LWS V5C72 You’ll Turn into a Butterfly

Nie Chang turned around only to be faced with a dumpling. Only a tuft of black hair could be seen of his darling. Nie Chang cleared his throat. “Ah Yan … you aren’t expecting us to have sex like this, are you?”
“What about it?”
Su Yan’s voice sounded muffled to the point where Nie Chang wasn’t sure if he had heard right. He didn’t bother to ask for him to repeat it though. After all, he could very well imagine what Su Yan had just said. Since he felt it was embarrassing to take off his clothes, he wouldn’t come out there just like that. He’d either have to coax him out slowly or … get under the blanket too.
Nie Chang rubbed the space between his brows and sighed. Never mind. He should have expected that things would turn out this way for their first time. There was no way Su Yan would behave normally on such an occasion.
Nie Chang tugged at the blanket but it was pulled back immediately.
“Darling …”
“No!” Su Yan pulled the blanket closer, making it look even more like a dumpling. He definitely wouldn’t give in and come out!
Nie Chang lay down next to him and looked at the dumpling, trying to wriggle a hand in there. “Darling …”
“Stop it!”
“Then make an opening. Or do you want me to wait outside? That’s not how it’s done!”
Su Yan froze. Eh … That was right. If he didn’t let Nie Chang in, they wouldn’t be able to do it. But what if Nie Chang pulled the blanket away after he was being nice? He couldn’t let that happen! He tightened his lips and finally decided. “No!”
Nie Chang scratched at the blanket. “Darling … What are you doing? You’re not a caterpillar so you won’t turn into a butterfly regardless of how long you stay in there. So either come out now or let me come in too. Didn’t you promise we’d do it today? Look, I even took off my clothes for you. I’m going to get cold.”
Su Yan paused at that. Right. Nie Chang didn’t have his clothes on right now. He had to be very cold! He pursed his lips and finally made a small hole in his dumpling. “Alright.”
Nie Chang put his head in the hole and grimaced. Wasn’t Su Yan warm in there? “Darling …”
“What? Don’t try to convince me to give the blanket up! I won’t!”
“Mn. But please open up a little wider, yes? Look, I can’t even get my arms in here!”
Su Yan looked down and noticed that there really was just a head poking in. Mn, it seemed he’d have to do as his boyfriend said. “But you can’t pull the blanket away!”
Nie Chang was tried to do just that but he still nodded in the end. Even if he managed to get Su Yan out of his cocoon, he wouldn’t be able to move thins further. After all, he’d need to ruffle his darling’s feathers first and that might take a while.
Su Yan graciously lifted the blanket a little further and made way for Nie Chang.
Nie Chang wormed his way in, pulled Su Yan into his arms and kissed him. “Thank you, darling!”
Su Yan smiled happily. “There’s no need to thank me! This much is a matter of course.”
Nie Chang grinned. “Oh? And I had thought you’d leave me out there.”
“How could that be? You’re really thinking too badly of me!”
“Mn. It’s all my fault.” Nie Chang kissed his boyfriend again before his hands traveled downward.
Su Yan froze. “Eh! What do you think where you’re touching?! Don’t tell me you can actually see?!”
Nie Chang also froze. He wanted to speak up and defend himself, after all, this was just Su Yan’s waist but … Something told him it was better he didn’t say what he really thought. He hurriedly reached up and put a hand on Su Yan’s face. “Aiya, darling! What are you saying? It’s so dark under the blanket. I can’t see anything at all. Where —”
“That’s my nose! Don’t you dare to break it!”
Nie Chang coughed. “I think you have more experience in breaking noses than I do.”
“Hmph. You can’t compare that at all! It wasn’t me anyway. That was Dou Fang Hai!”
“Mn. I’m sure it had nothing to do with you. Now, let’s not talk about that any longer. I can’t see anything. So can we continue now?”
“Continue what?!”
“Darling …” Nie Chang sighed and leaned down, cupping Su Yan’s cheeks. “How about not talking for … about five minutes?”
“Why?” Su Yan narrowed his eyes and tried to look at Nie Chang. Unfortunately, it really was dark under the blanket so he couldn’t see much. “You’re not teasing me again, are you?”
“Maybe I am. But if I am, then it’s not the teasing you’re used to.” He didn’t give Su Yan the chance to answer and sealed his lips shut with a kiss while his hands reached down again. He only grabbed Su Yan’s waist though. If he dared to do anything else already, he might get bitten.
Su Yan wanted to protest at first but … his boyfriend had gotten better at kissing. Why shouldn’t he enjoy this for a moment? He encircled Nie Chang’s neck with his arms and reciprocated the kiss.
Nie Chang chuckled and his eyes sparkled with mischief. “Darling, what do you think? Since we’re in your cocoon now, maybe you’ll really turn into a butterfly if we have sex here?”
Su Yan slapped his boyfriend’s chest in return. “Stop talking and kiss me! Didn’t you say you wanted to keep quiet for five minutes?” With that, he pulled him close again, not bothering to say more to his mean remark.
What butterfly, hmph. He definitely wasn’t a caterpillar! He wasn’t that fat! At most, he was a little bit chubby around his waist. Thankfully, he had insisted on rolling them up in the blanket or Nie Chang might have made fun of him for not having a sixpack like him. As a man, he definitely couldn’t let that happen!

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