OMF V6C114 Selfish for Once

Xiang Yu once again stopped in front of that palace that he had visited so often after he had fallen and figured out how to enter the High Heavens. Since then Tian had been his only haven but that haven already belonged to somebody else. It was … truly a pity.
“Tian!” He called out, his voice still hoarse from his tears.
Fabric rustled and steps sounded and the door was pushed open from inside. That handsome man looked at him expressionlessly. “You’re back already? I guess you haven’t come to collect the person you left behind here?”
Xiang Yu shook his head and waited for Tian to come over. He couldn’t help but step closer when Tian had almost reached him. He leaned against him, put his cheek against his chest and listened to his heartbeat. Ah, at the very least, there was still this person that didn’t mind him coming close.
Xiang Yu’s eyes that had involuntarily closed opened again and he looked up at Tian in confusion. “Tian … somebody … touched me today.”
“Mn. Actually, there were two people. One of them patted my head and the other one … he pinched my cheeks.”
Tian’s usually expressionless face finally showed a hint of surprise and his brows raised. Somebody would pat a fallen god’s head and even dare to pinch his cheeks? “You must have met some exceptional people today then. Did you leave the demon realm?”
Xiang Yu nodded. “Yes. I … went to find that fake dragon. He was in the human capital. He … he asked me to help somebody he knew and brought me over. That person … patted my head. He was very gentle. He’s very beautiful too!”
“That’s nice.”
“Mn. I think so too.”
“Then why didn’t you stay there?”
“They … they’re both … taken already. That man who patted my head is married and the other one … his lover is the one I brought here.”
“I see.” Tian waited but Xiang Yu didn’t speak up again. He sighed. “Xiang Yu, why have you come?”
“I … I thought about what you said before. That there would be … somebody I could love. But the only person I’ve ever loved is Yan Xia. So … could it be Yan Xia was already reincarnated? You know, don’t you?”
“Naturally, I know.”
“Then … can you tell me?”
Tian looked at him and then turned to the palace behind him. “Do you really want to know?”
“What kind of life does he have? Is he a demon again? If he isn’t …” Xiang Yu looked down and his cheeks flushed. Maybe they had another chance? Maybe … things didn’t need to end like that.
Tian glanced at him and sighed. “Wasn’t it enough? He used you. From the moment he first saw you, he used you. Do you really want to go through that again?”
“So he’s a demon once more?” Xiang Yu’s expression dimmed, his black eyes turning dull. Ah, why had he hoped? Wasn’t it obvious … that he wouldn’t have that much luck?
Tian shook his head. “He isn’t. He’s living in the mortal realm but he already has a lover. They’re separated right now but they are very much in love. There … is no place for you in his heart.”
Xiang Yu turned away and took a few, unsteady steps. “No place … for me …” Well … Why had he expected anything else? Yan Xia hadn’t loved him back then. Why would he suddenly fall for him in another life?
“Xiang Yu.”
Xiang Yu turned around at that voice, his expression still crestfallen.
Tian sighed. “Some things just aren’t meant to be. Why yearn for a man that shouldn’t be with you? He made you unhappy. He turned you into a fallen god. Why can’t you let go?”
“How could I let go?” Xiang Yu looked at the sky above them and his lips curved up in something like a twisted smile. “Because everything … reminds me of him. We watched those stars together, we felt that breeze together, we … lived and died together. Why … couldn’t he be my other half? The person … destined for me?”
Tian didn’t answer. Who knew why fate was so strange? Even he as the supreme ruler of all the realms couldn’t do anything about it.
“What is it?”
“Can I … do another trial?”
“If that is what you want, then I’ll make it possible.”
Xiang Yu nodded. “I … want to forget for a while. I … want to feel love and … happiness. I want a normal life.”
“Then you will get that.” Tian turned to the side and his steps took him out of the capital to where the source of the big river lay. He took out a vial and gathered some of the water before he returned to the spot where Xiang Yu was waiting. He added some of his magic, closed the vial and handed it to Xiang Yu. “Just drink this and it’ll be like the trial of any god. Make sure your body is safe though.”
“Mn, I’ll leave it here when the time comes.” Xiang Yu put the vial away and looked up at Tian again. “Then … there’s this dragon. His soul is badly injured and I’d like to help him. You wouldn’t mind if I …”
“No, take whatever you need.”
“Mn.” Xiang Yu nodded and gave a slight smile. “Then … I’ll leave you to Xing again. That … that person over there … I’ll let him stay here for a while longer, yes?”
“Yes. It’s not a problem. He won’t bother us.”
“Mn, that’s good then.” Xiang Yu nodded again and finally stepped back. He took a last look at Tian and then left the capital, going to the source of the big river where Tian had just been.
He took some of the water, dug up a few handfuls of the earth from the riverbed and got up again. With this, he should have enough to heal that dragon. Now, only one thing remained for him to do.
He sighed and put the jar with the earth away. “You’ll have to forgive me. Both of you. It … might be selfish but I want to be selfish for once. Can’t I be?”

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