LWS V5C73 That’s a Natural Instinct

Nie Chang didn’t think about his joke with the butterfly even for a second longer. Now that he had finally gotten his darling’s attention, he would concentrate on the issue at hand: Creating a good mood! Even if he had to be stuck under the blanket with Su Yan, he still wanted their first time together to be worth remembering.
Nie Chang tried very hard to establish the mood and this time, it seemed as if Su Yan was of the same mind. At the very least, he didn’t complain and just kissed him back.
Nie Chang smiled. This was probably the most he could hope for with his darling. Expecting him to be proactive about this would have been idiotic. No, in this regard, he was the one that would have to take the first step.
He reached down and pulled down his underwear.
“What are you doing?!” Su Yan glanced around but couldn’t see anything below the blanket. He didn’t believe that he had imagined this. His boyfriend was behaving strangely!
Nie Chang winced. “Darling … You make it seem as if I’m planning something bad. Didn’t we agree to have sex? Naturally, I’ll have to take off my underwear.”
Su Yan frowned. “Of course, you have to! But why didn’t you tell me? I should have time to prepare myself!”
“I don’t think I’m supposed to say that kind of thing in this situation.”
“Really?” Su Yan blinked and tilted his head. Well, now that he thought about it … That Ling Yu hadn’t told Wang Ya Hui about it either in the novel with the birds. So his boyfriend was probably right? Ah, wait! Those two had visited a hot spring! They hadn’t even worn their clothes when things happened. “Eh, Ah Chang, are you sure about this?”
“Mn. Didn’t I tell you I researched before?” Nie Chang used the opportunity to take his underwear off completely. “After taking off our clothes and kissing for a while, we’re supposed to take the next step.”
“Oh.” Su Yan nodded. “Then … what about my underwear?”
“Eh …” Nie Chang cleared his throat. “You’ll have to take it off too, won’t you?”
Su Yan blinked. “That’s true. Otherwise, where will you put your —” Su Yan stopped and his eyes widened. He still couldn’t see under the blanket though. “That … Ah Chang, where’s your bird right now?”
Nie Chang covered his eyes and sighed. “Darling, it’s attached to my body. Where do you think it is?”
Su Yan reached out and patted around. Even if Nie Chang said so, he still had to make sure that that bird wasn’t anywhere near his nest before he was prepared! He finally touched his boyfriend’s thigh but Nie Chang leaned away.
“Darling …”
“What? Can’t I touch your bird?”
“Well, you … naturally, you can but … You’re not going to do anything, are you?”
“What should I do? Are you afraid I would put my bird in your nest? Didn’t you promise I could if I wanted to?!”
“That … of course. I still think so. But what does that have to do with my bird? And what about your underwear?”
“Ah? What about it?” Su Yan didn’t search for the bird any longer and just pulled down his underwear. He wouldn’t let Nie Chang say that he was too slow or doing things wrong or something like that. To make sure his boyfriend wouldn’t find out, he even pushed it out of bed. Hmph, he’d look for it later when Nie Chang was in the bathroom or something.
Naturally, Nie Chang had heard the rustling of the fabric and, well, he was lying above him. Not knowing what Su Yan did was impossible. He couldn’t say so though. “Ah Yan?” Nie Chang grinned and leaned down, giving him another kiss.
“What?” Su Yan pursed his lips and hugged Nie Chang’s neck again.
“It’s nothing. I love you.”
“Mn. Naturally. I also love you.”
“Ah!” Su Yan gave a yelp and slapped Nie Chang’s hand away. “What do you think you’re doing?! How can you touch my bird so casually?! Take your hands off!”
“Ah Yan …”
“Don’t Ah Yan me!”
“But …” Nie Chang sighed. “Aren’t we supposed to have sex? Why would you get angry if I touch your bird?”
“What do you mean why would I get angry? Didn’t you also complain when I wanted to find your bird? How come it’s alright for you to touch my bird but not okay for me to touch yours? This is discrimination!”
Nie Chang froze. Right. Why had he evaded Su Yan when he tried to touch him? They were finally about to have sex. He should have welcomed it … Instead … “Uh … I guess that was an instinctive reaction. Kind of … like a reflex, you know?”
“What was?”
“Me evading you when you wanted to touch my bird.”
“Hah?” Su Yan frowned. What was his boyfriend talking about there? “How can you call that an instinct? Don’t tell me it’s normal to evade birds?!”
Nie Chang coughed. Ah, just why had they adopted this ‘bird’ term? This whole conversation … probably sounded dumb. Well, at least it was only the two of them. He shouldn’t worry about that. He cleared his throat and cupped Su Yan’s face. “I’m sorry, alright? I didn’t mean anything bad with it. It’s just … We’re not a couple for long and before that, I didn’t want you to find out I was into you since I was afraid you might not even want to be friends with me anymore. So I kinda … evaded you when you got too … close.”
“Ah?” Su Yan wanted to sit up but then remembered that he couldn’t push the blanket back. He pouted and grabbed Nie Chang’s shoulder instead, pulling him closer. “This and that has nothing to do with each other. Since we’re a couple now I should be able to touch as much as I want.” With that, he reached down only for his eyes to widen.
Uh … maybe having sex wasn’t such a good idea after all. This bird … wasn’t it too big, after all?

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