OMF V6C155 Grandmaster Leng Was Married?

The disciples of the Chun Feng turned around when the Liu He Alliance’s disciple returned. When they saw the person that had actually entered the pavilion in front of him, they couldn’t help but gape. Was this really Alliance Head Hua? Just who had they picked up in that small town and delivered here?! An Alliance Head would actually come down to greet him on his own?

Jinde couldn’t help but smile when he got up. It seemed his husband’s reputation had helped him quite a lot. There really wouldn’t be any questions asked just because he sent something over that had to do with this Alliance Head. Ah, who could have known that a single teacup would have such an effect? He stepped forward and cupped his fists, slightly bowing to the man. “Greetings, Alliance Head Hua. I’m grateful that you’re willing to receive me.”

Hua Min looked at this person and couldn’t help but worry. With this veiled hat, there really was no way to tell if this was the person he thought it was or not. Also, it had been ages since he had actually seen Grandmaster Leng and there was no way to recognize him just from his voice. He really had no clue if it was him or not.

Jinde lowered his hands when the other person didn’t say anything. Even though his husband’s reputation had helped, it seemed it had also complicated things a bit. “Would Alliance Head Hua have the time to listen to me for a while?”

When he was asked directly, Hua Ming woke from his stupor. “Yes, yes of course.” He looked at the other people and then back at the veiled figure in front of him. Had they come together? He didn’t know and since he couldn’t see the other person’s face, there was no way for him to judge anything from his expression. He cleared his throat and then motioned at the group of people. “And these are …?”

“Ah, these fellow cultivators were so nice to bring me over.”

Hua Min nodded. Since he had said fellow cultivators, they shouldn’t be any people of the Yun Zou Sect. Well, now that he thought about it, there weren’t wearing the robes of the Yun Zou Sect anyway. He probably should have noticed before but who could fault him? The person in front of him might be a legendary figure! An ascended ancestor! It was good enough for him not to tremble in awe, wasn’t it?!

Hua Min took a deep breath and nodded before he turned to their Liu He Alliance’s disciple. “Since they have helped our guest, we shouldn’t treat them poorly. Why don’t you invite them in and let them rest here for a while? It’s already this late. We shouldn’t be inhospitable.”

The disciple nodded and then motioned up the mountain.

The aspiring demon hunters cupped their fists at Alliance Head Hua and followed the disciple, taking a last look at Jinde, still wondering just who he was.

Hua Min also turned back to him and then motioned at the chairs in the pavilion. “You wanted to talk to me?”

Jinde nodded and sat down again.”That is indeed the case, Alliance Head Hua.”

Hua Min’s brows twitched. He was really still calling him Alliance Head Hua. If this truly was Grandmaster Leng, then he wouldn’t be able to live through this. He raised a hand before the person in question could say anything else. “I hope I’m not being indiscreet but … I’d really like to know just who the person I’m talking to is.”

Jinde looked around, making sure that nobody else was in the vicinity. “My name is Jinde.”

Hua Min raised his brows. Jinde? He had never heard that name! “Then … Who was Grandmaster Leng to you?”

“Grandmaster Leng should refer to Leng Jin Yu?”

Hua Min tensed. Just casually saying the Grandmaster’s name … This person really was daring! He still nodded in the end. “That seems to be his name.”

“In that case, Grandmaster Leng is my husband.”

Silence stretched between them before Hua Min finally scratched the back of his neck. “I’m sorry, it seems that the wind was blowing too strongly just now. Could you repeat what you said?”

“We’re married. Actually, it was Jin Yu that sent me. As for the details of that …” He looked around again. The disciple was already on his way back from settling the demon hunters. “I’m not sure if it would be too good to talk here. Alliance Head Hua has to know that I’m in a rather difficult situation right now. I can’t be found by anyone.”

Hua Min had no idea what this could be about. Actually, he deeply felt that he didn’t even want to know what this was about. Grandmaster Leng’s … Hua Min furrowed his brows. Grandmaster Leng was actually married? How come he had never heard of that?

He tilted his head and couldn’t help but speak up. “Your marriage … Wen did it …”

“It was only recently. You also know that he had ascended. He returned a while ago which was when we met.”

Hua Min nodded. Well, that sounded about right. Anyway, he didn’t need to understand this. The teacup was obviously the one his Master had gifted Grandmaster Leng back then. And since there was almost nobody that knew about this, it couldn’t be a very well-made copy either. Ah, thinking of that … He handed the bag to Jinde and then motioned at the mountain. “Let’s go up. It’s already getting late anyway, so I guess it would be proper to prepare a room for you.”

Jinde got up and followed him to the path leading up the mountain. Stopping at its foot, he couldn’t help but sigh. “There wouldn’t be an array to get up there, would there?”

Hua Min turned to look at him and raised his brows. “There is.” He motioned to the side and led Jinde a few meters down a path that was branching off the main path. There were actually several arrays grouped together.

Jinde gave an awkward smile. Right. He had forgotten that the Liu He Alliance was bigger than the Yun Zou Sect. Naturally, there would be several arrays to get around the sect grounds.

The two of them stepped into the one closest to the path and reappeared next to the building on top of the mountain.

Hua Min brought Jinde to his study and motioned at the seat in front of the table before he sat down on the other side. “Then may I know what the matter is now?”

Jinde nodded his head and reached up, taking off the hat in a nonchalant manner, exposing his golden eyes and hair.

Hua Min couldn’t help but stare in a daze. Alright, this person obviously wasn’t human. Somehow, he didn’t have trouble to understand just why Grandmaster Leng would want to marry him though. This man … truly was too beautiful.

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