OMF V1C112 Just a Friendly Spar

Qiang Yan smiled when he saw Leng Jin Yu react like this. Sure enough, this person was able to see through matters clearly and could adapt quickly. Not bad. He lowered his own speed a little and turned around, meeting Leng Jin Yu’s attack. Ah, this person truly wasn’t losing any time! Qiang Yan barely held back a smile.
Leng Jin Yu on the other side furrowed his brows slightly. Something felt off. Considering this person’s strength it wouldn’t be strange for him to have concentrated more on developing that instead of his speed. But then again he had dashed forward quickly before. No, this wasn’t right.
He leaped back, leaving Qiang Yan’s attack range. The God of War almost halted. Don’t tell him he had been seen through this easily? Ah, ascended deities really were different! He wouldn’t be able to pretend in front of him this casually.
Qiang Yan dashed forward once again, making sure to put more strength and less speed into his attack. If he kept long enough at it, maybe the other person would let down his guard?
At least for the time being, Leng Jin Yu did nothing of the like. He evaded the strike and once again kept his distance from the God of War. He couldn’t best him in strength and even though the God of War had displayed the same speed as before just now, he still had his misgivings about this. Maybe he was wrong and missing out on a good opportunity but if he didn’t trust in the intuition he had developed in the human world, what could he trust in?
The two of them circled each other; Qiang Yan trying to draw Leng Jin Yu out while Leng Jin Yu for his part tried to measure Qiang Yan. Neither of them got any closer to their goal.
Qiang Yan sighed and gave up his pretension, dashing forward at his normal speed and lashing out at Leng Jin Yu. The ascended deity naturally wasn’t flustered after waiting for this to happen for so long. He once again evaded the strike and his own sword swished through the air in response.
Qiang Yan met the attack head on and grinned. Not bad at all! He really had found something good this time.
Seeing that his initial impression had been right, Qiang Yan didn’t hold back any longer. He sped up further, making Leng Jin Yu grit his teeth in response. Their swords clashed another dozen times until Qiang Yan finally managed to hold his opponent’s weapon down.
His lips curved up even further and he took his sword back.
Leng Jin Yu also sheathed his weapon and calmly looked at him. Losing to the God of War was to be expected. He wouldn’t beat himself up over that. At the very least, he had managed to hold out for a while. In the future, he would just have to train more and become better so that one day, he would be able to truly contend with him.
“It’s my nephew’s palace.”
Leng Jin Yu raised his brow and finally turned back to the palace beside the garden. The God of War’s nephew … “The Son of Heaven’s?”
Qiang Yan nodded. “I thought it might be fitting. Honestly, you’re very good at leaving out some details. If it wasn’t for the fact that I saw the Fate’s Scribe at the idle gods’ courtyard a week ago together with my brother-in-law and noticed how flustered he was, I might not have any inkling of what is going on. But that Shun Tao was truly acting too conspicuous. So …” He turned to Leng Jin Yu and his originally smiling expression turned grave. “I’d like to hear the full truth now. Is somebody targeting my nephew?”
Leng Jin Yu kept quiet for a moment. Going from a spar with swords to a spar with words this fast … The God of War truly was a man of action. In the end, he could only sigh. There truly were too many things he still had to learn.
“The God of War might be right about that. Although … things aren’t that simple. It might be that this isn’t targeting His Highness at all.”
Qiang Yan furrowed his brow. This Leng Jin Yu … he really was a good seedling. Just why couldn’t he tell the whole story in a sentence or two? Did he have to draw things out like this?!
Leng Jin Yu also saw that the God of War’s face didn’t look good but he could only sigh helplessly. “It seems his mortal fate has changed and what I said before is true. The Fate’s Scribe and I suspect that people from his palace and the daughter of the previous God of War might be involved in this.”
Qiang Yan furrowed his brow. Never mind who the suspects were for now but … “His mortal fate changed? How much?”
“Completely and several times if I understood correctly. The Fate’s Scribe adjusted while trying to investigate on his own. But the scroll of fate kept changing and he couldn’t get any results with his investigation so he decided to go and report to the Heavenly Emperor.”
“But?” Qiang Yan raised his brows. The Fate’s Scribe certainly didn’t go to see his brother-in-law. Otherwise, he certainly would have heard about that already.
“But since I had already found out what this was about by that time I talked him into not doing so and instead informing you.”
Qiang Yan tilted his head. “You do know that the person we’re talking about here is the crown prince of the Nine Heavens, don’t you? The future Heavenly Emperor? If anything happens to him … you’ll be lucky if you can keep your soul intact after death.”
Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Precisely because of that. If this is truly the work of the previous God of War’s daughter, then wouldn’t we jeopardize His Highness’ safety if the matter isn’t resolved cleanly? Maybe I judged this wrongly but in my opinion, it would be better to not alarm the perpetrators before we haven’t found evidence for their doings and are able to have the Heavenly Emperor judge them. Only that would let His Highness finish the rest of his trial in peace.”
Qiang Yan stared at him, his gaze deep. This person … was even better than he had thought. But maybe that was also the advantage of not being related to Jing He. He could judge this matter accordingly, without being weighed down by emotions.

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