OMF V1C113 Junior Martial Sister Is Forgetful

A man in a dark green robe waited in front of the gates to the capital of the Long kingdom, his gaze scanning the crowd of people in front of him as if he was searching for something. Whatever it was, he didn’t seem to find it and finally retracted his gaze.
In front of him, a girl in an orange dress hopped up and down, trying to look over the queue waiting to enter the capital herself. “Why are there so many people today of all days?” She furrowed her brows and leaned to the side, trying to look past them this way to see how long she would still have to wait before she could enter the capital.
The man behind her slightly raised his brows but didn’t react otherwise and just waited for his turn.
Finally, the girl in the orange dress arrived in front of the guards. She looked at them with a smile and since she didn’t have any luggage, she wanted to enter directly.
One of them held her back. “Your token of identification?”
The girl stared at him in confusion. Token of identification? What was that?
Behind her, the man in the green robe put a hand to his forehead. She had waited this long in front of the gates and hadn’t even brought her token of identification? Just what was going on in her head? Seeing that she was young and eager to enter the capital, he couldn’t help but become a little soft-hearted.
He cleared his throat and stepped forward. “Junior martial sister, you wouldn’t have forgotten to bring your token of identification again, would you?” Without waiting for her to respond, he turned to the guard and handed his own token of identification over, a dark green jade that formed a complicated seal.
The guard looked at it in confusion first before his eyes widened. Wasn’t this the identification jade of the Chun Feng Sect?!
Before he had time to ask, the man in the green robe already clasped his fists and bowed. “I apologize for my junior martial sister. I am Liu Cheng of the Chun Feng Sect and was sent here on my Master’s orders to investigate a report about demonic activities that was sent from the capital. I know it is somewhat against rules to let my junior martial sister in without her presenting her token of identification but maybe it would be enough as long as I act as her guarantor?”
The guard’s mouth opened and closed and he couldn’t get a word out, only staring at the green token in his hands again. This was someone from the Chun Feng Sect! He already wanted to motion inside and let them go when the guard on the other side furrowed his brows.
“If she is your martial sister, then why isn’t she wearing the sect’s robes?”
Liu Cheng smiled. “It is to make investigating more convenient. Drawing too much attention to our status might affect things if this is a higher-leveled demon who is able to take on a human form.”
The two guards exchanged a glance. If this was anybody else, they certainly wouldn’t believe such a story. But this was a disciple of the Chun Feng Sect! This sect might not be as big as other righteous cultivation sects and might not even be part of the highest ranked sects in the cultivation world but it was certainly one of the best-known sects in the secular world. After all, this was the sect that had become famous for moving against the demons that sneaked into human society and caused trouble everywhere. There wasn’t any person that wouldn’t be able to tell at least one story about the good deeds this sect had achieved!
Holding someone from such a sect back … Neither of the guards felt good when imagining it. And why should this person lie about the woman next to him being his junior martial sister? A righteous cultivator shouldn’t do something like that.
The guard finally cleared his throat. “Well, if it’s like that, then we certainly can’t hold you back here and delay the Chun Feng Sect’s business. Please pass.” He motioned inside and even clasped his fists and bowed.
Liu Cheng happily returned the gesture. “Thank you very much.” Then he looked at the girl beside him and smiled. “Junior martial sister, shouldn’t you also thank these gentlemen? You’ve caused trouble for them with being so forgetful.”
The girl, who was none other than Hong Bao who had arrived in the mortal realm a little off the mark, stared at the man. He was quite good-looking with a pair of bright eyes. His smile was a little restrained but not unfriendly, giving off a feeling of someone who was actually a nice person but had trouble showing it. If it hadn’t been for Shun Tao … Ah, no, if she hadn’t become a deity, she might have fallen in love with such a man.
Liu Cheng raised his brows. “Junior martial sister? You don’t have to be that embarrassed. These gentlemen already agreed to let us both in. You won’t have to wait outside.” He tried indicating to her with a gaze that it would be best if she wouldn’t embarrass him as thanks for his help.
Hong Bao shook her head and pulled herself out of her thoughts, hurriedly turning to the guards. “Thank you for making an exception for me! You’re really good people, big brothers!”
The guard blushed and cleared his throat. “Uh … No problem.” Actually, he also didn’t want to make things difficult for such a cute girl. How old was she? Probably just turned fifteen? Ah, being in a righteous sect sure was different. He should also have become a disciple when he was young …
Liu Cheng straightened up and motioned inside. “After you, junior martial sister.”
Hong Bao smiled back at him and happily skipped inside. Ah, even though she hadn’t managed to land right inside the capital, it hadn’t been too difficult to get here, after all. Since this was her first time coming here, it could still be considered quite the success. Now, she could really help Shun Tao if she managed to find that crown prince in the capital! Ah, and it was all thanks to this friendly big brother!
Hong Bao turned around to him with a big grin, rooting Liu Cheng to the spot.

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