OMF V1C130 We’re Way More Handsome!

Hong Bao looked at him doubtfully. Even though he was a demon hunter … could he really have a weapon that was better than the one the Goddess of Love had told her about? She furrowed her brows. “Are you sure that’s a good idea? Wouldn’t you need to kill him then?”
Liu Cheng sighed and reached out, grabbing Hong Bao by the shoulders. It seemed he couldn’t leave it at this. He had to make sure she didn’t get any weird ideas. “Alright, listen, I know you’re a good girl and you don’t want to injure anybody but as someone from the Chun Feng Sect, I can tell you that sometimes we have to make hard decisions. If he isn’t killed, then your darling will die and most likely many other people with him.”

Hong Bao’s eyes widened. What? Shun Tao wouldn’t be the only one who was punished because of what had happened with the crown prince?! She had never heard of this! Ah, most likely Shun Tao had been worried that she wouldn’t be able to deal with it so he had kept it to himself to make sure she wouldn’t suffer. Ah, Shun Tao was so nice!
Hong Bao tightened her lips. Shun Tao was doing so much for her. She couldn’t be faint-hearted any longer! She had to do everything she could to make sure he wouldn’t get killed.
She looked up at Liu Cheng and nodded. “Alright. Then … when will you go? Shun Tao …”
Liu Cheng let go of her shoulders and furrowed his brows. Right. There was still her darling that might die if he didn’t do something soon. The demon hunter sighed, looked at the house next to them and procured a rope with a hook at its end from his spatial bracelet. Of course, he didn’t need it. It was just as to not scare the girl even further. “Then I’ll go now. Don’t worry. I’ll kill the demon and save your darling.”
“Mn!” Hong Bao nodded but didn’t say anything else. Instead, she watched Liu Cheng get to work. Actually, even though she was grateful that he wanted to help her, she didn’t have high expectations that he could do anything to the crown prince. After all, he couldn’t even tell a god from a demon! Not that she herself had ever seen a demon. But there certainly was a difference, wasn’t there?
Meanwhile, Liu Cheng threw the rope, secured the hook on top of the wall, and started to climb up. A little further than half of the way up, he stopped. Was someone tugging at the rope?
He looked down and his eyes went wide. “Little girl, what’s with that? Why are you climbing up, too?” He really wanted to cry right now. Why had he insisted on using the rope when he could have just jumped over? Screw scaring her! Now, what if she followed him in and was hurt?!
“I’m helping you, of course!” Hong Bao climbed even faster. “What are you waiting for? Can’t you hold on? How about I climb up first and help you up after that?”
Liu Cheng had nothing to retort. He wanted to advise her to climb back down but in the end, he shook his head and climbed on top of the wall. Forget it. There was nothing to be done. He’d just have to keep an eye on her lest she ran into trouble.
Thankfully, he was already prepared for trouble because Hong Bao had the rare talent to attract all sorts of trouble. She managed to display this talent of hers once again right after climbing down the wall on the other side. As soon as she walked up to the rooms where the Zhong family stayed Qiang Wei shot out of the building, prepared to fight whoever dared to disturb the family of his king’s beloved.
The dragon looked from Hong Bao to the man following her and he frowned. “Hong Bao, did you know someone was following you?”
Hong Bao blinked and looked around. Someone was following her? She hadn’t noticed at all! When she still couldn’t see anyone, she turned back to Qiang Wei. “I just came because of the crown prince.”
“Uh, yeah, he’s inside. I’ll take you there in a bit.” Qiang Wei hadn’t been there when she talked to Qiu Ling so he didn’t suspect her at all. Considering the way she had behaved in the teahouse, he just thought she had been negligent and somehow attracted a strange person.
He turned to examine the demon hunter that was eying him warily. Who would have thought there would be someone in the mortal realm who could see him even though he had shrouded his form with spiritual energy to be hidden from mortal eyes? This man was likely dangerous. He couldn’t let him get close to his king’s beloved! “I believe you have no business here, so please leave.”
Liu Cheng snorted. “Don’t waste your breath, demon! I, Liu Cheng, will make sure you won’t be harming any human from this day forth!” He took out a sword and charged at Qiang Wei without wasting another word. The edge of the blade glinted in the last sunlight of the day.
Hong Bao looked at the two men, pursed her lips and went deeper into the house. Since this friendly big brother wanted to help her, she couldn’t waste his effort! Now, where was the crown prince? She didn’t have much time to scratch him with that weapon.
Qiang Wei grimaced. Why was this happening to him? He had only come to deliver some wine, damn it! He wanted to go back to guard the real body of the crown prince. At least that task had some prestige to it considering how much their king valued His Highness.
But now here he was, attacked by some strange guy and being accused of being a demon. Qiang Wei sighed. “Looks like I’ll have to educate this fool. Dragons aren’t demons. We’re way more handsome than them!”

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