Qixi Festival Special: Just One Cup, My Love!

Oh, wow, here’s yet another announcement to be made: In two days, it’ll be the Qixi Festival which is basically Chinese Valentine’s Day. In honor of the occasion, I’ve prepared a little something for all of you (yes, all of you! No Patreon-exclusive-extra this time 😊): It’s an Oh. My. Fate?! Special that will feature Qiu Ling and Jing He and – drum roll please! 😏 – include a little bonus about Xiang Yu and Xin Lan.

Here is the synopsis of the story:

When the stars are glittering in the sky and a warm breeze caresses our skin, let us indulge in wishful thinking for just one night. A night of temptation we will never forget.

My love, won’t you have one cup of wine with me?

I’ll post the special as two chapters and link to them from the OMF Extras-page. If you’re subscribed to my website, you should also get an email as usual when I post. If you’re reading on the other sites (like Tapas or Scribble Hub), I’ve decided to post it as what was previously “A Hairy Situation” (and what will be renamed “Oh. My. Extra?!” in a bit) so that I’ll be able to collect all the future extras in one place to make fiding them easier. 😊

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