OMF V6C175 The Person You Promised …

Bai Mu raised his brows in surprise when his transmission stone pulsed again just after his father had cut the connection. He imbued his spiritual energy and Qiang Yan’s apparition appeared. Before he could even greet him, Qiang Yan already spoke up.

“The person that needs you to create the array, have you seen them?”

Bai Mu raised his brows. Just what was is about? “If this is important for how the array has to be?”

Qiang Yan clicked his tongue. If this person wasn’t his son, he probably would have scolded him for evading to answer like that. “I’m being serious here, Bai Mu. Have you seen them?”

Bai Mu’s gaze flickered but he nodded. If his father wanted to know more, then he could still bring out Leng Jin Yu. After all, he had been the one who had asked about the array.

Qiang Yan took a deep breath. “How did they look like?”

“What exactly is it that you want to know about their appearance? Actually, shouldn’t you know? The person who asked me for this was Leng Jin Yu. Didn’t you say you knew him?”

Qiang Yan narrowed his eyes. Leng Jin Yu? This didn’t make any sense. Considering what he had said, Qiu Ling had dragged him along to gather the ingredients. He had also said that … Qiang Yan blinked. Wait. It couldn’t be that … His brows twitched. “This array it … it wouldn’t have anything to do with his partner, would it?”

Bai Mu raised his brows. “His partner?” How did his father know about this? Wasn’t this supposed to be a secret?

“He did tell me that he married a while ago. It was rather surprising back then. He hadn’t gone to the human realm for long and suddenly …” He shook his head at himself. This couldn’t be, could it? Never mind how unlikely it was for that person to be still alive, the rest was even crazier! Meeting Leng Jin Yu, them falling in love with each other in a short amount of time, even getting married on a whim? This was nuts! Nobody could convince him that this was true. It couldn’t be.

Bai Mu didn’t know how to react. Somehow, it seemed as if his father already knew what this was about. But … Could you really say anything? Leng Jin Yu hadn’t said outright that this was a secret but he hadn’t even mentioned his lover’s name and with what he had said about the person looking for him … It was obvious he’d like to keep as much as he could under wraps. After all, a secret was safer the fewer people knew about it and with every time that person and anything related to him was mentioned, the likelihood of him being found might get bigger. He didn’t want to be responsible for that. Well, on the other hand, he couldn’t tell that to his father, could he? No, he’d have to find a way to divert his attention. “Father, what exactly is it that you want to know?”

Qiang Yan took another deep breath and looked at his son. “You don’t have to tell me. I guess this is a secret and, honestly, it should stay one. Just that …” He looked around, making sure that nobody was close by. “Bai Mu, this person, I don’t know how much you know about them. But if his partner happens to have long golden hair and golden eyes and happens to be called Jinde, then you should forget about whatever you know. Don’t mention this to anybody — ever. Nobody can know that this person exists.”

Bai Mu raised his brows. Apparently, his father knew exactly who Leng Jin Yu’s partner was. Well, with that, he was actually a step ahead of him. He had no idea just who this person was. He had gathered that things couldn’t be easy when Leng Jin Yu asked for such an array but he wouldn’t have thought that it was this grave. He had just thought there were some troubles in his partner’s past. Who would have thought … And even his father somehow knew about this. Just how big was this issue? “Is there something I should know about him?”

Qiang Yan sighed. “I don’t think it would be good to talk about this. Especially not with you being in the dragon realm right now. Just remember that this person can’t be brought up. If it’s not Qiu Ling or Leng Jin Yu or me, don’t ever mention him. Tell Nie Huang to keep silent about this too. It would cause a lot of trouble if this were to get out.”

Bai Mu nodded. He didn’t understand but he could hear from his father’s tone that this was indeed something major. Since he didn’t know about the immortal realms too well right now, he would just take it as his father giving him good advice. He could still ask about this again after the array was finished and that person was safe inside the realm tied to it. “Alright, I’ll do that.”

Qiang Yan heaved a sigh of relief and rubbed his brow. “Alright, I’ll try to contact Qiu Ling now. Let’s hope he already has the transmission stone back.”

“Do they need the full recipes?”

Qiang Yan paused and smiled awkwardly. “Actually, I don’t know that yet. I guess they might but there’s something else I have to ask Qiu Ling about first. We’ll know in a bit.” He gave an apologetic smile and cut the connection again, not giving Bai Mu the chance to say anything more. Even though he really wanted to help his son, he first had to make sure about this other matter.

Once again, he imbued his spiritual energy into this transmission stone but the person he tried to contact wasn’t Qiu Ling. No, the person he really tried to contact was Leng Jin Yu.

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