OMF V1C132 I’ll Tell My Father

“Ah, there, that’s her!” One of the gods guarding Yin Lin Lin’s palace motioned at Hong Bao when she came to report that her plan had worked out.
The person currently clinging to him glanced over and raised his brows. “Are you sure?”
“Of course, one of the maids told me.”
“One of the maids …”
The guard froze. “That … It’s not what you think!” he tried to hold onto him but the person had already slipped out of his grasp.
“I should have known! You’re just a good-for-nothing! I’ll go and tell my father about this!” With that, he turned around and ran.
The guard stared blankly before running after him. “Ru Zhen, Ru Zhen! I’m sorry! I definitely won’t even look at them anymore! Please, I’ll do anything you want. Just don’t tell your father!”

Unfortunately for him, Ru Zhen had already run far away and didn’t even look back. He made his way directly over to his father’s palace, even though he didn’t intend to tell on that guard. No, rather than that he went there to save his own skin!
Ru Zhen barged into his father’s study without knocking and rushed over, slipping onto his lap. “Father!”
Li Yin waved the official away that had just been reporting to him before turning to his son. “Who made you unhappy, dear?”
Ru Zhen leaned his head against his father’s shoulder and looked at him pitifully. “Father, you won’t let anyone harm me, will you?”
“Of course not.”
“Even if it’s the God of War?”
“Even if it’s the God of War. So what happened?”
“Well … It could be that I … made a little mistake. It’s really a very, very small one. Nothing to speak of.”
Li Yin combed through his son’s hair with his fingers. If this really was something that wasn’t worth mentioning, then his son wouldn’t be here. “Just tell your father. I’ll find a way to protect you.”
Ru Zhen hugged his father’s neck and kissed his cheek. “Father is the best! Well, it could be that I wasn’t as alert as I should have been when I was on duty today and somehow, somebody slipped past us.”
“That ‘us’, is it referring to you and Gang Tai?”
“Father!” Ru Zhen furrowed his brows. “How is that important?”
“Sh, don’t get angry. I’m just trying to understand what happened so I can help you better. So?”
“Well, yes. Gang Tai was with me.”
“Mn. Then what did that person do?”
“They stole something.”
“From the God of War’s palace?” Li Yin furrowed his brows. This wasn’t good! There weren’t many things kept at the God of War’s palace but those that were weren’t something that could be taken out casually. “What did the person take?”
“Some weapon.”
Li Yin silently looked at his son, waiting for him to confess the rest.
Ru Zhen kept quiet for a moment before looking away. “Some dagger that was kept there since the last war with the demons.”
Li Yin’s eyes widened. “The … Ru Zhen! How could you let someone steal such a weapon?”
“Don’t be like this! I also know I did wrong!”
Li Yin sighed and rubbed his brow. If this wasn’t his own son, he would call for someone to drag him out and imprison him already. Unfortunately … he couldn’t do that to his own son, could he? No, he had to find a way to protect him. “Who knows about this?”
“The stolen dagger? Well, me, that Yin Lin Lin, quite a few people of her palace, the servant that stole the dagger and maybe the God of War.”
“The God of War already knows? And what does Yin Lin Lin have to do with this?”
“It seems this was her idea. She told that servant girl to get that dagger and go kill someone with it. I don’t know the specifics but it seems like this has to do with the Fate’s Scribe too. Ah, maybe he also knows?”
Li Yin closed his eyes. This was already such a big issue … “Then the God of War?”
“Well … I also don’t know how much he found out. He was quite normal but then he sent me to investigate in Yin Lin Lin’s palace. That’s where I found out that the dagger was gone.”
“I see.” Li Yin opened his eyes and looked at his son intently. “Ru Zhen, from now on, you can’t tell anyone about this. I’ll go and take care of it but if you have to see the Heavenly Emperor because of this, then you knew that the dagger was gone from the beginning. You were just investigating. Do you understand?”
Ru Zhen tilted his head. “So I … let that servant girl get away intentionally to follow her and find out what she was planning?”
“Mn. But only if there is no other way. I will try to handle it on my own first so that you won’t need to be involved.”
“Alright. I knew I could count on you!” Ru Zhen kissed his cheek and wanted to get up but Li Yin pulled him back.
“You stay here. Don’t leave my study until I come back and tell you that everything is cleared up.”
Ru Zhen pursed his lips but still nodded. “Then what about Gang Tai?”
“I’ll try to keep him out of harm’s way but you come first. Ru Zhen …” Li Yin got up and cupped his son’s face. “If my help isn’t enough, then you know what to do. Don’t think about me or Gang Tai or anyone else. Just take care of yourself.”
Ru Zhen reached up and covered his father’s hands. “How could that be? Father is so great. Nothing will happen to me if you’re the one taking care of it.”
Li Yin chuckled. “Alright then. Your father will go and deal with it. Just wait for my good news.” With that, the God of Justice left his palace.
Those people … they better shouldn’t think of blaming his son for the stupidity of some goddess. Even if they wanted to, he wouldn’t let them. Nobody could hurt his son!

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