LWS V5C74 A Big Bird, a Small Nest

Su Yan hurriedly let go and recoiled. “Uh … Let’s forget about that. Who needs to touch the bird? You can just let it hang there.”
“Let it …” Nie Chang rubbed his forehead but didn’t dwell on it any longer. Never mind. He had always known Su Yan was special. Why should he bother saying anything to this? If his darling wanted to let it hang there, then they’d do that. For now.
He leaned down only to be greeted by a hand. “What are you doing?”
“Darling …” Nie Chang sighed. “Didn’t you say you wanted to do it with me? How come you’re so guarded now?”
Su Yan tensed. Uh … Right. He had been the one to ask. “That … Well, if you have a natural reflex to pull your bird away, then why can’t I have a natural reflex to push you away when you come close?”
Nie Chang laughed. “That’s true. Then … how about forgetting about both our natural instincts? Mn?” He leaned in again and grabbed Su Yan’s hand before his darling managed to break his real nose somehow. After all, they weren’t in a novel anymore. If he broke his nose, he’d have to let a physician take a look and then he might have to explain just how he had managed to break it. He wouldn’t be able to take that. And with how he knew his little darling, he would have to go there alone while Su Yan sat at home and worried.
“Maybe that natural instinct is there for a reason … Don’t you think your bird is too big after all?”
“Ah, let’s not worry about it. Didn’t you hear Xue Chang Fu and Yue Mu Gang?”
“What does that have to do with your bird?”
“Well, Yue Mu Gang’s probably isn’t much smaller, is it?”
Su Yan blinked. Eh? That was true … Yue Mu Gang … seemed like a guy with a really big bird. “I guess … it’s alright then. So what am I supposed to do now?”
“Ah? What do you mean?”
“Well, my mom said I just had to lie down and let you do the rest but it’s not true, is it? So what should I do?”
“Uh …” Nie Chang really didn’t know what to say to that. “Just … do what you like?”
“Hah? That doesn’t make any sense! Didn’t you want to have sex with me? How could I go and write then?”
“That’s not what I meant.” Nie Chang sighed and brushed Su Yan’s chest with his fingers. “If you feel that there’s something you like about having sex, then … let’s do more of that.” He leaned down and prevented the answer Su Yan certainly would have had with a kiss. Ah, if he didn’t urge him a little, they might not finish until the end of the day. Not that he would mind staying in bed with Su Yan all that time but who knew if they really would have their first time if things went on like this?
Su Yan kissed him back but still pondered his boyfriend’s previous words. Do more of what he liked? Well, he did like the kissing … He reached out and clung to Nie Chang’s neck. Mn, this wasn’t bad. Other than that … Did he really not need to do anything? Unfortunately, he had no idea. Mn, had he known this then he would have gone and looked what exactly that Xue Chang Fu had done when he had sex with the Elder. He certainly would have learned a lot!
Thankfully, Nie Chang had no idea what Su Yan was thinking about or he might have received another shock. Instead, he concentrated on Su Yan. Mn, preparation was especially important for the first time. He had to make sure that Su Yan was feeling good if he wanted to ever have a second time with him.
He gave Su Yan another kiss on the lips and then made his way down to his neck. This should be a good place, shouldn’t it? Even Su Yan should find this exciting, shouldn’t he? He gently pressed his lips against Su Yan’s skin but didn’t get a reaction. Nie Chang paused. Now what? Should he try again or … He glanced up but it was too dark below the blanket to see. Ah, he really wanted to push the stupid thing off but then Su Yan would get angry.
Nie Chang sighed and his breath brushed Su Yan’s neck, making him tense. Oh gosh! Were they already starting?! He wasn’t prepared, ah! What about his nest? It wasn’t a big nest! What if some twigs broke?!
Nie Chang sighed again. Hadn’t his darling just relaxed? How come he was suddenly tensing again? Had he done something wrong?
Su Yan shuddered when another puff of breath hit his neck. It wasn’t cold under the blanket but with Nie Chang’s breath hitting him, he suddenly felt hot. Ah! Maybe transmigrating had taken a toll on his body and now he was getting sick?! Then they should stop now!
Before he could suggest stopping here, Nie Chang had leaned down again, his lips tracing the line of Su Yan’s neck. “Don’t worry, Darling. I love you. I won’t do anything you feel uncomfortable with.”
“Oh.” Su Yan relaxed again. That was also right. Nie Chang wasn’t that type of person. He had no reason to worry. Even if the bird was very big and the nest was very small, Nie Chang would certainly rearrange the twigs very carefully so that the nest wouldn’t be damaged. Mn, there was absolutely no reason to be wary. Instead, he should help his boyfriend so he could take care of the nest more easily.
Thus Su Yan spread his legs open, making his boyfriend stop and stare into the darkness under the blanket in a daze.
Just what … had happened just now?

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