OMF V7C21 Making a Grave Mistake

Qiang Yan looked at the person in front of him, wondering if he had misheard. Yes. Yes, that had to be it. He had definitely heard wrong. It couldn’t be that he had said that he would use his own soul as the anchor of the array. That was completely impossible. He shook his head and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath. He should really concentrate now or this would get embarrassing. “I’m sorry. I think I didn’t hear that right just now. What did you say you wanted to use?”

“My soul. So I’ll have to ask for your help. I’m afraid the only way to make this possible would be using the soul-engraving dagger.”

This time, there was no way for Qiang Yan to convince himself that he had just misheard. No, it seemed Leng Jin Yu was serious about this. Which left one question: “Have you lost your mind?”

Leng Jin Yu shook his head, smiling lightly. “I can understand that you would think so but that’s not the case. I’m just … I love him very much. Whatever it is that I have to do to keep him safe, I will do it.”

Qiang Yan rubbed his forehead and turned away, trying to wrap his head around this idea. He turned back and pointed at Leng Jin Yu’s nose. “You must have gone nuts! We’re not talking about taking out a sword and killing some demon or … I don’t know, even challenging the demon king would probably be acceptable. But this … This isn’t like that. You’re talking about cutting up your own soul! Do you have any idea how dangerous that is? Haven’t you heard what happened to my nephew?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “I did. And I know full well just how dangerous it is. Still, there’s nothing else I can do. Jinde needs a safe place to recuperate. If I don’t use my soul for this, then there is no way to make sure the realm I’ve created for him will be safe. It is only my soul that connects the two of us and eliminates everybody else. Everything else … I’m afraid there will be people who would be able to get in.” He had thought about this. Just what was it that could be used to anchor the array?

They did have the same magic at their disposal since he had full spirit veins and Jinde was a full-blooded dragon that was able to use wind and water magic. Unfortunately, this was also true for a lot of other people. This was probably the option that was the least safe from everything they could do.

As for their blood … Well, they weren’t like Bai Mu and his parents who shared some of that. So they would need to artificially create something they could carry around. But then what if they lost that thing? What if the current demon king ambushed him to take whatever they used as the anchor and then went to bother Jinde? Before he had healed, that kind of thing couldn’t be allowed. So this option wasn’t doable either. No, they needed something else.

No matter how much he thought, the only thing he could think of was still only his soul. Even after his reincarnation, it had stayed the same. So his soul and the part that was joined with Jinde’s soul were the same. If he took a bit from what was left in his body, then that was an anchor that could be used. After all, it would be hard to detect just what this anchor was and taking his soul from him would also be very difficult.

So this was the safest option they had and he naturally wouldn’t use anything else. As long as the God of War was able to let him use the soul-engraving dagger, he would do this. Otherwise … he really didn’t know what he should do.

Qiang Yan sighed and shook his head. “You don’t know what you’re doing.”

Leng Jin Yu just continued to smile. “I know it must seem like that to you but I’m sure about this. I want to make sure that he is safe and this is the best option to do so. Even if I get injured while I do, I can just go in there and recuperate together with him. Whatever damage the soul-engraving dagger can do, it can’t be any worse than that of the soul-devouring dagger, can it? If Jinde was able to survive the wounds done by the latter for so long, then I will be able to hold on after injuring myself with the former. So please, don’t worry about it and just help me get the dagger. You know I don’t have much time.”

Qiang Yan cursed. “Do you think it’s so easy? The soul-engraving dagger was never under the jurisdiction of my palace. I can’t just go and take it out for you to use.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “I know. I went with you to the Court of Justice previously. It should still be there, shouldn’t it?”

Qiang Yan looked at him with reproach. “Why? You think you can just go there and ask for it? There are procedures to this and nobody would just hand out this kind of dagger. Especially not after what happened the last time.”

Leng Jin Yu furrowed his brows. “I’m not asking to use the soul-devouring dagger. It is the soul-engraving dagger I want to use and if the God of Justice wants me to, then I can use it in front of him or any other witnesses right at that spot and give it back immediately. So please, don’t make this any more difficult for me. Just tell me what I have to do to get it. I have to use it. There is no other way so please.”

Qiang Yan closed his eyes and once again rubbed his forehead. He really didn’t know what was happening here. He had thought things were bizarre enough when the previous Longjun suddenly turned up but now this person actually wanted to use his soul as an anchor for the array. How absurd was that?

Unfortunately, it seemed that nothing he said could change Leng Jin Yu’s mind. So before this person went and tried to do this secretly, it was probably better to just try to help him through this. That way, he might be able to have at least some influence. “Let me ask how long it will take to refine the pill and I’ll accompany you over there. I do know the God of Justice rather well so … maybe it will be a little easier if I talk to him.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and cupped his fists. “Thank you very much.”

Qiang Yan waved. “Don’t thank me for that. I think you’re making a grave mistake. But whatever, people in love are like that. They don’t think about tomorrow.”

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