OMF V6C71 Finally His

Back in the Yun Zou Sect, Xin Lan found Jinde standing in the doorway. “Master …” He wanted to get up but Jinde shook his head.
He walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. “How are you?”
Xin Lan nodded. “Better. How long did I sleep?”
“Just a while.” Jinde smiled and Xin Lan couldn’t help and smile back.
His Master … truly was too beautiful. The afternoon sun was shining through the window, making his hair gleam as if it gave off light on his own. He really … wanted to reach out and bury his fingers in Jinde’s hair. Maybe his gaze had been too intense but Jinde smiled and leaned forward, shortening the distance between them.
“Let me take a look at the injury.” He reached out and his fingers curled around the edge of Xin Lan’s belt, opening it slowly.
Xin Lan took a deep breath and gulped. Just why … was his Master this close today? This was too tempting. If he stayed like this, he didn’t know if he could hold back.
Jinde pushed the robe out of the way and his fingers brushed across Xin Lan’s skin, making him shudder.
“How … is it? Can I go now?”
Jinde slowly took off the bandage and smiled. “You already want to go? Did I really lose my charm?”
“That …” Xin Lan closed his eyes and took another breath. “Master … you’re very beautiful. It’s just … my task …”
“Why would you think about that now?” Jinde let the bandage fall to the ground and his fingertips brushed the rim of the wound. “Don’t you want to spend some more time with me? You know taking some rest for your body and then letting your mind rest a bit, that’s all very important.” He leaned even further down, his breath brushing Xin Lan’s chest and then his lips touched the skin below the injury.
Xin Lan’s eyes flew open and widened. His heart leaped, his hands shot up and grabbed onto Jinde’s shoulders before his thoughts finally caught up to him. “Ah …” He let go and wanted to take his hands back before his Master could notice what was wrong with him.
Jinde didn’t seem to notice but he himself was also strange. He didn’t shy away. Instead, he lay down, his hair fanning out around him, part of it hugging his shoulder and spreading over the bed while the rest flowed down onto the ground. Inside that golden veil, his right hand rubbed Xin Lan’s abdomen, his nails scratching his skin.
Xin Lan exhaled. “Master …”
“Still calling me that?” Jinde reached up and extended his claws, scratching Xin Lan’s chest this time. A drop of blood trickled down. Jinde smiled and his tongue flicked out, brushing against Xin Lan’s skin and taking the blood with it.
“Master …” Xin Lan gulped. “You … What about your … husband?”
Jinde paused but finally smiled. “Why should we be limited by that curse? It’s not me who bound his soul. So let’s not think about it. Isn’t there something you’d rather do than worry?”
Xin Lan sighed. Was this really what he thought it was? He smiled and reached out. For the first time since he met Jinde, he acted on his desire and his fingers slid into Jinde’s hair, wrapping around the golden strands he had always longed to touch this way. Xin Lan took a deep breath and grabbed Jinde’s shoulder with the other hand, pulling him up on his body and pressing his lips onto Jinde’s.
The flowery scent tickled his senses and he turned them around, trapping Jinde below him. “Mn …” He took a deep breath, taking as much of his scent in as he could. “I … waited for this a very long time.”
Jinde still smiled his usual smile. “There’s no need to wait any longer. Do what you want.” He cupped his bare cheek while his other hand brushed his chest, tracing the faint line his claws had left before.
Xin Lan nodded and their lips met once again. Yes, he wouldn’t wait. He wouldn’t hold back. Since he was offered what he desired, he would take all of it. He opened Jinde’s belt, grabbed the lapel off his robe and wrested it from his shoulders.
This was actually the white robe he had worn the day when he saw his reincarnated husband again. The one that made his eyes and hair shine even brighter. Ah, back then, he had been the one to help Jinde put it on so that another man could take it off later on. Now, he was finally the one who had that pleasure.
He hummed and moved to also remove the inner robe. The fine fabric ripped in the process but he didn’t care. He threw his own clothes off and pressed Jinde down. For a moment, he remained in that position and just looked at him. He cupped his face, followed the line of his neck and his chest down to the black scars crisscrossing his abdomen. This person … was finally his.
Xin Lan smiled and hugged Jinde’s waist. “I promise you will like it.”
Jinde didn’t answer but he didn’t try to stop him when Xin Lan slid between his legs. Xin Lan gulped and pushed forward, finally entering the person of his dreams. He groaned, his eyes falling shut on their own and his body shuddering in ecstasy.
A sound from the door woke him from his reverie. His eyes flew open and he sat up abruptly. He saw something blue flash from the corner of his eye but when he looked over, nothing was there. He frowned and clenched his fists, falling down back onto the bed.
Naturally … naturally, all of this had never happened. How could he have entertained the idea that Jinde would be attracted to him that way? Even in a dream, this was too much. He furrowed his brows and his gaze slipped to the door. A sound and something blue … It couldn’t be that his Master had already come by, could it? If so, then had he seen anything?
Xin Lan listened but couldn’t pick up on anything. Mn, maybe he had still been trapped in his dreams and imagined this. But just because Jinde had not come to check on him for now, it didn’t mean that he wouldn’t do so later. Until then, he had to calm down. He definitely couldn’t let his Master see him like this or the trust they had established over the years might crumble.
Xin Lan exhaled and reached down. When he closed his eyes he once again saw the beautiful person from his dreams.

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