LBM C8 How to Catch a Fairy (1): A Beauty!

It was in the middle of the winter, snow covered the ground and softened the sounds of the disciples that had gotten up early to train. The younger ones were huddled in three layers of clothes, enviously looking at their senior martial brothers who had already reached a level where they didn’t need to worry about the cold anymore and could go about their lives as usual.
Ah, just look at them! How they elegantly fought in their white robes, their movements blurring in front of the sparkling backdrop. While they, on the other hand, already felt that moving around was too troublesome.
Just then one of the elegant senior martial brothers froze, allowing his opponent to strike him. The white sleeve ripped and blood stained the fabric red. The disciple wearing it didn’t notice though. He just stared at the foot of the hill unblinking as if in a trance.
His opponent frowned and turned around, finally noticing what had claimed his martial brother’s attention to this degree.
A Beauty.
It was a Beauty.
While their other junior martial brothers still insisted on wearing the white sect robes, basically turning themselves into living snowmen, this beauty had put on a vermilion robe that was only halfway covered by a furred, black overcoat. His hair was brushed out of his face, exposing a pair of bright, black eyes that shimmered like diamonds, gently arched eyebrows that seemed to be painted by a virtuous calligrapher, and a small nose that guided one’s gaze to the pair of petal-like lips below.
With each step the Beauty took, the black overcoat would sway lightly, exposing a bit more of that vermilion robe and the pair of slender legs below. If he just focused enough, he could even see how those hips seductively swayed with each step. The Beauty reached up to brush back an imaginary hair and exposed a fair hand that didn’t seem to be made to be exposed to such cold weather. It really made one want to rush over and offer a hand warmer.
Shen Lei’s gaze brushed over the Beauty’s body appreciatively and his eyes narrowed. He had never seen somebody like this. Calling him a Beauty might already be an insult. No, this wasn’t a mere Beauty. This was a fairy that had descended from Heaven!
Which left him with one question: How did one catch a fairy?

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