’t actually known the previous Longjun. At the very least, he hadn’t known him well. He had only seen him when he had been young and his biggest impression had probably come from the time when that person had already been injured with the soul-devouring dagger. Back then, that person already hadn’t been in his peak state anymore and even though he was still quite a ways off from giving up on his throne and supposedly dying, it had been clearly visible that he had been gravely injured previously.

But even though, Qiang Yan knew the stories that were being told about the previous dragon king and he could hardly imagine that Jinde would be very good at waiting. If they truly spend three days with refining the spill and three years went by in the mortal realm, who knew what that person would do? He didn’t want to know. Actually, he felt a little sorry toward Leng Jin Yu. Wouldn’t he be the one who would have to bear the brunt of that person’s anger then? That would certainly cause a lot of trouble in their relationship!

Just then, his transmission stone lit up and pulsed. Qiang Yan closed his eyes and cursed under his breast. He somehow had a feeling that this would be exactly the person he didn’t want to see now. He still took out the stone and gave Leng Jin Yu a smile when his apparition appeared. “What a surprise.”

Leng Jin Yu gave a wry smile in response. “God of War, I’m sorry for disturbing you again. I just wanted to ask if there was anything new you could tell me about the array?”

Qiang Yan glanced at the door next to him and cleared his throat. “Well, I’m still in the Temple of Medicine. The God of Medicine is currently refining the pill so I can’t really leave here.”

Leng Jin Yu kept quiet and narrowed his eyes in contemplation. The God of War couldn’t leave there but … the array didn’t depend on the pill. “Are you able to construct that array without Bai Mu’s help?”

“I think so?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Then would you be able to create a model and could you teach me how to set it up?”

Qiang Yan sighed. “Drawing it isn’t the problem. It is inserting the anchor that is. Have you come up with something already?”

Leng Jin Yu slightly furrowed his brows. “I’m afraid I haven’t. I will talk to Jinde about this. We might be able to come up with something together. Still, as long as we know what the anchor is supposed to be, would you be able to teach me how to set it up?”

“I guess that person doesn’t want to wait any longer?”

Leng Jin Yu cleared his throat and looked away. “Would it be possible?”

Well, I’m not sure. But I guess it might be possible to have Bai Mu go with you.”

Leng Jin Yu’s brows furrowed together even further. “To be honest, I don’t really want to involve him anymore. He is currently in the dragon realm and when I went there, I got into some trouble with a person called Xiang Yong. If I ran into him again, I’m afraid I might give things away.”

Qiang Yan nodded. “That is very … reasonable. But there might be a way to get around this. I have actually given him a transmission stone when I went there the last time. We could contact him from here so it wouldn’t require you to go to the dragon realm yourself.” Although he did have to say it was quite funny that the person who had married the previous Longjun, didn’t dare to go to the dragon realm.

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Alright, then I’d ask you to be so kind as to sketch out the array. I’ll come over and then we can contact Bai Mu, so he can come with me and teach me how to set up the array here in the Yun Zou Sect. How long do you think all this will take?”

Qiang Yan raised his brows. “I do know how the array is supposed to look like. It is basically just drawing it down but, well, there might be some slight changes necessary depending on what anchor you’d like to use. You’ll have to decide on that first. It is only adjusting the array though, so it shouldn’t even take an hour.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded again. “Alright, then I’ll contact Jinde first. We’ll see what we can come up with and then I will hurry right over to the Temple of Medicine. Thank you for your help.”

Qiang Yan waved. “Once again: Don’t mention it. If not for your effort and that of your husband, then Nie Huang would never be able to get this pill this easily. In fact, I might never have seen my son. If anything, then I’m indebted to you. So let’s just say if this is over and we were able to help each other, then we are even and can regard each other as friends.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Alright, then I’ll see you soon.” He cut the connection and then looked at the transmission stone for a while, wondering if things could really go this smoothly. Well, that still depended on whether they would be able to find a good anchor or not.

Ah, just what was there that only connected them but nobody else? Even before he could imbue his spiritual energy again into the stone, something flashed through his mind. His face paled but soon, determination filled his eyes. No matter the cost, he would do this. As long as it meant that Jinde would be safe, then he would do so. Nothing would stop them from that.

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