OMF V1C114 Where to Find the Crown Prince?

Liu Cheng looked at the girl and couldn’t help but smile. Actually, he had never had a junior martial sister but he could imagine that it would be like this if he did. One of them making trouble and the other one following behind getting things back on track. Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but have a good feeling about this person.
“You were lucky this time. Next time you come out, you should remember to bring your token of identification.”
Hong Bao nodded. “Sure! Thank you, big brother!” Ah, she should have known about that. It might have been several years since she came to the Nine Heavens but she had lived in the mortal realm before. She shouldn’t have forgotten about something important like this! After all, the people that came by their village back then had often told stories about the times they visited the big towns and cities.

Liu Cheng also nodded but didn’t know what else to do. What was one supposed to say to a person one smuggled into the capital? “So … Do you know where to go from here?”
Hong Bao’s smile collapsed. Uh … That was a good question! She knew she had to find the crown prince, scratch him with that dagger from the God of War’s palace and then return to the Nine Heavens. It was just that she had no idea where to search for him. Shun Tao hadn’t told her much about the crown prince’s life in the mortal realm and the only things she had seen when she observed those idle gods before were some women close to the water.
So maybe … she should search for a pond or something? But where would a pond be in the capital? She didn’t know her way around here at all! How would she be able to find one before tomorrow morning?!
At this time, Hong Bao had completely forgotten that time was flowing differently in the human realm and the Nine Heavens. Or maybe it was better to say that she hadn’t really been able to understand this from the beginning. To her, a day was a day and an hour was an hour. She couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that time might flow differently at different places.
Anyway, she didn’t care for that and was pondering how to find a pond or something in the capital. Finally, her gaze fell onto the young man in front of her that was still waiting for her reply.
“Eh, big brother, have you been to the capital before?”
Liu Cheng’s lips twitched. Her eyes seemed to sparkle and even though she was cute to look at, he couldn’t help but feel that he was jeopardizing his own task right now. Maybe he shouldn’t have stepped in? Then again … What kind of man would he be if he only helped halfway? This girl obviously needed help.
“I have. Where do you need to go?”
“Mn, a place with a lot of water!”
Liu Cheng’s brows raised. “A place with a lot of water? What kind of place are you talking about?” Had he missed something about the capital? Was there a famous place with water now? Well, there was a river, wasn’t there? Maybe something had opened up there that people from all over the kingdom wanted to see?
Hong Bao could only look at him helplessly. “I don’t know!”
“You don’t know?”
She shook her head. “No. Actually, I’m searching for a person but I don’t know where he lives. I only know that someone who had to do with him had to do with water.” After all, she had seen one of those women at a river. That should be close to where the crown prince lived, shouldn’t it? She just had to find that river and then search around in the vicinity. Sooner or later, she would find the crown prince for sure!
Liu Cheng raised his brows even further. “Then, if I may ask, who is that person?”
“The crown prince!”
“The crown prince?” Liu Cheng looked at the girl. Well, she was probably cute? Considering what he had heard about the crown prince … Liu Cheng coughed. “So you were invited to the palace?”
“Palace?” Hong Bao blinked. Ah, that made sense! Naturally, the crown prince should be living in the palace! Why hadn’t she thought of that? “So where is it?”
Liu Cheng turned to look down the street where the walls of the imperial palace could be seen in the distance. Hong Bao also looked over and her eyes widened.
“Oh, so that’s where it is! Thank you, big brother! You’ve really helped me a lot!” She already turned around and wanted to run away when Liu Cheng held her back.
Hong Bao turned back to him. “What is it?”
“That …” Liu Cheng cleared his throat. “I know we’ve just met and this doesn’t concern me but are you sure you want to enter the palace? The crown prince … doesn’t have a very good reputation.”
Hong Bao’s eyes widened. Whoa! So even in the mortal realm, the crown prince’s reputation was this bad? Well, this wasn’t surprising at all. Such a person certainly couldn’t hide his bad character for long.
Liu Cheng watched her expression worriedly. Someone this young might be easily impressionable. Who knew what she had been promised? If nobody told her beforehand … “Maybe it would be better not to go if you still have the chance to change your mind.”
Hong Bao shook her head. “No, I definitely have to go! This is a matter of life and death. But don’t worry, big brother, I’ll certainly get this done!” She smiled brightly at him and then waved goodbye. “I have to go now! I only have time until tomorrow!” With that, he turned around and ran toward the imperial palace.

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