OMF V6C94 In the Name of Education

While Xin Lan brought Xiang Yu to the Yun Zou Sect, Qiu Ling had already started to gather the ingredients for another Amethyst Lightning Pill. He couldn’t help but hesitate after he found all the herbs though. This was just something he was supposed to do because some of the ingredients could be used for the pills on the old geezer’s list. He didn’t know which though and some of them would require him to hunt down beasts again that would then lose their lives if he couldn’t exchange them again. That wasn’t too good. If he could avoid harming them, he would do so. But if he only gathered the other materials …
Qiu Ling turned to where the Glowing Sea was. He really … didn’t want to dive in there again. Never mind that his beloved already knew about his heritage, he still didn’t want to take on that form. It was better if it stayed hidden just in case.
But then … He pursed his lips and finally turned around, hurrying back to the Yun Zou Sect. Why should he wait for that Xin Lan to go and fetch the lists? Never mind the one with the people but he could at least get the one with the ingredients himself, couldn’t he? Then he would already be able to go and gather some of them. Wasn’t that much better? Then whoever would refine that pill would already have the ingredients! Even if a few were still missing, finding those couldn’t be that difficult.
He finally reached the familiar sect grounds. Seeing the place where Jing Yi had lived before and the small house where he had just moved in, he couldn’t help but feel dejected. How come he and Jing He always had to separate? First Jing He had to go on that trial just when they had decided to get married, then even in the trial, Jing Yi would first leave for the Yun Zou Sect, then he was imprisoned in some secret realm, and now he was even kidnapped and held hostage by some fallen god. Was this that stupid Fate’s Scribe? He’d pay that guy back after Jing He returned!
Qiu Ling hovered in the air with a sad expression. Ah, but by then … Jing Yi would be gone. It would also be a little sad. Jing Yi was … He tilted his head and pondered. Jing Yi was Jing He’s mortal reincarnation and that was what had made him love him in the first place. But that didn’t mean that Jing Yi wasn’t lovely on his own. He was … he was very lovely. Just very different from Jing He too.
In the ten years he had tried to woo Jing He, he had seldom seen him smile a genuine smile or cry tears of sadness. Jing He had always kept all that to himself as if he didn’t dare to confide in him. That was … quite sad. He wanted Jing He to trust him enough to do these things! But, well, it seemed it wasn’t that easy. Not for his immortal self, at least.
With Jing Yi, it had always been different. He had seen him grow up. Other than the times they had been separated, he had accompanied every one of his steps. There was nothing holding them back in showing everything of themselves to the other. And that was … a beautiful feeling.
Imagining that this wouldn’t be possible anymore after Jing He returned … it did make him sad somehow even though he longed to see Jing He at the same time. He really didn’t understand.
Ah, Jing He … His Jing He, why couldn’t he be a little more open with him? Wasn’t he his fiance? There was no need to hold anything back, was there?
Qiu Ling sighed and shook his head. Whatever. It was still quite a bit of time until then. Jing Yi would still live a while longer. He didn’t need to think about it right now. He could … still wait for a few more years before he started to worry. Until then, he should make sure that everything else was in order again.
He rushed to the house where Leng Jin Yu and Jinde were living and barged right in. There shouldn’t be anything those two didn’t want him to know, right? And it was the middle of the day. They shouldn’t be …
“Mn, my dear husband …” Jinde’s cloyingly sweet voice came from one of the rooms in the back.
“Don’t be like this. Didn’t you tell Xin Lan to come over? What if he —”
“Aiya, don’t be like this. Xin Lan knows about us. Why would he care? Come on now …”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. How mean! Half of this was his father’s fault but here he was enjoying himself with his lover. That guy wasn’t taking responsibility at all! He should go and remind him that there was something like that.
Qiu Ling marched over to the door and crossed his arms over his chest. Hmph. Look at this! Those two were really lying in bed together!
Leng Jin Yu had the decency to look up and look sheepish when he heard somebody come in. He reached for the blanket to cover Jinde’s body further but his lover didn’t seem to mind showing skin. He very naturally sprawled on the bed, his slender fingers reaching out to touch his lover’s naked chest.
“Jinde …” Leng Jin Yu motioned to the door but Jinde didn’t care.
Wasn’t it just that bear child? He also knew that they were married. What was so bad about letting him see a bit? He should also know about that kind of thing. Otherwise, what would that poor crown prince do in the future? Mn, in the name of education … he should give him a demonstration with his dear husband …

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