OMF V6C154 Grandmaster Leng

The disciple didn’t know what to say for a moment. Well, at the very least, this person had told him the name of their sect. If he remembered right, then Alliance Head Hua had sent somebody there a while ago. It wouldn’t be too strange for one of their disciples to come here. Maybe this had even been agreed upon previously. “So Alliance Head Hua is awaiting you?”

Jinde sighed. Naturally, that Alliance Head had no idea that he would be coming. If this disciple sent a message saying that the person he wanted to see was here, then who knew if he would accept? Jinde untied the bag holding the teacup and handed it to the disciple. “He isn’t awaiting me but I’d ask you to show this to him and ask if he would be willing to see me.” He stepped back, indicating that he would wait on the path for the time being.

The disciple nodded and turned to the man that had come over with Jinde.

The demon hunter cupped his fists as a greeting. “Greetings. I am Liu Cheng of the Chun Feng Sect. We were called to a city in the Northern Pastures where demon beasts were sighted and encountered this fellow cultivator on the way. When we heard that he wanted to go to the Liu He Alliance, we brought him here since it was on our way. We just wanted to notify the Liu He Alliance that we only entered the sect grounds for the matter of dropping this person off. I hope the alliance won’t take any offense.”

The disciple nodded. “Since this is about a person coming here to see Alliance Head Hua, then naturally, it isn’t a problem. Maybe you all would want to rest for a moment in the pavilion at the side of the road? I’ll go and notify my Master in the meantime.”

Jinde looked up at the peak of the mountain and couldn’t help but feel faint. This type of place … What were the chances that that Alliance Head was living right at the top of the mountain? Imagining that he would have to climb up until there just relying on his physical strength and the bit of spiritual energy he had restored on the flight here, really made him feel that life was too difficult. Ah, being injured really wasn’t acceptable. In the future, he would have to pay more attention.

Meanwhile, Liu Cheng hesitated whether he should accept. Looking at his martial brothers, they were obviously very excited. If they could, they would naturally want to stay here even if it was only for a moment longer. Then again, they had no real business here. Wouldn’t they be overextending the Liu He Alliance’s hospitality if they just stayed? Then again … He glanced at Jinde and finally nodded. “Yes, maybe we should. After this fellow cultivator has finished his business with Alliance Head Hua, we could take you back after we’ve finished with our mission.”

Jinde nodded even though he knew that he wouldn’t return anytime soon. Obviously, the children were excited. He shouldn’t refuse to let them have fun just because he knew that he wouldn’t need the help. After all, they had helped him. He should show some appreciation. “Thank you very much. I’m indebted to you.”

The disciple of the Liu He Alliance nodded and then motioned for them to follow him. Liu Cheng waved at his martial brothers and the group went over to the pavilion the disciple of mentioned. Jinde quietly sat down and let the demon hunters keep to themselves. To him, it was only important to meet Alliance Head Hua and have a place to stay. These people, he would probably not see them ever again. And the fewer people knew that he had come here the better.

Liu Cheng looked at him and pondered whether to come over but in the end, he decided against it and stayed with the others. Meanwhile, the disciple of the Liu He Alliance went to report their arrival.

Alliance Head Hua, Hua Min, was currently behind his house, training his new technique. Ah, since he had sent his disciple over to the Yun Zou Sect, he couldn’t help but wonder just how long he would still need to advance to the same level as Zhangsun Xun. Hadn’t they both started cultivating together? How come that guy had already gotten the title of Grandmaster in his sect while he was still just regarded as one of the Alliance’s Heads even though he was in a better sect? Shouldn’t he have had better prospects?

So since that day, he had worked on advancing his cultivation. Previously, he had almost given up but now, he felt that it still had to be possible. After all, he wasn’t that old yet.

Just then, footsteps sounded from behind him and the disciple guarding the path at the foot of the mountain came rushing in. “Alliance Head Hua! There are people that want to see you. One of them told me to hand this over to you.” He bowed and offered the bag with both hands.

Hua Min sighed and turned around to the disciple, taking the bag with raised brows. He hadn’t been expecting anyone and he couldn’t imagine what anyone would bring over either. When he opened the bag, what he found was … a teacup?

He tilted his head and took a closer look. His hands trembled when he saw the intricate painting on the side. Wasn’t this the teacup his master had gifted Grandmaster Leng? He looked at the disciple while putting the teacup into the bag again. “Did the person say who they were?”

The disciple shook his head, cold sweat covering his forehead. Ah, he had thought that it was extremely discourteous but since the person hadn’t offered a name, he hadn’t wanted to ask either. “They only said they were from the Yun Zou Sect. I thought there would be no harm in giving this to Alliance Head Hua.”

Hua Min looked at the bag and pondered. If this was Zhangsun Xun Yi’s rumored new disciple, then there shouldn’t have been an issue with saying his name. Even if it was Zhangsun Xun Yi himself, he wouldn’t need to hide this matter. After all, it wasn’t like their friendship was a secret. There wouldn’t be a need not to announce himself. But then …

His eyes widened and he rushed through the building and to the foot of the mountain. He could only think of one person that wouldn’t want to announce their name. But this was impossible. How could it be that Grandmaster Leng would come here himself?! He had already ascended! Even if he returned to the mortal realm, why would he come here? And why would he announce himself as a person of the Yun Zou Sect? But then again, this would explain why Zhangsun Xun Yi had asked for that portray. It seemed things were starting to make sense.

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