LWS V5C75 Should I Help You?

Nie Chang had no idea how to proceed. Well, it wasn’t that he didn’t know theoretically what should come next but his brain couldn’t catch up with Su Yan’s sudden change in opinion. First, he agreed to have sex, then he got anxious whenever something happened and now he suddenly got proactive? Could someone explain? Could he take his phone and call Madam Su to contemplate life with her? He really felt lost here.
Su Yan pursed his lips when his boyfriend didn’t react. He reached out and slapped his chest. “Heh! Ah Chang, what’s with you? Didn’t you want to have sex with me? Then shouldn’t you make sure the nest is alright? If you don’t know how, I might be able to help you. You know I read about it in the novel with the birds. That Ling Yu used his —”
“Alright, alright.” Nie Chang shut his eyes and grabbed Su Yan’s hands. “You’re really sure about this, aren’t you?”
“Of course, I am! Do you think I would do this if I wasn’t?”
“Uh …” Nie Chang didn’t answer. To be honest he didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t really sure what the response would be.
Su Yan waited before tugging at Nie Chang’s fingers. “Then … let’s start? I can explain if you want!”
“No need.” Ah, at the very least, he wanted to do this himself and show Su Yan what kind of dependable boyfriend he was. If he had him explain how some character in a novel did it, wouldn’t he feel like a failure?
Su Yan smiled and wrested his hands out of Nie Chang’s grasp. Thinking back, the only thing that Wang Ya Hui had done was clinging to Ling Yu. So he should do the same! Thus a certain someone wrapped his arms around Nie Chang’s neck and refused to let go. Mn, perfect!
Nie Chang had no idea why his darling was pretending to be a koala. Well, as long as he was happy … Nie Chang leaned down and kissed Su Yan’s neck again, slowly moving down to his chest. Just when he went past his collarbone, he was pulled up again.
“Are you sure you don’t want help? I think you’re doing it wrong. Shouldn’t you take care of the nest first?”
Nie Chang sighed. “Darling … Could you stop using that novel as a reference? I’m sure the male lead did it wrong. He wasn’t that nice, was he?”
“That’s true.”
“See? And I’m a nice guy.”
“Well …” Su Yan pondered. “You’re often teasing me though.”
“That’s called showing affection.”
“Hmph. You have a strange way of showing your affection. I think cuddling is much better.”
“Let’s cuddle then.” Nie Chang once again prevented the protest with a kiss. After that, he moved down again. Mn, his darling might interrupt him but he was a good boyfriend. He wouldn’t hurry up just to satisfy himself. He still had to make sure that Su Yan enjoyed this.
Su Yan stared intently at the blanket above his head and let his boyfriend kiss him. Mn … Maybe that novel was really wrong. He should trust that Nie Chang knew better. Unfortunately, that also meant he had no idea what to do. Mn, he could do this!
Nie Chang leaned down further, his lips brushing Su Yan’s stomach. He glanced up to see if there was finally some reaction but … it was still too dark. And if his darling wasn’t happy with what he had done so far, then he would be angry if he pulled the blanket away. Ah, he should just trust his own perception.
Just when he wanted to continue Su Yan tensed. Nie Chang also froze. Don’t tell him Su Yan didn’t like it? Or … Nie Chang raised his brows and continued, hugging Su Yan’s waist while he was at it.
His little darling thanked him with clawing at the back of his head but Nie Chang didn’t mind. Mn, it seemed he had been right. Su Yan actually liked this. He just didn’t know how to react. Nie Chang grinned and reached down, brushing Su Yan’s leg with his hand. Mn, he might not need to rush but if he didn’t start now, Su Yan would freak out again and then they’d have to start over. No, he should take baby steps toward his goal and let his darling slowly get used to it.
Su Yan did indeed tense even more when Nie Chang touched his leg. Oh gosh! Was that it? Would Nie Chang’s bird find its way into the nest now? He waited but there was no pain and actually, it didn’t feel like the bird had even come closer. Nie Chang just touched his leg with his hand and continued to scatter kisses over his body. He relaxed again. Ah, why was he even worrying?
Nie Chang smiled when Su Yan didn’t complain and continued. He waited and finally, his hand moved below Su Yan’s thigh, rubbing the soft skin. He waited once again for Su Yan to get used to it and then his lips also continued downward.
Su Yan still didn’t complain. Instead, his hands gently combed through Nie Chang’s hair. Mn, this wasn’t too bad. Maybe having sex wouldn’t hurt at all and be fun just like it had seemed with Xue Chang Fu. Mn, it was probably really nice! After they were done, he should tell Nie Chang that he had done really well. Wouldn’t he be happy then? His boyfriend definitely deserved to be —
Su Yan’s eyes widened and he sat up, pushing the blanket off in the process. Nie Chang’s lips had actually touched his bird just now!

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