OMF V6C93 Let’s Call Him a Former Lover

Xiang Yu leaned back as far as Xin Lan leaned forward, his eyes widening. What was this guy trying to do?
“Alternatively …” Xin Lan reached out as if he wanted to touch him.
Xiang Yu jumped away and hid behind the corner. “No.”
“No to turning my feelings into eternal gratitude? Or … to the alternative?” Xin Lan approached the corner with a smile. He didn’t even need to act. He really felt that … this was quite fun. Just look at his expression! When had he ever seen a fallen god look like this? And he hadn’t even threatened him. He was just talking about feelings.
“I …” Xiang Yu’s lips moved but he finally stopped talking and hid further behind the corner. Only a pair of widened eyes peeked out behind it while his long hair fell to the side like a black veil.
Xin Lan’s eyes narrowed. If this had been before he met Jinde … this might actually have tempted him. He wasn’t that much into the innocent type but he did enjoy to hunt. And this person … with how he retreated two steps as soon as he took one toward him, he did entice him. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad to play a bit with him. Xin Lan’s lips curved further and he leaned against the wall again, waiting for Xiang Yu’s reaction.
The fallen god didn’t budge. He stayed behind the corner and stared at Xin Lan, looking out for any movement.
The two of them reached an impasse.
Xin Lan crossed his arms in front of his chest and raised his chin. Mn. How curious. It seemed that despite his erroneous belief that he was into him, this fallen god didn’t think much of him in return. If anything, he saw him as a danger he should evade. Well, with how he had fallen because of a love trial, that wasn’t too surprising.
“Do you detest the thought of me being in love with you that much?”
Xiang Yu’s head bobbed up and down. He didn’t want this guy to like him! That wasn’t a real dragon! He couldn’t love. It would just end in disaster again. And anyway, Tian had said that he would find somebody to love in the future. Why should he waste himself on this bad person?
“Then you want me gone.”
Xiang Yu nodded again but still didn’t speak. The less he said the better. That fake dragon should leave soon if he kept mum, shouldn’t he?
“But … I think I like what I see more and more.” He pushed himself off the wall and took a step to the corner. “Ah, the way you try to hide from me, covering your slender body and exposing your beautiful eyes that sparkle in the dark …”
Xiang Yu’s eyes widened.
“You really know how to make a man lose his mind, don’t you?”
Xiang Yu shook his head and hid even further behind the corner.
“Mn, that’s what you say but … Why do I feel that it’s not the truth? I really can’t imagine that this is only my one-sided affection. Are you sure you do not want to accept my feelings?” He took another step toward the corner only to find the fallen god retreat further.
Only one of those black eyes was exposed now and not even the black mark between his brows could be seen. Xin Lan raised his brows. Mn … Not too bad. He had probably been very pretty before his fall. No wonder a demon had found him to be enough to his liking to marry him. The demons might not be able to feel but they appreciated beauty. A pretty thing like him should be able to strike a nerve with some of them. Especially paired with that innocent retreat.
Xin Lan looked at the fingers that had curled around the wall until his joints turned white. He smiled and raised his hands in defense. “Alright, you do not want me. I’ll have to accept that. But I really can’t promise that I’ll be able to stop myself from loving you. You’re … so enticing.”
“No?” His eyes narrowed. “I think you are.”
Xiang Yu pursed his lips. Why was this guy so persistent? Hadn’t he already said that he didn’t like him? “What do you want?”
“Didn’t I say that already? I want you to … help me. There’s this friend I have …”
“You don’t have friends!”
“Alright. Then let’s call him a former lover.”
Xiang Yu blinked and exposed his second eye again. He didn’t question that explanation at all. This guy certainly had a lot of former lovers.
Xin Lan’s lips twitched but he forced himself to continue. “He got into an accident and his soul was badly hurt. As you said I’m not like the other dragons. I can’t stay true to anyone. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll forget about my former partners just like that. Since we separated on good terms and he also has a new lover now who he is happily married with, I feel that I should help those two out a bit.”
Xiang Yu nodded. That was actually quite decent of him. Maybe he wasn’t that bad after all.
“So … since you know how to heal a soul could you maybe help me out a little?”
“These two … are they dragons?”
Xin Lan looked to the destroyed window and sighed. “My former lover is. As for his husband, he was a dragon in his past life and back then, he joined his soul with him. When he was reincarnated as a human, they met again and finally got together again. The only thing keeping them from finding true happiness is my lover’s injured soul. He is weakened very much. His husband … worries about him day and night. Such a beautiful pair, just a single look tells you how much they love each other.”
Xiang Yu tilted his head. That did sound like a couple that should receive help. “Then … I could take a look.”
“That would be great. Come then.” He reached out but Xiang Yu ignored his hand.
“Where do they live? I’ll go there on my own.”
“I doubt I can send a fallen god over there just like that. Won’t they be scared? Don’t worry, I’ll lead you there.” He turned away and left the teahouse, not caring at all that he was supposed to wait for Qiang Yan to contact them. Why should he? A secret realm for his Master to hide in would only be necessary if he wasn’t healed. But if his soul was returned to its original state … What would he care about Jin Ling? A child such as him wouldn’t be able to hurt the previous dragon king. Not in his dreams.

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