LBM C7 The Very Best Cultivator (5): A Formidable Secret Technique

The sight up on the stage was really something different. The cultivator opposite Luo Lin was wearing a sedate green robe and had bound his hair with a simple green ribbon, making him look a lot like a scholar. Not even the fact that he was holding a sword in his hand could disturb this scholarly appearance.
Yun Bei Fen tilted his head. There was one thing he found rather strange about this cultivator though. He turned to the person next to him who happened to be one of the white-clad cultivators from their Teng Yong Sect and tugged at his sleeve. “Senior martial brother, what happened to that brother’s face? Why is there blood on it? Did my third senior martial brother hurt him very much?”
The senior martial brother didn’t even look to Yun Bei Fen and instead fixated the two people on top of the stage. “Uh, that … might be.”
“Then why does it look as if my third senior martial brother is only running away?” Yun Bei Fen blinked and watched how Luo Lin escaped yet another slash of that sword.

Well, calling it ‘escaping’ was a little much. The sword hit. It was just that it didn’t hit Luo Lin directly but instead added another rip into the sleeve of his robe, exposing a sliver of fair skin beneath. Luo Lin gave a yelp and retreated back further while his opponent took a labored breath.
There was a lull in the fight before Luo Lin’s opponent finally dashed toward him again, waving his sword.
“Ah!” Luo Lin raised his arms, his sleeves dancing in the wind, coincidentally arriving right in front of that sword. This time a whole portion was cut off, resulting in a gaping hole that made the disciples below the stage suck in a breath of cold air.
“Great!” One of them called out and slapped his chest. “Better fight a little faster, brother! Can’t let the Elders see this!”
The disciple next to him nodded sagely. “Right, right. Someone might die of high blood pressure. Can’t risk losing one of them.”
“You have my admiration, brothers. You’re still able to think of the Elders right now.”
“It’s the strategy. Try to think of one of the Elders. It’ll make it easier to remain standing here.”
Nodding could be seen below the stage while above, the chase once again began. The blade swished through the air and this time, it almost hit Luo Lin’s shoulder. But as if Yun Bei Fen’s third senior martial brother had a sixth sense, he managed to take a small step at the right time. The blade cut through the thin fabric once again. The cut connected with another one and … the sleeve finally fell.
“Ah!” Luo Lin rushed away while the cultivator in the green robe seemed to have to fight back another mouthful of blood.
Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes. It seemed … his third senior martial brother knew a very formidable secret technique! He was the one almost getting cut each time but the other person was the one throwing up blood. This was really too mysterious!
The cultivator grimaced and dashed after Luo Lin. He caught up to him just when Luo Lin reached the edge of the stage and turned back around. He hurriedly slashed out toward him, hoping to force this slippery sprite off the stage. He really couldn’t take this any longer!
Luo Lin gave another yelp and his willowy waist bent to evade the strike. The sword … cut through yet another layer of fabric and something fell to the ground.
“Oh!” The disciples in the audience craned their necks, some of them also reaching up to their faces to wipe away some blood.
Luo Lin dashed to the side, his robe loosely fluttering around his body, exposing two slender legs. With only a small space at his disposal, Luo Lin collided with the other disciple. They whirled in a circle and finally fell down from the stage together.
“Ah!” Luo Lin clung to the other man and managed to soften his fall.
The man groaned when he hit the ground and his eyes bulged when he took a look above him.
Luo Lin shrieked in response and slapped his face on reflex. Then he dashed up and away.
The lips of the Elder who was responsible for judging the fight twitched. Finally, he cleared his throat and declared Luo Lin the winner. Whether it was fair or not, the other disciple had touched the ground first.
Once again, the disciple groaned. He certainly wouldn’t have ever imagined losing in such a way! He turned to the side and stiffly got to his feet again. When he turned away from the stage to return to his fellow disciples from his sect … He suddenly found himself in front of a white-clad disciple from the Teng Yong Sect that towered above him by two heads. And this disciple … had narrowed his eyes and was currently cracking his knuckled. It seemed … he should learn from his previous opponent.
The disciple in the green robe whirled around and ran. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as fast as Luo Lin in terms of running and he definitely wasn’t as fast as Shen Lei.

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