OMF V6C115 What Was He Doing There?

Xiang Yu touched the mark between his brows and closed his eyes. Here in the High Heavens, his perception was much clearer. He only took a moment before he opened his eyes again and ripped another gate open. This time what lay behind was the capital of the dragon realm.
Xiang Yu didn’t hesitate. He stepped through the opening, letting it close behind him. His gaze traveled around, taking in the buildings to both sides of the street and the people walking around. Mn, the dragons weren’t that different from the other races it seemed. They looked just as colorful as the demons but they treated each other more like the gods. Well, they seemed to be closer physically. In the Nine Heavens, who didn’t keep a distance of one or two steps even as a married couple? The dragons didn’t seem to mind closeness in the least. Just casually glancing at the people, he already saw three couples that seemed to be glued together. There was a woman hanging onto her husband’s arm, her fingers incessantly teasing him. Two women walked at the side of the street, one of them with her arm around the other’s waist, while another couple had stopped to talk with somebody, the smaller person hugged to their partner’s chest. Nothing could be seen of any timidity or pudency. What a refreshing sight.

Xiang Yu continued to look, his goal forgotten for the moment. This … was exactly what he wanted. It was a pity he hadn’t been born a dragon. If not for the way he grew up, for the ideals he had been taught since young, then maybe he wouldn’t have ended up like this.
Xiang Yu sighed and turned away, slowly making his way to a house in the outskirts of the capital. He hid from the dragons just how he had always done it in the demon realm. Wouldn’t they react just like the humans in their capital had? He didn’t want to experience that once again. Once was more than enough.
Finally, he found himself in front of a door. Originally, it had to have been painted red but now, most of the color had come undone, leaving only some scraps on there while the pale wood was laid bare everywhere else.
Xiang Yu tilted his head. What was that fake dragon doing here? This couldn’t be the place where he lived, could it? Even though he didn’t know him well, he felt that that man attached great importance to appearances. His house … it should be something akin to a palace, shouldn’t it? Or even if it wasn’t a palace, it should be something big and flashy.
Maybe a two-story building with two ferocious-looking statues next to the gate and a wall surrounding the house that featured carvings of even more creatures. There could even be figures on the curved roof that looked down at all the guests condescendingly. There would probably be red-lacquered beams holding up the roof and a lavishly decorated door leading into the house. Maybe it wouldn’t be just one house and instead, he’d have a main house and several other buildings with a big courtyard being part of every one of them and a garden in the rear.
Yes, that kind of estate would fit him much better than this run-down building. So … why was he here?
Xiang Yu tilted his head and pushed the door open, peeking into the room behind. Actually, the house comprised of only this room. The first thing he saw was a stove with a bamboo steamer waiting to the side.
Xiang Yu sniffed hopefully but the only thing he smelled was sweat. He scrunched up his face and turned away. What came into view …
His eyes widened and he stared in a daze, not even comprehending what he saw.
On the bed, Xin Lan tensed and straightened up, turning to the door. “What …” He furrowed his brows and stared at the person that stood there with a pale face.
“Senior Xin Lan …” The woman below him reached up, her hands brushing up his chest, followed by her lips.
Xiang Yu’s eyes widened even further. What were they doing?!
Xin Lan frowned and gnashed his teeth. This guy! First, he vanished from the Yun Zou Sect without a word. Now, he suddenly barged in while he was trying to enjoy his break!
The woman still hadn’t noticed the person in the door. Her hands found their way onto his back and her nails scratched his skin. “Senior Xin Lan, what’s the problem? You don’t want to continue? Am I not doing it right?” Her lips brushed his chest again, trying to regain his attention.
Xin Lan’s brows twitched. That fallen god was still staring at him as if he was the most offensive thing he had ever seen. How was he supposed to continue like this?!
Xiang Yu watched in horror as the woman’s lips move upward to Xin Lan’s jaw, her voluptuous body twisting and pressing up against him. Xin Lan’s eyes narrowed in response, his grab on her hips tightening. He turned back to her as if he wanted to ignore him and just continue.
Xiang Yu pointed at him, his arm trembling. “What do you think you’re doing?!”
The woman finally noticed him. She looked over and gave a yelp, scrambling to get away as far as possible. She lost her grab on Xin Lan’s body and fell from his lap, exposing the rest of his body.
Xin Lan took a deep breath to calm down while he cursed incessantly in his head. He got up, picked his robe from the ground and threw it over his shoulders before he approached Xiang Yu. He stopped right in front of the spot where Xiang Yu was pointing and raised his brows. “That’s not the question. The question is: What do you think you’re doing here?”

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